Trinity War: John Constantine & Nick Necro!
Friday Jan 23, 2015

Trinity War: ConstantineDC TRINITY WAR HEROCLIX is right around the corner, and today we've got dials for two of our favorite mystics: John Constantine and Nick Necro!


(okey, I won't lie -- I've never hard of Nick Necro before!)

Honest Trailers: Man of Steel
Friday Jan 23, 2015

Man of Steel Honest TrailersIt's been my belief that Man of Steel was a terrible film. There are so many problems with the film that it's hard to believe anyone thought it made sense at all. Seriously, Clark was taught to let a busload of children drown? REALLY? What a terrible film. But don't just take my word for it, check out this Honest Trailer for Man of Steel.


S.H.I.E.L.D. HeroClix -- Available July 2015
Friday Jan 23, 2015

Agents of Shield HeroClix
Agents of Shield HeroClix - available July 2015


Trinity War: Roy Harper
Thursday Jan 22, 2015

Roy Harper NewsThe folks at has a new preview of the ROY HARPER DIAL!


(don't forget to check out our own ongoing coverage of the Trinity War dials!)

The Quintessential Punisher
Thursday Jan 22, 2015

The Quintessential Punisher HeroClix DialI remember when I bought my first Punisher Comic book -- it was issue #1 of the ongoing series where the Publisher was holding a bazooka outside of an apartment window. The punisher's always been the ideal anti-hero of the Marvel universe, and we've seen some good versions of him in HeroClix form over the years, but today we present The Quintessential Punisher.


Critical Miss: Sponsored Players
Wednesday Jan 21, 2015


Critical Miss: Sponsored Players
Someone asked us if HeroClix World plans on sponsoring players to enter HeroClix tournaments. In short, it's a bad idea.


DC Trinity War HeroClix: Frankenstein and Zatanna
Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

Frankie Zatanna HeroClixTwo new HeroClix dials from DC Trinity War! Today we've got the dials for FRANKENSTEIN and ZATANNA! We're pretty excited about Zatanna, who comes in at 120 points but has two Team Abilities!


Awesome Clix update - Oliver Queen vs Vet Green Arrow
Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Oliver Queen HeroClix DialEarlier we put published "Awesome Clix: Green Arrow". During some discussions with other fans, someone mentioned that the Oliver Queen LE version is just as good. He's the same points as the Vet version (50), but is Oliver better? You be the judge...


Awesome Clix: Green Arrow
Tuesday Jan 20, 2015


Awesome Clix: Green ArrowThis week's Awesome Clix is one of my all-time favorite ranged combatants: Veteran Green Arrow! This 50 point powerhouse comes to us from the Cosmic Justice set, and he's just as powerful today as he was back then. As a matter of fact, with the changes to Incapacitate and Ranged Combat Expert, he's even more powerful today.

<< SEE IT NOW >>

Trinity War HeroClix: Green Lantern & Power Ring
Monday Jan 19, 2015

DC Trinity War Power Ring and Green LanternDC Trinity War is around the corner, so stop by to see the new GREEN LANTERN and POWER RING dials! Notice that Power Ring also has the Sharpshooter ability!


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Trinity War HeroClix: Blue Devil
Friday Jan 16, 2015

Blue Devil HeroClix DialThe Blue Devil is here, and he's clocking in at 135 with the ability! The Blue Devil come with Running Shot, Leap/Climb, Probability Control, and more!


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Man of Steel - How It Should Have Ended
Friday Jan 16, 2015

Man of Steel How It Should Have endedMan of Steel was a horrible movie. Take away the last 20 minutes of urban terrorism and you have a pretty terrible story that makes no sense. I wonder -- Could have been a better ending for Man of Steel? Answer: YES!


Hiro Clix: Sailor Moon (scouts)
Thursday Jan 15, 2015

Hiro Clix: Sailor Moon HeroClix DialsAs part of our Hiro Clix special, we're bringing you the female team that saved the universe countless times in the 90’s -- the Sailor Scouts! We'll be breaking this up into several parts, starting with three!

Sailor Moon was released from the early to late 1990’s that featured a group of females warriors that were based off the planets within our solar system with the exception on the main character, Sailor Moon.


Trinity War HeroClix: Hawkman review
Thursday Jan 15, 2015

HeroClix Hawkman ReviewThe folks at Married With Clix has a review up for the Hawkman HeroClix figure!


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Trinity War HeroClix: Shazam!
Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

DC Trinity War Shazam DialsTwo new DC Trinity War HeroClix Dials today -- SHAZAM and FREDDY FREEMAN! At 138 points, Shazam seems a little pricey, especially with an activation click, but unlike the old days, he can get off of that click pretty quickly!


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Awesome Clix: Taskmaster
Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

HeroClix World Awesome Clix: Taskmaster
This week's Awesome Clix is an oldie but goodie: Taskmaster from the Marvel Xplosion HeroClix set. It's one of the oldest Clix figures out there, but even by today's standard he's a force to be reckoned with. For 39 points he can potentially do 6 points of damage on his first attack -- why aren't you using him in your games?


HeroClix World: New Comment Avatars!
Monday Jan 12, 2015

HeroClix World Evolution: New AvatarsAt HeroClix World, we're constantly evolving, which means some times we toss out the old and bring in the new. I'm happy to implement 9 new comment-Avatars! We basically got rid of the least used Avatars and replaced them with new ones!


Trinity War HeroClix: The Outsider(s)
Monday Jan 12, 2015

The Outsider DC Trinity War HeroClix DialsTwo new DC Trinity War HeroClix Dials -- The Outsider! The first dial, at 66 points, is definitely a utility piece thanks to those two clicks of Outwit and Smoke Cloud (and Stealth). But the second dial is a a secondary attacker with more damage output, move-and-attack, and damage reduction!


Trinity War HeroClix: Firestorm and Deathstorm
Friday Jan 09, 2015

HeroClix Trinity War: Firestorm and DeathstormA pair of new Trinity War HeroClix dials for you today -- Firestorm and Deathstorm! Firestorm comes in at 140 points and seems pretty good overall -- able to deal 3 or 4 damage through his entire dial (past damage reduction)

Deathstorm is a different kind of beast at 150 points. He's got a killer Perplex Special Power too!


HeroClix Speed Force
Friday Jan 09, 2015

HeroClix Speed ForceCrit To Hit recently took a hard look at the SPEED FORCE HeroClix mechanic, that was introduced in the recent Flash set.


(and check out our Flash HeroClix coverage)


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By: Loki (JL Trinity War HeroClix Spoilers)

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