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JL Trinity War HeroClix Spoilers
The Le Games (09/02/2014)
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New news from ICV2.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War - comes out January 14th.

• Comes as a 24 ct Gravity Feed  • Comes in normal Booster Packs (Feb 4th)• Comes with a Fast Force Pack (Feb 4th) • Comes with an organized play list

$2.99 per single foil pack. 10 figures total, with a flat rarity, included Aquaman, Firestorm, and Parademons!

(see next page for 5-figure Booster info)

DC Trinity War HeroClix gravity Feed Spoilers
From wiki: "Trinity War" is an eleven issue comic book story arc first published by DC Comics in 2013 featuring the fictional superhero teams the Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark. The arc spans several titles including: Justice League, Justice League of America, Justice League Dark, Constantine, Trinity of Sin: Pandora and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger.

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Your Comments:
The CSA FF - Its now 100% definite this does NOT come with a map.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/27/2015 7:58:15 AM
Just scored a full CUR set, all 49 pieces, for 50$ shipped.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/25/2015 11:58:06 AM
and now this stuff is starting to show at the usual buy specific singles sites.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/25/2015 7:45:17 AM
and now this stuff is starting to show up on the bay. Hoping my store gets it in this week.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/24/2015 2:51:34 PM
DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces Pack.

Thinking about just picking up singles again.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/23/2015 10:45:48 AM
What is the name of the set? For flash it was Rouges.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 2/22/2015 7:11:41 PM
The fast forces does co.e with the map, as it says on page 3.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/22/2015 5:53:37 AM
Why doesn't this come with a map?
And as for the clix, they could have made Deathstorm a lot better. I don't think they did him justice.

Posted by: Dayshqwann on 2/21/2015 12:29:21 PM
Touché Mantis! LOL.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/20/2015 4:12:35 PM
Fast Forces. I really like the inclusion of Atomica as a 7th "secret" dial, but I am also disappointed the set does not include a map.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/20/2015 10:34:59 AM
Of course some of us need to learn how to single click a mouse!

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 2/19/2015 3:54:53 PM
@ Prince of Orphans
What you 'wean' and what you say never need be the same thing. However if you wean that that's a fantastic fast forces then I catch your weaning. Very formidable!

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 2/19/2015 3:54:00 PM
@ Prince of Orphans
What you 'wean' and what you say never need be the same thing. However if you wean that that's a fantastic fast forces then I catch your weaning. Very formidable!

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 2/19/2015 3:53:57 PM
Wow! I really should use a dictionary before I post these. Formidable is what I went. Mr Fantasitc and Elongated man might be form-i-able though.
that's bad too.
I'll stop for the day. :)

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/19/2015 9:01:22 AM
Now that's the Ultra-Man dial I wanted to see. I think a bit of invincible thrown in the defense would be nice, again not complaining, but it would be nice. Anyway, this is a lot better than the other dial. It's not, and I love the term superfriend used, generic. It's a formiable clix.

Posted by: Princeof Orphans on 2/19/2015 8:57:42 AM
Best criminal fast forces!

Posted by: kaijuhero on 2/19/2015 8:22:58 AM
Slade is correct. I was referring to the Regen, not the trait.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/18/2015 7:50:26 PM
Slade and Lord Logan,
Yes thatwould be very nice and appropriate. Sorry for the mix up.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/18/2015 10:31:52 AM
So, someone in Europe received and opened 40 bricks. He confirmed that each brick has both a prime and a chase. I think I am going for a brick now.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/18/2015 9:46:52 AM
Can anyone explain to me why shaggy man isn't a giant. If the answer is nu52. Then fair enough. He's looking like an awesome damage sponge regardless.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 2/18/2015 8:15:31 AM
@ Prince of orphans, I think Lord Logan might be referring to the regeneration power that does not require you to do the -2.

