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Pow! Felix Faust
Jason "Puuka" Statham (06/10/2015)
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Pow! Felix Faust HeroClix Strategy

What's all the hullabaloo about this one figure? The figure was a staple in the Origins Worlds Heroclix Events. A privately ran group has chosen to ban the figure from their supported events. He has a power called "NECRONOMICON: At the beginning of each of your turns, roll a d6 that can't be rerolled. On a result of a 1-4, roll his d20 and Felix Faust can use the indicated power until you roll it again. On a result of 5-6, you may choose to roll his d20."

But why has it got everyone worked up? What it comes down to is his his powers that shut down types of actions and more specifically, the two powers of Red Jar of Calythos and Project Thaumaton.

Felix Faust HeroClix Dial


Red Jar of Calythos is worded as "Give Felix Faust a free action. Until your next turn, action tokens are not removed from opposing characters. Felix Faust must roll his d20 on his next turn.".

What this does is it loads up your opponent with action tokens either forcing them to push, causing them to not be able to take actions because they have two actions on them. Unless you're running Colossal figures with their Colossal Push power, or a Masters Of Evil team, barring unlucky rolls for Felix's d20, you will just be standing there while your opponent comes in and picks you off at their leisure.

For Project Thaumation, it's worded as "Give Felix Faust a free action. Until your next turn, opposing characters may only be given free actions. Felix Faust must roll his d20 on his next turn."

This makes it so that you can only take free actions. The best you can hope for with this is to Sidestep your way up to your opponent and Poison them to death.

Sure, Necronomicon says that you can't reroll the d6 dice for his trait, but it doesn't say anything about his d20, which is where Probability Control comes into play.

Han Solo Never Tell Me The OddsWith these two powers, they each have a 1 in 20 chance of coming up, but there's also an "Any" face on the dice that lets you pick any one of the effects on the dice, meaning that you have a 3 in 20 chance of shutting down your opponent or limiting the actions they can take, but when you add Probability Control in to the mix, you have a better chance. (Sorry, I'm not a mathematician, but I'm sure there's a formula that could tell you the probabilities, but like Han Solo said, "Never tell me the odds".)

Edit: If you must know, it is a 10% chance of getting the any one result you want, thanks to the ANY face on the dice.

For a team build, the 2015 Origins winner used
WKD027 - Felix Faust
WaX041 - Spiral
FI101r - Loki
WoL061 - Entity (on Faust)
WoL065 - Parallax (On Spiral)
AvXR100- The Phoenix Force All 5 shards attached, 2 assigned (Magic on Spiral and Colossus on Faust)

Continued below...

Spiral HeroClix Dial

So, with the team above

Faust gets a much needed damage reducer from the Colossus Fragment and Probability Control from Entity and he can increase either his Movement or Damage.

Spiral gets from Ranged attacks from Magik, and Perplex down opposing characters and Quintessence (Power Cosmic for you Marvel types), or she can choose Stealth, Psy-Blast or Impervious. As she takes damage, she can get Hypersonic Speed, Invincible and eventually can ignore Push Damage when she's on her Charge/Blades/Flurry clicks (With a chance for a reroll on her Blades).

Loki is there to push once to get on to his Probability Control, then carry around Felix as needed.

People are complaining that Faust was used to keep the opponent shut down and they couldn't do anything. This is the way he works and he can do it very well. As I said, a third party group has decided to ban this figure until Wizkids has issues an errata. I expect it will be along the lines where Probability Control will not be allowed to be used on the d20, and I expect that this will also roll out to all characters that come with one of the special dice.

As for ways to counter Felix Faust teams Sidestep and Poison teams are one option, but unfortunately there are lots of ways to put damage reduction of Felix. If they are having you keep your tokens on your character, Masters of Evil and Colossal Stamina figures can push past that at the cost of a damage. There are also a host of other good characters that can make free actions and break Felix's team formation.

Some team ideas:
BM055 The Insider - Free movement when he has not action tokens on him.
GotG Thane - Once per game, Thane can use Pulse Wave as a free action but loses his Support. Also has an Incapacitate Power that places up to two tokens on the target and prevents the use of Free actions the targets next turn.
WoL Despotellis - Poison with situational penetrating damage and follows the character around.
25 points to add the Resource of your choice.

