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Pick a Card: Red Arrow
(DC Crisis)
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (10/12/2009)
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Welcome back to another installment of Pick a Card, where I combine feats card to characters in an attempt to improve their overall playability in the game.

Now that the redundant explanation is out of the way, let’s get things started. This time we are going to picking feats for use with Red Arrow from the DC Crisis set. Let's take a look at the dial:

HeroClix Red Arrow Crisis

Lots of good stuff there, a 10 range, running shot for mobility, energy explosion and ranged combat expert for dealing out the damage, willpower and some sweet special powers to boot. The first feat I recommend is opportunist.

Opportunist (Cost: 10)
Charge or Running Shot or Willpower; point value of 50 points or more.

Choose a character. If the character has zero action tokens at the end of your turn (before tokens are removed from characters), put an opportunist token on this card if there are four or fewer opportunist tokens on this card. When the character or an adjacent character makes an attack, after making the roll you can remove any number of opportunist tokens from this card and modify the result of the attack roll by +1 for each token removed. If opportunist tokens are removed when another character makes an attack, deal the character 1 unavoidable damage after the action resolves.

Trick Shot (cost: 20)

Prerequisites: Plasticity or Ranged Combat Expert

Choose a character. When making an attack from a square that is not adjacent to an opposing character, the character ignores Stealth and team abilities that duplicate the effects of Stealth and it ignores characters and hindering terrain for line of fire purposes. It’s an expensive feat at 20 points, but well worth it.

Opportunist requires the following prerequisites: Charge or Running Shot or Willpower; point value of 50 points or more. Good old Roy here meets the requirements on every single clix. That being said he can always make use of the opportunist feat.What it comes down to is it allows you to increase Red arrows (or an adjacent friendly characters) chance to hit by +1 per token on the card. That can come in handy and the best part is; you add the bonus after you roll. So you won’t waste any bonus if adding the bonus won’t secure a hit or if you already scored a hit. At just 10 points what’s not to love about that?

Next up I recommend Trick Shot. This feat seems to be an archer’s best friend. The prerequisites: Ranged combat expert or Plasticity. RR has 3 clix of Ranged combat expert front loaded. So he can use this feat immediately.

The benefits here are obvious especially with Red arrows 10 range. if you let Mr. Harper be taxied around by a certain fellow Teen Titan who just happens to have the Enhancement power on her first 3 clix (hint, hint). Doing so will allow him to make use of both feats quickly. Now he can take a shot while staying out of harms way, to take put a hurtin’ on any threat including those pesky stealth/outwit combo characters.

If you are playing a standard 300 point game by the rules, that’s all the feats you’re going to get. However if it’s a bigger game you could add a cheap but effective feat Lucky Break. At 5 points lucky break is always a bargain. Lucky break’s prerequisites: the {boot} or {dolphin} speed symbols. No problem here Red has that covered.

Lucky break states the following: When you make an attack roll for the character, if the result on either of the two dice is a 1, you may reroll one die before determining the attack roll result. You may reroll one once per attack roll. If you use this feat, remove this card from the game after the attack resolves.

Lucky break can provide a little extra insurance that Roy is going to hit his mark or it can potentially keep him from taking damage from a critical miss.

Well that concludes this edition of pick a card. Till next time fellow gamers, go clix some butt!

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Your Comments:
how can you not put armor piercing on this guy he has energy explosion for almost his entire dial and does only 2 damage if doing the running shot

Posted by: deathstroke77 on 6/25/2010 4:25:29 PM
Well I like it...

Posted by: Slade Wilson on 10/28/2009 8:52:48 PM
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