Posted by: Slade on 2/18/2015 5:51:05 AM
Super friend,
Saw ur buying dilemma. The way things are going with wiz kids release schedule
,you may not have to make that decision until mid-march

Posted by: Princeoforphans on 2/17/2015 3:38:47 PM
Lord Logan, The regen special power is on the Wolvy and Xmen Wolvy #001.
I don't know maybe it's just me, but that scarecrow seems awfully powerful with almost a full dial of 3 damage. Not complaining makes for a challenging bout.
What do you clixers think?

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/16/2015 6:07:39 PM
So I don't know much about Shaggy Man but I'm really surprised that his regen power was never seen on a Wolverine before him. Kinda seems wrong.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/16/2015 3:16:42 PM
Liking the dials for both Scarecrow and Shaggy Man.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/16/2015 1:05:23 PM
I'm at a loss of words on the Wonder Woman... All the traits and special powers just add up. For 200 points too.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 2/15/2015 5:06:17 PM
Supes, Bats and Wondy are going to make a very nice 300 point team. And when looking at those "A New Kind of Justice League" traits, remember that there are a bunch of Justice League keyword pieces in the Batman and Streets of Gotham sets. If you are not playing Modern Age Only, the JL52 set adds even more and there is Supergirl from the Superman set too.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/13/2015 10:25:39 AM
@Lord Logan
There is a lot of "Another X? Already?" in this set. Its all about theme, nothing about when was some character last made.

I remember Batman/SOG where folks asked why Ice was being remade. She was a key player in the nu52 JLI book, so she was included because the set included that theme.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/11/2015 1:25:57 PM
Another Stargirl? Already? At least this one is a cheap filler for Cosmic teams I suppose.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/11/2015 12:37:59 PM
Torn between a brick and a full CUR set. The CUR if I wait a week or two should be in the 50$ range. A brick will be 2x that much. It will get me 3 SRs, a prime, a chase, but will only give about 1/2 of the Rares and I will be missing a few uncommons. The unboxing videos showed a lot of boosters with 3 commons, 1 uncommon and 1 rare. Not a great distribution.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/11/2015 11:49:08 AM
There seems to be WAY too many bonuses / heavy hints for playing a JL of America theme team in this set. Especially considering that team no longer exists. Will definitely consider it.

Once again, some of the keywords feel off. I remember Firestorm being recruited and joining the main JL along with Atom/Atomica and Element Woman, but here he gets JLoA. No idea why Vixen gets JLoA (her card was shown in detail in one of the unboxing videos). Black Lightning apparently gets JL as a keyword even though he showed up for the recruitment but ultimately decided "no".

Posted by: superfriend on 2/11/2015 11:46:17 AM
@Slade: WK mistakenly put Sinestro's dial on the Green Arrow preview. This has been corrected.

Posted by: The Le on 2/11/2015 11:42:36 AM
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't know who's dial that is, but its not Green Arrow. What point formula?

Posted by: Slade on 2/11/2015 10:18:01 AM
They could have made Speed Force a Team Ability using the Flash's logo.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/9/2015 10:32:59 AM
You could make a good Speed Force trait team, with all the new heroclix with that trait.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 2/9/2015 7:42:14 AM
Agreed superfriend. Can't wait to get my hands on this clix!

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/6/2015 8:00:05 PM
Sinestro is sick.
The only thing I would have done differently is to split some features between the 2 point levels.
A) Q TA at 200 points only.
B) LOD keyword at 90 points only. Q TA feels wrong for LOD.
C) Death to the Guardians at the 200 points only, on clicks 1 and 3, not on 5 or 6.
D) Fear and Outwit alternate every other click.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/6/2015 10:30:06 AM

I can see it being the ultra chase and them not wanting us to see it yet

Posted by: jpoof on 2/5/2015 6:48:09 PM
I have no issue with the presenter opening the boxes in advance to save time. My question is, why did they not show the 10th booster? Does someone actually think we can't count? Was there something in there they did not want us to see?

I also noted that the DC and ComicBook unboxing pulled 3 objects while the Figures unboxing only pulled 2.

What was in that 10th box? We need the Question - as portrayed in the JL Unlimited animated series - to look into this.

My guess? They pulled something WK did not want us to see yet.

