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Jonah Hex Review
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (06/21/2010)
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HeroClix Jonah HexHowdy partners, lets saddle up and take a look at the newest DC Battle Pack to hit the open range, Jonah the Hex Battle Pack. Ok I’ll stop talking like that.


This 3 piece battle set is, of course, based on the Jonah Hex film of the same name. The Pack contains 3 new, figures: Jonah Hex, Lilah, and Turnbull! This pack is 100% Heroclix compatible and will be available this August.


All right then lets take a look at the figures in the set and see what they can do. Keeping with a classic western feel I’m going to rate these figures with a ratting system called the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Let’s start the ball with the man himself, Jonah Hex.

Jonah Hex  HeroClix


Hex here will cost you 65 points to field and is 6 clix deep.


The good: Hex has a sweet special power called Wanted Poster. It basically allows Hex to choose an opposing character at the start of a game, and gain a +2 to his attack values when attacking this figure. This changes Hex opening attack of a 9 to an 11 when going after his mark.


Hex also has an 8 range value combined with the sharpshooter ability. This means Hex’s prey won’t be able to take safety behind opposing figures or hide in hindering terrain. Hex can always find his man.

Hex also starts with the Ranged Combat Expert power. This will allow hex to deal a solid 3 damage in ranged or close combat.


The Bad: Hex does have a clix of Running Shot (RS). The only problem is it is not on his starting click. It is actually placed on his third click! That wouldn’t be so bad if he had more than a single click of RS, but that’s the only one he gets. This means he has a good chance of never seeing it come into play.


The Ugly: Hex starting defense of 15 is going to make him an easy target to hit. Sure Toughness will help him with the damage he takes, but a 15 is still low. But hey he’s only human, well sort of. Oh and his face is ugly too.

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Your Comments:
@Ste: Yes he has crossed over and was even in Justice League Unlimited.

Posted by: Ironman1994 on 7/27/2010 1:17:13 PM
thosse are some weak clixs man are the just a promo deal are what?

Posted by: jack on 6/27/2010 11:04:15 PM
Hhhhmmmm... being more of a marvel fan im struggling with this one...

1) Its Clix and i buy almost everything that gets released just to help keep my hobby going... this really shouldn't be a deciding factor though.
2) Have Megan (cant act but unbelievibly Hot) Fox in clix form.

1) it seems like it has no place in my clix collection, i mean Hex is set in the old west so really is outta time with everything else, maybe im wrong, has he ever crossed over into Batman or JLA etc?
2) the Dials themselves, Fox aside are a bit pants, who's the bad guy supposed to mastermind his damage onto??? was there a cowboy henchmen set that i missed somewhere? speaking of the Bad guy, how many more Mastermind-outwit/perplex combos do we need??? you would think that by now they would come up with something a little more varied for the evil nemesis than these same three powers cropping up all the time. anyway enough ranting on that subject on to the next point.
3)i've heard the film is pants from numerous sources so cant see me having much love for the subject matter.

Hhhhmmm may have solved the issue myself, i'll tell myself to aviod it only to see it on the shelf at my local store and go ooooh a new clix set and then buy it anyway

Posted by: Ste on 6/25/2010 10:18:47 PM
I would have much rather seen them re-release the old Jonah Hex figure. Maybe with a different sculpt.

Posted by: Gary on 6/22/2010 12:15:22 PM
I think anyone puchasing any of these figures would be wasting their money. I feel like they were thrown together at the last minute. There are so many more solid generics in HoT and BaTB that have more pop to them. This battlepack is quite dissapointing.

Posted by: Brendan on 6/22/2010 9:35:34 AM
Okay I like the fact we have a new Jonah Hex figure and I don't mind the action pose that looks half out of the film and half out of the Riders Of The Worm and Such however... and you know with me there is almost always a However, couldn't we have done better with some other wild or Weird West Figures? Yes since we do have the hint of the supernatural Jonah should have some Regeneration. Any chance of a Future keyword like the Hex comic series where he was working with a viking and other Road Warriors abducted through time? Outside of the film which no one watched will anyone know Lilah or Turnbull? I sincerely doubt it!
Final points is Jonah Hex a good replacement for the Winter Soldier? I think he is.

Posted by: David TG Riches on 6/21/2010 10:40:37 PM
@Bolphunga: Doh! I'll see about docking his freelancer pay!

@rwint1968: I gotta go with Lilah as the best figure. A 15-point Enhancer in the Modern Age is just golden in my book... (pun intended)

I have another author submitting a Jonah Hex review, so we'll see what his take is when it comes in... so stay tuned to HeroClix World!

Posted by: The Le on 6/21/2010 4:09:31 PM
"SHARPSHOOTER This character can make ranged combat attacks against adjacent opposing characters. When this character makes a ranged combat attack, it can ignore the effects of opposing characters on line of fire."

I'm afraid Sharpshooter doesn't help see those hiding in hindering

Posted by: Bolphunga on 6/21/2010 3:55:22 PM
While all three of these figs serve their purposes, Hex is by far the best. Use that trait of his for a +2 on the chosen fig and hope he can get a couple of shots in with RCE before anyone takes him out. Thanks for the reviews!

Posted by: rwint1968 on 6/21/2010 2:07:09 PM
the 11 attack he starts out with against chosen foe is pretty good for 65pp. Do wish they would have given him regin though. he has it in the movie and it would have made him better.

Posted by: inspired stranger on 6/21/2010 1:48:03 PM