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Of Dice and Plastic Men: Gandalf and Superman, Report to the Bridge
Kyle From Kansas (11/28/2011)
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Of Dice and Plastic Men: Gandalf and Superman to the BridgeI have been involved in a lot of discussion recently about the decision to make the upcoming Star Trek Heroclix Modern Age compatible. While not met with open hostility most people either groan or sigh at the prospect. Cognitive Dissonance is a phrase repeated about these issues. I personally don’t expect any mental discomfort from a Klingon Warship launching a B/F/C attack on Wolverine but at the same time I’m not chomping at the bit for it to happen. While considering the possibility of Spider-Man placing a web terrain marker on the Enterprise, I started thinking about where the line must be drawn (if at all).

I now feel very much like I did about 30 minutes into Snakes on a Plane. After several gruesome snakebites I began to wonder how many more ways a snake could bite a person. “Well at least no one’s been bitten in the junk” I thought to myself in the nearly empty theatre on opening night. Spoiler Alert: it happens.

I think we’ve nearly entered that territory with Heroclix. I don’t wish to admonish the people behind this, but rather encourage them. I embrace the ridiculousness of our game and humbly submit Ideas for Heroclix that could never possibly be made, knowing full well it might come back to bite me in the junk.

Of Dice and Plastic Men HeroClix Bruce WillisA Bruce Willis Action pack
- featuring John McClane (Special Power: Who Needs Shoes: after John crosses a square of Debris he gains the stealth ability), Lt. Muldoon from Grindhouse, and Harry Stamper from Armageddon (unsure of the special power here, some sort of last click self sacrifice that heals friendlies).

Power Ranger Clix - Five 100 point figures that have a final click to transform into a colossal megazord.

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Your Comments:
I think Dune Clix could be cool. Definitely could get a full set from all the books and then some. Fremen: blades/claws/fangs for sure!

Posted by: Drowking on 6/5/2013 8:52:16 AM
I'd like to see some Diablo based clix. They could do Diablo 2 and 3 the same way they did the new Assassin's Creed set and split the box. Main characters like Deckard Cain, Tyriel the Archangel, Diablo and Mephisto would be intense and they could also include the playable characters with multiple sculpts based on the different skill sets.

Posted by: Poetic Fool on 8/9/2012 7:50:12 PM
Clix to see,
as much as i would like to see Challengers as a true clix (we do have BYstander Tokens)
The Incredibles (could be modded from FF Figures)
Micronauts (we have Bug but where are the rest?)
Strikeforce Morturi (marvel Comics)Trait - Pulsewave when they Die
Doctor Who Clix - plenty of compainopns and villians to make clix from.
Powers for Doctor, Tardis- Phasing/teleport with (nlimited) carry ability, Probability control, outwit and perplex along with special regeneration ability/trait - When Doctor would be KO'd replace him with a different Doctor figure not used before this game(should be fun trying to put him down for good)
for an individual Doctor however
John Pertwee -Venusian Karate (somethign along the lines of a Martial Artist figure)

Posted by: Grim on 7/8/2012 2:51:38 PM
What about a Tarot special edition set. Apart from Tarot herself they could make her mother, sister, her werecat lover, Jon the grave guardian. his dead dog and his dead ex girlfriend crypt chick. Not to mention various other witches, fairies and dragon witches there are?

Posted by: RP on 1/11/2012 9:32:06 AM
Shrek and CARS clix... What they should do: Transformers, followed by G I Joe... What about NFL clix?

Posted by: Feldstorm on 12/18/2011 1:41:05 AM
24 clix!!! no one kicks more A@# than Jack Bauer!!
Big Trouble in Little China Clix!!! enough said!
The Sopranos clix! ........?

Posted by: killamostdeadly on 12/11/2011 10:19:03 AM
Thundercats Heroclix!

Posted by: CurlyInsaneGuy on 12/4/2011 1:25:36 PM
Nice article Kyle from Kansas! The worst thing that can come out of Wizkids are products that are not "in scale" with or of any characters or genre we are familiar with. Keep it in scale, don't be a try hard... There is no other competition out there. Don't sacrifice quality over quantity! Remember Wizkids you are catering to fanboys and we like to see them accurate in "all" aspects. The fans will continue to multiply and will be loyal.