Could it be the Ultra Chase?

Posted by: superfriend on 2/5/2015 7:13:34 AM
I'm totally on the conspiracy bandwagon I watched that 3rd unboxing video as well and he even said he already opened them all and made them face the way he wanted them to

Posted by: jpoof on 2/4/2015 9:39:21 PM
we are groot

Posted by: groot on 2/4/2015 9:05:57 PM
I like that Utility Belt power, a really bats. But they need to take a break on making the earth-0 Bruce Wayne version.

Posted by: kaijuhero on 2/4/2015 11:56:00 AM
Oh and there is a 3rd unboxing video, this time at (who also did a preview of some FF and GF pieces the other day).

Of note, at the end it appears they have only shown 9 of the 10 boosters in the brick they are opening ?!? Conspiracy theorists begin!

Posted by: superfriend on 2/3/2015 11:00:18 AM
Nice touch including the old CD sculpt for Owlman. Wow is it better than the new one.

Went back and re-read the article for the Owlman and Outsider preview. Even the writer admits there might be too many versions of Outsider in the set.

With so many other characters to choose from - including things from the story line like Bane posing as Batman or Nightmare Nurse to complete the JL Dark line up, I do not understand including this.

An alternate way to go would have been to put both Outsider dials on the same sculpt like WK did with the SQG Montoya / Question piece. I do think with a little creativity 1 piece could have covered both dial concepts.

With that said, what happened to the dual dial generics? 4 clicks of life with an A and B version on the same dial, using clicks 1 to 4 and 7 to 10? The Batman Arkham Guards for example.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/3/2015 10:57:26 AM
Hrm, might have to switch the sculpts so that the awesome Collateral Damage one replaces the incredibly bland-looking new one.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 2/3/2015 10:26:52 AM
I can't wait for the sins. They, next to the entities, are at the top of my list.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/3/2015 5:15:31 AM
I just rewatched the ending and totally see the second chase you mentioned

Posted by: jpoof on 2/2/2015 10:42:17 PM
The old Owl man sculpt blows away the new one. But I think I like the new dial better. I think. I'm not sure...yet.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 2/2/2015 3:16:09 PM
Outsider - I like the uncommon and the prime. The SR revealed today is completely unnecessary. The slot would have been better served to give us a related character not in the set so far. Nightmare Nurse, Zauriel, Bane easily come to mind as better uses of the slot.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/2/2015 9:33:44 AM
I was convinced by the unboxing that I had nothing to fear, that both Mars and Despero came from the 10th booster which we did not see the contents of and therefore were uncommons or rares.

There is also the matter of a 2nd chase shown in the final scanning over what she "pulled".

Posted by: superfriend on 2/2/2015 9:31:27 AM
Does anybody else think that it is very suspect that the unboxing video with the female it at the end it shows what she supposedly pulled from the brick and in one brick she got the uncommon prime, one chase, and 5 super rates( batman, wonder woman, despero, martian manhunter and blight)?

Posted by: jpoof on 2/1/2015 12:57:33 AM
Some nice stuff there. Already planning repaints for Lex and Madam Xanadu.
Glad to see so many generics. I've been wanting new parademons for a while now, and the inmates and guards will be great for rpgs.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 1/31/2015 2:46:55 PM
@ super friend the sword wielder at 3:04 is Frankenstein

Posted by: Mr.Craig on 1/31/2015 11:25:37 AM
@ super friend the sword wielder at 3:04 is Frankenstein

Posted by: Mr.Craig on 1/31/2015 11:25:25 AM
I think we have 1 SR slot left and the set is done.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2015 2:14:57 PM
Holy cow! That despro dial is AMAZING!!!

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/30/2015 9:56:34 AM
OK, really bummed now. The sculpts for Martian Manhunter and Despero were shown at the end of the DC Entertainment unboxing video, making me think they were uncommon / rare due to the fact the presenter had already identified the 3 SRs in her brick AND the fact that the last booster's contents are not shown.

