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Clix Beat: Kantus
The Le (03/22/2012)
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HeroClix Clix Beat: Kantus Gears of War COMBATANT
While your primary focus is to use the Kantus as a utility piece, he's actually not that bad of a tertiary attacker.

His Special Power gives him Perplex (and Support) for 4 clicks, and he has a very nice attack value of [9] or [10] for most of the dial, so he can easily pick off other support figures or even thouse with just Toughness. Perplex his damage up to 3 and he can even deal some damage to targets with Invulnerability.

In Golden Age games, Armor Piercing is a great option, and so is the once abused Nanobots. I'd even carry the super cheap Frog Legs if you happen to run into a water based map! Personally, I think Pounce is an excellent option too.

The Kantus is equipped with one very powerful Ink Grenade. Not only does it deal 1 Penetrating Damage, but it has a chance to deal an additional point of Penetrating damage the following turn!

HeroClix Clix Beat: Kantus Gears of War GrenadeGRENADE POOL/GRENADE TYPE(S): +1/Ink (1 penetrating damage): Place a hindering terrain marker in the target square. At the beginning of your next turn, deal 1 additional penetrating to each character occupying the target or adjacent squares, then remove the marker.

If you're playing with other Locust Horde figures (or even COG Gears), then you get even more grenades to play with! That being said, I'd advise against playing an all Gears of War team just to get more grenades, espcially since the Kantus has the very useful Rewards of the Faithful trait.

You may be very hesitant to throw a 70 point healer on your team, but you shouldn't. His full mobility gives him the ability to go anywhere he wants and his high attack values with a full dial of Support is simply a gold mine! The 4 clicks of Perplex and the Ink-Grenade helps keep the Kantus just dangerous enough to be a threat, but the late three clicks of Super Senses will help with that.

The Kantus' primary use should be as a mobile doctor, so always keep that in mind when playing him. For 70 points, he's is 100% worth it!

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Your Comments:

Posted by: Matt Francella on 6/9/2013 6:05:17 AM
I think this guy is pretty cool. Raam is still my favourite from the set, and I play him with Halo Brutes when I play him (each is +3 grenade pool).

Posted by: Puuka on 6/9/2013 5:41:25 AM
Kantus is seconded only to blackest night atom

Posted by: Bvec97 on 6/8/2013 7:34:17 PM
Kantus is terrible. That is all.

Posted by: nick wilfong on 6/8/2013 7:29:42 PM
They just need to make the Gears 2nd set so I can get an
Armored Kantus...and a berserker....and a Queen Myrra...

Posted by: DyingJester on 3/25/2012 4:24:37 PM
And the faithful shall truly be rewarded their 70 points for using Kantus.

Posted by: Benor on 3/25/2012 7:26:09 AM
Sounds like a good replacement for batman alpha Alfred.

Posted by: Larry on 3/25/2012 6:47:36 AM
Raam is what drew me to try the GoW set. The kantus are what keeps me playing them. One of my favorite pieces in the game! Raam & 2 kantus are devastating.

Here's proof how awesome they are. My iPhone knows how to autocorrect kantu. (it just did).

Posted by: Superflymp on 3/25/2012 6:43:56 AM
Correction. 596.

Posted by: Captain Jack Sparrow on 3/24/2012 9:54:39 PM
One. Word. Apocalypse. Warrior theme teams with two of these, him, and three Maulers, give you 600 points of complete god.

Posted by: Captain Jack Sparrow on 3/24/2012 9:26:11 PM
This is one of the best support pieces in the game. Not only does he have perplex and support, he starts off with an Ink Grenade which is the best grenade in the game in my opinion. The thing that really makes him great is the Locust Horde TA- This allows him to easily get away if he gets tied up by another piece. Having two of the 5 major support powers (Support, TK, Outwit, PC and Perplex), an ink grenade to start and the ability to automatically break away thanks to phasing/teleport, he is a great choice for a support piece.

Posted by: ShadowOfaShadow on 3/23/2012 9:05:03 PM
The Kantus and Raam are two of my favorite pieces to play together. I love using the non-Marvel and DC pieces in my area. Field a Kantus, get weird looks, ..., profit! Got to love it!

Posted by: Aaron Helfer on 3/23/2012 1:19:05 PM
They seem to be VERY situational. Add to that the lack of many possibilities for keyword teams - I NEEEDS me the re-roll - and I just can't see them having enough upside to be fielded often.

Posted by: Jonah Keel on 3/23/2012 1:02:33 PM
I use kantus all the time with hulks, keeps em perplexed and heals when he needs it.

Posted by: Elky72 on 3/23/2012 6:06:54 AM
I have seen Kantus annihilate opposing teams. Usually they hang back with Raam, perplexing him and keeping him fresh with support. Play pairs of them, use the TA to keep people from basing Raam, and they just annihilate things. I've got PTSD from facing these on the Bizarro map...

Posted by: Winndwalker on 3/21/2012 9:17:14 PM