Posted by: Ianator on 12/2/2011 2:19:45 AM
Mystery Men-
The Bowler-Range combat expert that can be used with Shaprshooter but she has to move 1 space first.
Invisable boy- can not be targeted by the used of Superman, Ultimates teams abilities. Get stealth for characters that ignor other characters for line of fire purpose.
Spleen- Smoke Cloud starting adjacent to the character and poison in the cloud before removing them at the start of the next turn
Shoveler- Close combat expert & B/C/F
Blue Rajaha?- Sharp Shooter
Mr Ferious- Last click has Battle Fury and Flurry. No Other powers
PMS Avenger- So she is not one of the mystery men but it would still be funny
No sure on all the names. Have not seen the movie in years

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 11/30/2011 8:09:29 PM
Voltron - He is what they based the PowerRangers on. It could be 5 gaints/clossals that would join together as a super collosal( the size of the Spectre. It would be kool. They could gave him a sword that would allow him to use Blades/Claws/Fangs at range of at least 6. The sword is the 50+ feet long. He could also get encape at a range of 2 against clossals that they have to break away from to attack him. People- His hands are robotic lion heads

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 11/30/2011 7:38:51 PM

Posted by: geminimerc on 11/30/2011 6:49:30 PM
BTW, the kid in me would love some Power Rangers clix. You could have a sort of reverse Alter Ego mechanic where the Rangers would be like 50 pts for just the ranger or 150 for the ranger that can AE into an actual colossal (gsx size) 'zord. Then, if you've got all five, have them AE further into one Galactis sized megazord! Come on Wizkids, I'll design and play test them myself!

Posted by: mbzero on 11/30/2011 10:45:28 AM
The worst thing that could be made into Heroclix that I would absolutely love, because it's comic acurate?

Archie Clix.

Then I could act out my favorite (tongue in cheek) comic ever: Archie Meets Punisher.

If you don't believe it's real, oh boy, it's real. Spoilers: Punisher uses rubber bullets to hose down gangsters (one of whom is the spitting image of Archie) at Riverdale (or whatever it's called) High. It's good clean family fun that also contains use of automatic firearms in a public school! How cool is that?

Posted by: mbzero on 11/30/2011 10:33:30 AM
I would like to see another Indy set that includes The Tick universe.


Posted by: ILikeNightcrawler on 11/29/2011 12:12:16 PM
Dbz Clix lol

Posted by: Jason on 11/29/2011 7:42:08 AM
Little House on the Prarie Clix would be just awful.

Posted by: Hayden on 11/28/2011 5:52:05 PM
Love to see Doom Patrol, Dr. Who, Johnny Quest, and Fantastic
Voyage and Lost in Space!

Posted by: Mrmoto on 11/28/2011 5:49:02 PM
WTF is all the damn whining about? If you don't want to play ships vs. know what? YOU DON'T F$&@ing have to! let's get a real topic going here and all the belly aching babies...well, it's well past your bedtime. NUFF SAID! Next subject!

Posted by: CThomas on 11/28/2011 5:45:38 PM
More comic clix, TMNT, G/I. Joe, Transformers, Spawn, Wildcats, Pitt, Youngblood, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Avatar the last Airbender(3 releases earth, water and fire), Ben 10 and Star Wars. Mortal Kombat and Capcom would be cool. I'm not opposed to more Lord of the Rings, or hey Wheel of Time.

Posted by: APOV1 on 11/28/2011 5:24:05 PM
I disagree with everything on this list, but how about Walking Dead clix? Especially if it's based on the comic

Posted by: licensedhero on 11/28/2011 5:22:25 PM
For me, this is more of a scaling issue. The enterprise could be a great map, but a piece? come on!
If spider-man can damage the enterprise then I am out.
I wouldn't mind if it was strictly ships vs ships, but keep characters out of it.

Posted by: Blake B on 11/28/2011 1:18:40 PM
Yeah, the whole "Star Trek being completely compatible" is absurd. We've allowed SF, GoW, Halo, and soon to be LotR (all of which go against my sensibilities to some varying degrees) but I'll be lobbying our judge and playgroup hard to not allow a Klingon Bird of Prey to be teamed up with Vulture, Hawman, and Falcon on an avian team.

Posted by: hair10 on 11/28/2011 11:54:46 AM
@jbrol: Are you talking about Fleet Captains and Star Trek Expedition, both by Wizkids? Because those games are NOT too expensive. In fact, the price tag on those games are on par with other games of the same size. The days of "$15 for a board game" are long gone.

Posted by: The Le on 11/28/2011 10:54:17 AM
They are making them compatible b/c Star Trek is TOO EXPENSIVE and the few people who do buy them have no one else to play with. Lower the price, only make it compatible with other ship type genres,and next time gen-con rolls around have a efficient set up where you can play more than once every 5 hours.

Posted by: jbrol on 11/28/2011 9:52:07 AM
It looks like the big problem with the Star Trek clix is that they didn't jump to producing Mr. Spock and Bones McCoy, etc. but that they are making starships that are not even remotely to scale.

Therefore they could continue irritating people by adding HeroClix dials to the sculpts they already have for Smurfs and Gremlins.

They could also reissue the Shadowrun sculpts under the HeroClix imprint and claim that they are 100% HeroClix compatible.

Then they should introduce a Transformers line that makes no effort to be in scale, so that Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are both the size of Dum Dum Dugan. That should get a lot of attention!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 11/28/2011 9:04:37 AM
must have monty python clix

Posted by: bio on 11/28/2011 7:32:53 AM
i would love,SESAME ST CLIX,

Posted by: prekrap on 11/28/2011 12:49:13 AM