Now we get today's preview and both are SRs? Unlike.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2015 9:26:49 AM
Ugh.. why can't Comicbook tool spend freaking 20 bucks and get a GOD DAMN stand for his iPhone that's freaking annoying as hell. also WTF is with the sunglasses inside.

Posted by: Bliss on 1/30/2015 9:22:08 AM
The new unboxing video revealed:
Black Lightning
Killer Frost
an Atlantean generic

confirmations / sculpts I had not seen before:
Box 1: Killer Frost, Madame Xanadu, Atlantean generic
Box 2: Sloth, Katana, sword wielding dude in Rare slot - can anyone identify? look at 3:04.
Box 3: Superwoman
Box 4: Ocean Master
Box 5: Black Lightning, Vixen
Box 6: Catwoman
Box 7: none
Box 8: Aquaman
Box 9: none
Box X: none

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2015 9:00:57 AM
Game Trade Magazine #180 - last night at the gaming store. Specifically mentions Black Lightning and shows Killer Frost.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2015 8:54:37 AM
wow black adam is such a lazy sculpt... stop cutting corners wizkids.

Posted by: vid on 1/28/2015 3:58:52 PM
A Black Adam with still zero range. lol

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 1/28/2015 12:00:08 PM
disappointed only in that Black Adam is now confirmed as a SR. Was hoping for a R.

Love that Sivana is in the set. Has he been made before? These two plus the previous Shazam and Freddy preview makes me want a Mr Atom piece.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/28/2015 10:35:42 AM
I hadn't really plan on buying this set but DAMNIT the more figure they show off from this set the more i want ALL of them. I hate you wizkids.... NOW TAKE MY MONEY.

Posted by: Bliss on 1/28/2015 10:18:19 AM
@kaijuhero: What about when you get Battle Fury and Earthbound? ;)

Posted by: You'll never know... on 1/27/2015 5:49:03 AM
I want to play a game using Mazahs! and collect all standard powers in heroclix.

Posted by: kaijuhero on 1/26/2015 12:58:27 PM
Really diggin' that Constantine. Never heard of Nick Necro, haha.

Posted by: @nalThrasher on 1/25/2015 2:39:34 PM
The power-creep is real.

Posted by: Loki on 1/23/2015 8:27:25 PM
Nick Necro is shown in the pages of the JL Dark comic to be a teacher and partner of Constantine until they have a falling out.

Was hoping against hop that Constantine would not be an SR, but other folks were saying how logical it would be that Nick Necro would be the prime of Constantine and the SR prime was the only prime slot left.

I find the shortness of these two dials to be concerning. 5 clicks feels very short for roughly 100 points. Although that is roughly 20 points per click and sometimes we pay 25.

The other thing is that if this set follows the pattern of the past few sets, if you buy a brick and pull the SR prime, it counts as both the prime of the brick AND one of the SRs you get, so one less really good piece in the brick.

Constantine, Nick Necro and Freddy Freeman are leading me towards a brick purchase. Just not sure what I will do with the extra commons. Also will be missing a half the rares and a handful of uncommons. 3 SRs, a prime and or chase OR a full set of CUR for 1/2 the price (paid 50$ shipped for the full CUR of Flash). Tough choice.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/23/2015 9:41:20 AM
Oh, wow, that Frankenstein one is REALLY good. For 93 points too. Just wow...

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/21/2015 11:58:06 AM
YES! My man Frank. Hopefully they can make some New52 Creature Commandos.

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 1/21/2015 11:53:27 AM
@ lord logan well i mentioned same strength lvls not powers.

Posted by: vid on 1/20/2015 9:17:22 PM
Yes and No.

Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart all went by the name Flash. They were never in the comics an issue because they were rarely in action as the Flash at the same time except during JLA/JSA crossovers when it was cute or when Jay was guesting in Wally's solo book. Visually Jay looks different from Barry/Wally/Bart as the Flash. Jay was explained as needed.

