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Awesome Clix: Bug
The Le (03/04/2015)
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Awesome Clix: Bug
Awesome Clix returns with one of our favorite aliens: BUG! This 44 point figure from the Hammer of Thor set is one of the best tie-up pieces around, able to dish out 2 or 3 damage directly through damage reduction. Why aren't you using him?

Bug serves two purposes in Modern age -- he is a tie-up piece with lasting power (thanks to Super Senses) and he's a secondary attacker thanks to Exploit Weakness.

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Awesome Clix is a series that discusses Golden Age characters that should be used in today's Modern age games. Seriously, why aren't you using these figures?

continued Below...

Bug HeroClix Dial

A tie-up piece is basically a cheap character you use to distract your opponent's more powerful figures (usually tentpoles). Bug excels at this because he is able to get into position quickly with Leap/Climb and can potentially last the entire game with Super Senses. Just move him next to an opposing Superman or Thor and watch how annoyed your opponent gets. Even if your opponent can deal [5] damage, he'll need to hit Bug twice to take him out (assuming you fail your Super Senses rolls). In the meantime, while your 44 point Bug is keeping the opponent at bay, you can take pot shots with your other ranged attackers!

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Unlike most tie-up pieces, Bug comes with quite a punch. His [9] Attack Value is nothing to write home about, but he can deal 2 penetrating damage with Exploit Weakness. Think about that -- a 44 point character can deal 2 damage to even the Hulk!

Put yourself in your opponent's shoes for a moment -- a measly 44 point character just based your 220 point tentpole. He seems harmless enough... or is he? If you don't spend a turn trying to take the Bug out, he can deal 2 points of penetrating damage to your tentpole, taking him/her off the best click of life! So now you've got to spend 2 attacks (possibly more) trying to take out the Bug. In the meantime, your opponent is in position to blast your team away!

So there you go. Bug is a great 44 point character that has the potential to drive your opponent crazy - and that's worth every penny!

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Your Comments:
he is a must go piece for the points and GOTG keyword.
He can also use the GOTG ATA which will make him unoutwittable.
Awesome piece!

Posted by: DNA on 3/4/2015 9:37:43 AM
Come to think of it, just imagine how much of a pain he would be when part of a Guardians team that that includes White suit Star-Lord that gives out a shared defense to all Guardians and chase movie Rocket Racoon.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 3/4/2015 6:36:32 AM