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Clix Beat: Skrull Assassin
The Le (02/21/2012)
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Goto Comments

Galactic Guardians HeroClix Skrull AssassinClix Beat is a series of articles that focuses on a single HeroClix figure and some of the great ways to play it on a team. Today we're looking at Skrull Assassin from the Marvel Galactic Guardians Gravity Feed.

(Click Image on Left to see Full Dial)

This is the lowest-point figure in the Gravity Feed, but she's certainly got some staying power. Her Defense isn't anything to write home about, but Combat Reflexes and Willpower means she really wants to get in close to do her job. And let's not forge the all important Skrull Team Ability...

HeroClix SkrullsThis character can use Shape Change, but only succeeds on a roll of 6. Using Shape Change in this way does not prevent the character from using Shape Change through another game effect.

Unfortuntately her dial is short and her damage is very low. But there's just enough in there to be an annoyance to your opponent. Ranged Combat Expert gives her a nice bump to 3 damage with a range of 6, and those 2 clicks of Stealth (along with the Skrulls TA) will make her nigh impossible to target. And if you need to move around, the later 2 clicks of Running Shot is good for some shoot-and-scoot tactics. Lastly, Blades/Claws/Fangs makes an appearance at the end, but I suspect she won't see that last click very often.

Alone she certainly doesn't look like much, but she'd be very useful as an extra attacker or blocker when carried by Super Skrull (from the same Gravity Feed) or even Namor. At 40 points, she's also a very cheap option for Wildcard figures to take advantage of, such as DR. DOOM.

HeroClix Online Hammer of Thor Fast ForcesFor Golden Age games, the Sneak feat is great since she has 2 starting clicks of Stealth. Infiltrate is also a great option and keeps the "spy" flavor of the character.

News Flash!!! This Skrull Assassin, along with the Super Skrull, will both be available at the HeroClix Online store this Thursday! That's right, S
krull Assassin and Super Skrull will be available at HeroClix Online before it's available in physical form!

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Your Comments:
Sweet! Abusable Skrull TA for wildcards

Posted by: Shazbot on 2/21/2012 11:32:51 AM
Not paying 40 points for a mid dial 8 attack. Should be 25-35.

Posted by: Bound on 2/21/2012 7:47:06 AM