Green Lantern is different. We have a whole Corps, so you have to refer to them by names like Kilowog and Abin Sur. I think if you are doing a GL focused set like WOL, then Hal Jordan and Simon Baz are legitimate names. If you are doing a Justice League set and there is only one Green Lantern in the set, the piece's name should be "Green Lantern".

Posted by: superfriend on 1/20/2015 6:33:33 AM
I really they wouldn't call the earth green lanterns 'green lantern' it's a blooming nightmare figuring out which ones which. Same goes for the Flash.

Posted by: coptur on 1/19/2015 1:53:52 PM
Interesting that WK named the piece Green Lantern. Wonder if we are getting a Hal Jordan GL as well or was his role in TW so small WK left him out. Simon GL and Hawkman might be the start of a good JLoA team.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/19/2015 1:32:28 PM
I really like the 96 green lantern. It would be easy to find a good team that he would be on.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/19/2015 11:55:43 AM
Blue Devil = Stop click silver bullet
Wasn't he a member of the Justice Society too? In the next-generation storyline? alongside Jesse Quick and the new Hourman etc.. If so shame to lack the keyword. If not then I am merely dim!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/19/2015 9:27:53 AM
I had totally forgotten about Blue Devil from DC comics. I do like that stop clix trait Heroclix was a bit heavy handed with that stop click ability. I know someone who likes to play a figure from the wildcats that his entire dial is stop clix. This will FINALLY nerf that ability.

Posted by: Bliss on 1/18/2015 4:18:03 PM
@James / @Gilly25 - Thanks guys. I put that dial up quickly to get it out to the public, while waiting for an important phone call. In my haste I left out the attack power -- it's there now. Thanks. (If you don't see it, refresh the page)

Posted by: The Le on 1/16/2015 3:29:46 PM
His Attack power lets him use Energy Explosion and Psychic/penetrating blast.

Posted by: James on 1/16/2015 12:43:55 PM
I really like the trait on Blue Devil when it comes across stop click. Thats really handy. For 135 points too. But what's his attack power???

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/16/2015 12:12:04 PM
Kudos to WK for picking a piece to preview today that was NOT pulled in the unboxing video! 1 less unknown piece. And yes, this character's inclusion makes sense with the themes of the set.

Spoiler free comment: this piece has a cool trait which messes with a number of special powers given out over the last few sets.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/16/2015 9:17:02 AM

Not quite since they are the same except Shazam has the addition of magic. This not only gives him more potential but, like Kryptonite, Superman is weak against magic.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 1/15/2015 8:32:35 AM
Sorry guess I should have specified. The Shazam #221 from Unleashed blows the new one out of the water.
I still play him and he matches up with most modern dials. I was hoping for something better or at least comparable to him from the new one.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 1/14/2015 5:58:25 PM
The old Shazam is better.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 1/14/2015 5:42:42 PM
@kragnorak shazam and supes are pretty much equals in strength.

Posted by: vid on 1/14/2015 4:26:30 PM
i like the Shazam dial. Really like the attack power

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/14/2015 4:09:53 PM
I know it's way too situational, but it would be nice if Ultraman had the ability to heal by eating Kryptonite or whatever he does. They have characters that get bonuses only with other characters, so this would be similar. Or is the problem that WizKids would have to make Modern Age Kryptonite relics?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 1/14/2015 3:26:26 PM
Foul! I don't see how Shazam can go head-to-head against Superman! The Big Red Cheese should be more powerful unless the Nu52 version really is that much weaker.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 1/14/2015 3:23:13 PM
Shazam preview
Lots of folks were thinking that Black Adam would be the prime of Shazam. I'm thinking Freddy Freeman blindsided a ton of folks in his placement here. Makes you wonder where Black Adam will show up. Hoping he is NOT an SR like he was last time he was made (Superman set, 2011).

As for these two figures:
1. Glad they are NOT SRs. Its been a long time since we've seen either of these characters in HeroClix. Rare status means most of us will have a chance to get them.