SLoSH058 Kalibak - Can take Resources from opposing team (remove any damage reducers for Felix)
WoL110r Arkillo - Can let other Sinestro Corps characters take an action as a free action at the cost of dealing one damage
WoL Sinstestro Corps Power Battery Allows you to attach a construct to Kalibak to make him a Sinestro Corp member for Arkillo
-Sinestro Ring - Emotional Spectrum gives -2 to opposing characters attacks
-Net Construct - Can slow down Phasing characters
-Wall Construct - Free action barrier.

So, as great as Felix is, he definitely has some sort of errata coming from Wizkids. When a piece dominates the tournament scene like he did, it's the only thing they can do unless they want to see the same teams being played for the next three years. I expect it will involve a limitation on being able to re-roll the d20 and may even be applied to the wording of Probability Control (to cover all the figures that have come out with a dice like this).

Final Rating: A+ if you're in it to win it... D- if you just want to have fun, either playing it or facing it.

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Your Comments:
@Kaijuhero: The one time I played Resurrection Man I was under the full impression that the d20 could not be rerolled. Same with every time I've played Impossible Man.

In general, I'm all for the D20 reroll nerf. I think they all play fine without it. But then again I play for fun (a.k.a casual) and not hyper competitive (a.k.a. to prove my measurement in little plastic men is bigger than my opponents'.) Cheers.

Posted by: Ozmodius on 6/16/2015 6:45:19 AM
Faust got banned for having too good a time on the sidelines.
Also, poop.

Posted by: TheREALDEAL on 6/12/2015 5:55:55 AM
Hopefully they only nerf Faust d20 re-roll because Resurrection Man really needs to be able to re-roll his d20.

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 6/11/2015 2:28:18 PM
Actually, I think the GL Power Battery is more deadly with him. Roll Project Thaumation and suddenly opponents can be given one free action. And that's it.

Posted by: You'll never know... on 6/11/2015 11:22:14 AM
And here, poor fool, from Faust across,
I stand no chance, like Nightcrawler WoS.

Posted by: ChippyYYZ on 6/11/2015 3:02:18 AM
Easy. Black Swan (and maybe phoenix force?), if spiral is their only attacker, you win. Also if they engage felix and spiral, but do it wrong, you win.

Posted by: Thexpert on 6/10/2015 2:25:44 PM
Willmdp I hope you were joking because that sounds awful finding it fun to see your opponent suffer and cry in a game. If not then I hope some one gives you a taste of what that feels like and see how you like it. I teach others in my town how to play Heroclix and they have fun. If they are afraid of my experience over there's I help assure them to have fun and advice them to rethink their moves that give me the advantage so our games can last longer and they can learn more and have fun. That is what it is all about. Not crippling your opponent. Enjoying the game, experiencing the abilities and how each place plays and interacts with the maps and other pieces. That is fun.

Posted by: bizmanlance on 6/10/2015 1:01:37 PM
@ChippyYYZ: thanks - this has been corrected.

Posted by: The Le on 6/10/2015 10:07:54 AM
That's a funny lookin' orange power battery.

But seriously, Orange Power Battery lets you turn off enemy Willpower. Even if they have Indomitable or Power Cosmic. And it even does other stuff too. Clamps Faust's lockdown that much tighter.

Posted by: ChippyYYZ on 6/10/2015 9:02:35 AM
Yup, that´s the only thing you can do to stop faust and his bloody bloody massacre, no rerrolls. If you are playing that figure it´s hella fun seeing the other part cry and stuff :D.

Posted by: Willmdp on 6/10/2015 8:48:52 AM
Sooo, what you're saying is it should have been a F- for the fun rating? ;) I was just using those two powers as the extreme example. Sure, you can shut down movement, or ranged attacks and slow them down and all the other horrible things that Faust can do. I think by making the die not able to be rerolled, it will make him less broken and more of an annoyance. (Maybe a C rating)

Posted by: Puuka on 6/10/2015 8:43:52 AM
Hey, sure, you have 3 of 20 posibilities to shut down the enemy team completely, but you have at least 5 other powers that can hurt them a lot too ( only move actions, only close attacks, only range attacks, movement of 3 (3!), giving non free actions to give the other team just 1 action). It´s really insane how powerfull that figure is, at least i would say you have a 40% chance to really hurt the enemy team, and with 2 probs, well, that becomes a really boring/nasty game for the oponent.

Posted by: Willmdp on 6/10/2015 8:34:57 AM
Just wondering what other peoples build ideas would be that could take on Faust?

Posted by: Puuka on 6/10/2015 8:23:02 AM