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Awesome Clix: Tigra
The Le (03/09/2015)
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Awesome Clix: Tigra (HeroClix Strategy)
Awesome Clix returns with a fairly recent addition to the Golden Age - Tigra from Chaos War! She doesn't look too tough at first glance, but at 57 points you'll find that she's excellent on nearly any team, especially in lower point games!

The first thing you should notice is that she has 4 excellent clicks of Charge. Coupled with those 4 clicks modified Blades/Claws/Fangs, she can literally charge in to deal 5 damage! Tigra is definitely a secondary attacker; fortunatey she has the Team Ability, which lets her move quickly on her first turn, then Charge in on the second for a potentially devastating attack!

Awesome Clix is a series that discusses Golden Age characters that should be used in today's Modern age games. Seriously, why aren't you using these figures?

Continued Below...

Tigra HeroClix

On the defense side, her Defense Value is a little low for today's power game, but with Super Senses she can last a long time with the right rolls. You definitely want to get in nice and close because even if she does take 4-5 damage, that puts her into her Combat Reflexes clicks! Of course, she's not as potent on those last clicks of life, buf she can easily run away with Leap/Climb -- or you can keep her there as fodder since it's just 57 points you're sacrificing.

As a secondary attacker with weak defense, she may get blasted pretty quick (assuming you fail your Super Senses rolls). You'll want to get into position quickly, which will be the key to success, so have someone with Telekinesis move her up -- then you can move freely with  and let her act as a tie-up piece... or charge in for an attack! Another option is to just have your tentpole carry her around with him/her. If your opponent focuses on her, then that frees up your tentpole to attack; if your opponent focuses on your tentpole, then strike with Tigra for that potential 5 damage! Another option is to stick her with some allies with good defense and Defend to help keep her alive.

Tigra definitely fragile, but again we're talking about just 57 for the potential to deal a lot of damage and potentially last the entire game with good Super Senses rolls.

Recommended Feats
Double Time (if you want to use her as a decoy / tie-up piece), Pummel or Lucky Break (as insurance for your attacks), Inside Information (not bad considering she has six keywords!), Vendetta (use with caution, but the payout could be great!), and Alias (for 3 points, it's a great one time use).

Congrats Tigra, you're this week's Awesome Clix!

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Your Comments:
not bad for 57 points

Posted by: jake from state farm on 3/17/2015 5:02:28 PM
I do like this clix, although awesome may be pushing it. On a new warriors team she should be able to get justice to tk her(she'll be one of the heavy hitters on that team) or she provides nice close combat ability for the ranged focussed police.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 3/12/2015 3:15:59 PM
Good pick. This is one of my favorite Avengers figures.

Posted by: You'll never know... on 3/10/2015 6:13:35 AM