2. Shazam is OK. Feels odd that he does not have indominable. I know, they did the Billy Batson activation click thing, but seriously, we all hated that back in the day and seeing it here reminds me of the frustration of playing pieces with it. Would Iron Man really show up to the fight without his armor and need to take 3 rounds to put it on (action, 2nd action to push, 3rd turn to clear)? Then why burden Shazam and Captain Atom with that? Yes, there are clicks with Quintessence which grants Willpower, but basically: Earthbound at the end of the dial to show the armor is broken? Yes. Earthbound at the beginning to show the hero is not ready? No. Try again.

The rest of the dial, and the SP granting Q TA is good, but I want Shazam to have no activation click and full dial Indom.

3. Freddy. Glad to see him. Sorry he is a prime. Dial is most of what Shazam should be. Except it should be longer. With lots of big damage pieces and ways around defenses like Outwit and penetrating damage, 6 clicks of life is not enough for this character.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/14/2015 12:23:47 PM
The shazam dial is blah, but Freedy dial is really good and has great keywords. They should of used Freed pre-new52 look.

Posted by: kaijuhero on 1/14/2015 9:53:34 AM
Have to agree I'm not feeling that Ultraman design looks like he constipated and he dial looks just as bad. He should be just as powerful is supes. i can only hope the fast forces dial is better. All the other figures look great.

Posted by: Night Stalker on 1/12/2015 11:20:42 PM
With the unboxing video out we are down to about 10 slots!

Coming down to the wire for Most Wanted but not confirmed in this set.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/12/2015 1:07:30 PM
@ClixKing - New Armor and new abilities plus I really just want all the metal men.. lol

Posted by: Bliss on 1/12/2015 12:48:55 PM
Hey Bliss what's wrong with the JLSG Cyborg? He's awesome I was so pleasantly surprised by him. And he's still not as good as the TT one? There are so many more clix that need rep. Although it's likely you're going to get your wish.

Posted by: ClixKing on 1/11/2015 9:53:32 AM
Man, they got to unbox those clix a year ago? Jelly!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 1/8/2015 11:03:21 AM
both the 170 and the 70 are both good

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/7/2015 4:39:26 PM
@Le, perhaps this is the nu52 Tim Hunter?

Posted by: superfriend on 1/7/2015 12:40:27 PM
just stoked that we are getting previews again. Does anyone know if this Dr Light - in either form - has appeared after this story?

Posted by: superfriend on 1/6/2015 10:25:21 AM
Hey All,

It's been a while Happy New Year!!

So I'm looking forward to this set for two potential reasons a new Cyborg and the Metal Men. the new Prime Dr. Light would have been better if he had energy shield as a trait the guy is pure light after all.. lol

PS - can you add a Cyborg Avatar.. lol

Posted by: Bliss on 1/6/2015 9:42:52 AM
im also happy that you guys are posting a lot of stuff again. I missed it during NOV and OCT.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/6/2015 7:12:49 AM
i would rather play the 108 one. But the 56 isnt bad

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/6/2015 7:06:54 AM
Hopes for JLA Trinity War.

1. Full Modern CSA
-- Atomica
-- Outsider (Alfred of Earth 3)
-- Sea King
-- the Grid

2. Throne of Atlantis
-- Vulko
-- Atlantean solider generics
-- Mermen generics
-- the Trench generics

3. Newer members/allies of JL Dark
-- Black Orchid
-- Zauriel
-- Dr Mist
-- Nightmare Nurse
-- Frankenstein

4. JL America team unmade in nu52 so far
-- Martian Manhunter
-- Vibe

5. JL United not made recently
-- Animal Man
-- Adam Strange
-- Alanna Strange

6. JL across the eras we have not seen / not seen lately.
-- Atom (Ray Palmer)
-- Steel (from JL Detroit).
-- Captain Atom
-- Aztek
-- Plastic Man
-- Manitou Raven
-- Congorilla
-- Mikaal Tomas Starman

7. Some JSA love leading into the next set
-- Sand
-- Citizen Steel (prime of Steel from JL Detroit ?)

8. Other recent JL storylines
-- Despero

Posted by: superfriend on 1/2/2015 9:01:59 AM
IMO, Mera and Ocean Master are here as part of the JL story, Throne of Atlantis, from issues of the main JL book shortly before Trinity War and coming out soon as an animated movie on DVD. We might even get Vulko.

