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Clix Beat: Green Arrow (CJ039)
The Le (01/14/2014)
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Clix Beat Green Arrow
Note from User Myoko:
That painting in the banner "click beat green arrow" belongs to Joana Rita Gomes or Reffelia, you can check in the follow her on facebook

For this edition of Clix Beat, we're going back to the very first* DC HeroClix set (Cosmic Justice) to look at one of the best archers ever made: Veteran Green Arrow! A lot's changed with HeroClix in the past decade, but this emerald archer has actually gotten better with age!

*Correction: as pointed out in the comments below, Cosmic Justice was actually the second DC HeroClix set to be released; the first was Hypertime

HeroClix Green Arrow Dial

Above Middle: Veteran Green Arrow #039 Dial
Above Left: Experienced Green Arrow #038 Figure

Related: Clix Beat: Zuvembie

At 50 points, Green Arrow makes a perfect secondary attacker thanks to two ranged attacks and a killer range of [10]. As impressive as this is, what makes it all the more formidable is the starting click:  Stealth, Incapacitate, Ranged Combat Expert and a very high Attack Value of [11].

That first click combo was pretty powerful when HeroClix was in its infancy, but recent rule changes to Incapacitate make Green Arrow all the more deadly today (aka Incapacitate can potentially deal 1 penetrating).

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Your Comments:
True modern age prices are low-ish (I'm based in the UK where we pay more for our clix) but you can often still get 2-3 golden age figs for the price of one modern age fig so the good ones are worth pointing out. Besides it's nice when they play something other than one 300 point Iron Man and use some strategy for a change! If we buy from the US websites the postage goes through the roof! If you know of a good UK / Europe supplier I'm all ears though!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/21/2014 12:10:30 PM
@MantisWarrior: Thanks. I am very pleased with how the Green Arrow article turned out, and will likely keep focus on Golden Age figures in future Clix Beats. I think there are MANY figures that are viable in today's game. The Paramedic and Con Artists are a given, but additional gems include:
•Xplosion Taskmaster
•Xplosion Destiny
•HT Jay Garrett Flash
•Ultimates Hawkeye
•Fantastic Forces Black Knight
•Fantastic Forces Ghost Rider
•Legacy Batman
•Icons Raven
•etc etc etc

OMG... too many to choose from.

Posted by: The Le on 1/21/2014 11:00:09 AM
@Mantis Warrior
"afford a decent bunch of figs at pocket-money prices."
Have you taken a look at the majority of CU and some R prices of recent sets on line? I was looking at one the other day and they had a dozen or more pieces from Invincible Iron Man for 33 cents each.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/21/2014 10:40:52 AM
Nice to see Clix Beat back! I'd go so far as to say the full R/E/V of Green Arrow is worth a look. None are poor for the points. In fact GA is my one Must-Have from Cosmic Justice that I don't own :(

I'd love to see which other clix you'd rate from the early sets as modern age viable. It's something I've been working on myself to help some kids at my games club afford a decent bunch of figs at pocket-money prices.

I'm not touching the DC vs Marvel debate with a 10' pole but I will say from Hypertime the following are useful...

V Robin: 22 points for all your smokecloud needs (better by far under 2013 rules)

E Blue Beetle: Fun with Force Blast without wasting tokens for the setup.

R Solomon Grundy: Gotham keyworded mastermind fodder that just keeps soaking up the damage.

R Superman: for people who hate Superman and want to see him KO'd by a bystander token! ;)

There are a few others who are not the best at what they do but are the cheapest so if you MUST include Harley Quinn to activate the Joker's trait from a later set, the Hypertime Rookie is ideal (and brings some perplex for her puddin' too!).

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 1/21/2014 8:53:16 AM
@superfriend a fair statement.

