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Clix Combos: Oberon & Mister Miracle
The Le (01/06/2016)
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Clix Combos: Oberon and Mister Miracle
Today we're kicking off a brand new series called Clix Combos. This new series will highlight different HeroClix combos that will give you the best bang and leave your opponents dazed.

We kick things off with a multi-part combo featuring DUO characters -- specifically Mister Miracle and Oberon.

This is a pretty simple technique that uses the Merge ability, which is basically any two characters that has the symbol. Specifically you want to start the game off with:

•Oberon HeroClix Bystander (10 pts) (required)
•Mister Miracle Vet (154 pts) from DC ORIGIN or
•Mister Miracle (127 pts) from SLOSH.

And finally, you want to have the Mister Miracle & Oberon duo figure (115 points) on your side board.

First, send off Mister Miracle into battle (either of them). When he gets low on life, put him next to Oberon. Then have Oberon use the Merge Ability, which will let you remove both figures and replace it with the 115 point "Mister Miracle & Oberon" duo figure -- this figure will be at full health!

Merge: When this character is adjacent to other friendly characters that each represent one distinct qualifying character listed on a Duo character’s character card and all of them have no action tokens, give this character a free action to replace all of them with that Duo character, the same number of clicks from its star ting line as this character. The combined point value of the qualifying characters must be equal to or greater than the point value of the Duo character (unless that Duo character previously used the Split ability to be replaced by these same characters). The Duo character can’t use the Split ability this turn. This ability can’t be countered.

Mister Miracle and Oberon HeroClix Dial
So, just like that, your near-death Mister Miracle has become a fully healed 115 duo character. Remember, you have to use OBERON to activate the Merge ability, which allows the duo figure to come into play fully healed.

At this point, you can send your new duo figure out to do some damage. If you want to wait and clear tokens, you can also use the Split ability in order to separate them -- and this will allow your original Mister Miracle figure to return... at full health!

Split: Give this character a power action if it has no action tokens. Replace this character with one or more qualifying characters each from a different entry listed on this character’s character card. The qualifying replacement character(s) must have either qualifying name and total no more than this character’s point value (unless those characters previously used the Merge ability to be replaced by this character). Replacement character(s) are assigned an action token and can’t be given an action this turn. Replacement character(s) begin a number of clicks from their starting line equal to the number of clicks from this character’s starting line. This ability can’t be countered.

Right: Discounted HeroClix

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Your Comments:
The nice thing about this combo is that the Oberon bystander is effectively a 10 point feat with the chance for full regen. If,as LL points out below, your opponent KOs Oberon you don't lose much. In fact you could get your opponent to waste actions going after the pog if he has a small team and get almost as much benefit.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 1/7/2016 11:19:15 AM
This is easily shut down though by flicking Oberon bystander.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 1/6/2016 9:22:11 AM
I still like the Big Barda/Mr. Miracle Duo for this as well. Send Barda out to do her damage, then run her back to Mr. Miracle to merge. Either the SLoSH set or if you don't have it, the old Justice League one (One of the first duos).

Posted by: Puuka on 6/18/2015 7:35:56 AM