As for Supes, love the trait and Inspiring leadership SP. Do not love that he is an SR after being in the team base for TT and in the 3 packs for SOG. Should be easier to get the Man of Steel this time around.

Ultraman. Very glad to have the CSA back in general. dial feels very generic Superman-ish. Just not feeling Ultraman from it.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/2/2015 7:49:43 AM
I would rather play the superman then the ultraman. Superman is has better powers.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 1/1/2015 11:48:24 AM
Yes Ultraman leaves a lot to be desired. I hope we get an Atomica that's not a chase.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 1/1/2015 10:11:48 AM
Would have like to have seen super strength as a trait and penetrating/psychic blast in his attack for his heat vision.
But I like this supes.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 1/1/2015 10:08:03 AM
Supes looks great. Hopefully they make a earth 23 superman this good. I feel like they could of done a better job with Ultraman.

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 1/1/2015 2:49:23 AM
Oh yea we get shazam. Hope his dial is really good.

Posted by: Pandabomb on 10/27/2014 8:53:24 PM
@spudeus. Aren't all Meras retired?

Posted by: My homie is a New God on 10/12/2014 3:42:38 PM
Ultra-Chase, pppfffttt, thats nothing. I pulled a Epic-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-Uber-Mecha Streisand-Up yours-Chase.

Posted by: Yamil on 9/30/2014 12:02:39 PM
Do we really need another Mera? But thumbs up for the long overdue return of the Crime Syndicate!

Posted by: spudeus on 9/6/2014 6:11:04 AM
Unless of course wiz kids decide to cram a new Deathstroke and deadshot in there then I see me spending a little more :p I'd be happy with deadshot, Deathstroke, and SHAZAM! I don't need anymore fatman or stuperman clix -.-

Posted by: the ultimate decoder on 9/4/2014 5:41:06 PM
As I stated in the flash post. All I want is SHAZAM!!!!!

Posted by: Decoder on 9/4/2014 5:33:28 PM
I'd just like to point out that "Trinity War" is just a name for the set. While it does imply certain characters would be included, there is no guarantee and it does not exclude all chances for characters who did not participate in the story.

The best example of that so far is Ocean Master and Mera who are probably here due to their involvement in the Throne of Atlantis story, the 3rd story arc in the nu52 Justice League comic.

This makes me hopeful for a few other characters making an appearance. Like Despero (JL 19-20). New members of JL Dark - Black Orchid, Nightmare Nurse, Zauriel.

Posted by: superfriend on 9/4/2014 9:00:33 AM
Another set with a bunch of A-listers we already have and some c-d listers we don't. I'm fine with that, new players need those big names to get them into the game and as long as the character has a different power set or point value I'm happy too. More excited for the truly new figs though naturally.

@JustJim: As long as the ultra-mega-uber-chase is a niche alternate costume or another A-lister repeat I have no problem with the rarity. If I pull it yay! If I don't then never mind. If this is the one and only version of a character (e.g. the ricochet, dusk, prodigy chases from ASM) then that does annoy me! Don't get me angry wizkids! You won't like me when I'm angry. I may double power action to land in your deployment zone turn 2, die and come back!!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 9/4/2014 7:29:42 AM
Ultra-chase? This is getting out of hand.

Posted by: JustJim on 9/3/2014 5:57:13 AM
Excited for updates we have not seen in forever like Shazam. Not so much for characters just retired this summer (Firestorm, Element Woman, Mera). Even less enthusiastic for a new Lex when we just got 2 amazing versions and the DC10th is still Modern too.

Posted by: superfriend on 9/2/2014 6:05:56 PM
Bet it will be Alexander luthor as the ultra-chase

Posted by: Scruffy 612 on 9/2/2014 10:15:12 AM
Any word on what the ultra chase is gonna be? Is it "god" superman?

Posted by: Richard on 9/2/2014 9:52:02 AM