Posted by: The Le on 1/17/2014 7:39:23 AM
I remember the separate universe play back then. In fact, I remember being told that WK decided to scale back the numbers for the DC game. While that made some of the pieces not that good against Marvel pieces, it did not make the entire set bad. Remember, in Infinity Challenge hard to hit characters were given an 18 defense with Invulnerability. In DC they were given a 16 with Impervious. Easier to hit, but harder to make the damage stick. They were in fact, as you said, separate games.

As for mixing, there are lots of events even now that stipulate you can't mix universes. At one store I ran a cross universe Atlantis theme team with SM Flashpoint Aquaman, GG Namor and some SI Atlantian Warriors. When I mentioned this at another store, they said they would never allow it. Several players at both stores thought it was a cool idea.

While I don't often reach for pieces from that era anymore it is not because of the pieces themselves but because they are packed away and harder to get to. With the overwhelming number of games being Modern Age and the sheer number of pieces in Modern Age, most of the time I just don't even bother to look at pieces older than the Superman set. I also like the newer oreo-style dials.

Although I did make the effort to find and run JL 001 Batman earlier this week.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/16/2014 12:40:43 PM
@superfriend: But that's my point. Even back then they weren't very good. The Marvel Infinity Challenge (and then Clobberin' Time) sets were so much stronger than Cosmic Justice at the time -- there's a reason DC HeroClix was almost cancelled completely after Hypertime. It's only saving grace was Cosmic justice.

To be fair, back then you weren't allowed to run DC and MARVEL tournaments together - each universe had to be separate for official tournaments. But those requirements were often ignored, which led to the fair comparison of DC/MARVEL... and the extremely fair conclusion that Hypertime just wasn't very good overall.

Posted by: The Le on 1/16/2014 11:32:28 AM
They don't need to hold up today. They only needed to be good then. And if you are playing Golden Age you get to throw things like the Stunning Blow feat on V Nightwing. Then there is V Plastic Man which has a starting AV of 11.

Instead of discussing the merits of Hypertime as a set in a Green Arrow thread, I'd rather see you update the post above to say "the 2nd DC set" and move on to take on the challenge of my earlier post comparing the various versions of Green Arrow over time.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/16/2014 11:20:48 AM
@superfriend: There were some gems in Hypertime at the time (like Swamp Thing), but even back then most of the figures weren't very good. Even those the "gems" just don't hold up very well to today's game.

The REV Flash and Unique Flash (with 20 HSS) are some of the only ones that can make it in today's Golden Age. I'll take another look and see if there's any gems I'm missing, but all in all most of the Hypertime were way to expensive for their stats/powers (too expensive back then and today).

Posted by: The Le on 1/16/2014 10:56:58 AM
Was Hypertime that horrible? As the first DC set and a more DC fan than Marvel, it is what brought me into the game and I loved it. Batman, Plastic Man, Flash, Steel, Nightwing, Catwoman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold. I loved that first set.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/16/2014 9:25:10 AM
You mentioned the change to Incapacitate, but you forgot to mention the change to Range Combat Expert. RCE now allows you to increase either damage or attack. You now get +2 to divide between attack and damage any way you want. +2 attack, +2 damage or +1 to each. I think it really gives the power the function the name has described from the beginning. An "expert" should be able to have a better attack if that is what is called for.

Arrow has always been a fav character of mine. Nice to see him getting some props here. I agree, this piece is very good. I often ran the Exp version on JL teams way back when. Maybe you could follow this up with a Green Arrow comparison article. I remember enjoying using the Crisis version and the new JL52 piece is nice with the 3 lightning bolts and energy explosion.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/15/2014 6:49:18 AM
@Antony: Ooops! Good call. I want to say it was an accident, but the reality is that my subconscious probably suppressed all memory of the terrible Hypertime set...!

Posted by: The Le on 1/15/2014 5:22:40 AM
I think somebody has forgotten Hypertime - Cosmic Justice was the second DC Heroclix set

Posted by: Antony on 1/15/2014 2:55:27 AM