Hiro Clix: Naruto
Clix Craves: Star Wars
Quintessential Winter Soldier
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The Quintessential Leeroy Jenkins
The Quintessential Joker
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The Quintessential Kung Fury
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Quintessential Superior Spider-Man MK2
Hiro Clix: Attack on Titan
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Worst Clix Ever - Iron Man Mk 15
Worst Clix Ever - Element Lad
Quintessential Ash Williams
Quintessential Freddy Krueger
Quintessential Jason (Double Feature!)
Hiro Clix: Goku
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Fixing HeroClix

Monster Month!
The Le (10/01/2014)
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HeroClix World Monster Month 2014HeroClix World is declaring October as MONSTER MONTH! All month long we'll be focusing on Creatures and Monsters to fulfill your inner cravings (for HeroClix of course). We start things off with an updated Monster QUOTE OF THE DAY, which you'll find on the front page.

As we proceed with Monster Month, you can expect HeroClix World to keep up it's quality and standards to keep you entertained (you can interpret that any way you want).

In the meantime, check out these Monsterous Articles from the past...!

• Toychop's DC Zombie HeroClix mods (see it now)
• Goldeeh's Blackest Night HeroClix mods (see it now)
• Myke Dela Paz's Captain America Ape HeroClix (see it now)

• HeroClix Scenario: Blackest Zombie Night (see it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Escape from Kroakoa! (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Night of the Sentinel (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: The Blackest Night (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Marvel Zombies (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: B-Movie (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Trick or Treat (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Mine! Mine! Mine! (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Sharknado! (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Wheel of Death (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Warriors 3 vs Zombies - Clix Addict #1 (play it now)
• HeroClix Scenario: Attack on Titan - Clix Addict #2! (play it now)

• Original Article: Clix Beat: Zuvembie (read it now)
• Original Article: Top 5 Zombie Movies (read it now)
• Original Article: DreamClix: Zombie Apocalypse (read it now)

Don't worry, there's plenty of new Monsterous HeroClix articles coming to HeroClix World, all month long!

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