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Hiro Clix: Fifth Kazekage
Logan Stetcher (05/19/2015)
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Goto Comments

Hiro Clix: Fifth Kazekage

Welcome back Hiro Clixers! Today’s article features the previous contest’s winner that was revealed a few weeks ago, Gaara of the Sand from the series, Naruto! Congrats to Roxus Kannagi on Facebook for winning his character pick. Worry not to everyone else as there will be more opportunities to get your favorite characters in clix form.

Before getting into the background I want to mention that throughout the series, Gaara, as many other characters, has gone through a series of development both mentally, emotionally and physically in his powers. As such I chose to do the dial on him as The Fifth Kazekage to allow him to bring his full potential to the table when fighting superheroes and wizards alike.

In the Naruto series, ninjas from multiple villages channel chakra, a special energy within the body, to use jutsu. Jutsu are techniques emitted through hand signs that allow ninjas to emit incredible powers. Gaara is a dynamic character, despite his attitude, that has grown from a childish monster to a noble powerful leader of his village, gaining the title Kazekage.

Hiro Clix: Fifth Kazekage

Gaara is debatably one of the strongest ninja in his generation with the power to control sand itself. He guides it through the air to push away (Force Blast), place (Telekinesis) and pierce (Precision Strike) through enemies. He is primarily a ranged combatant as he has no fast or quick martial arts found amongst his peers. He is also able to use the sand to stand on and fly in the air (Flight). What is most notable is that his sand, through his mother’s will, can move itself to protect Gaara from any 360 degree attack (Energy Shield/Deflection). If his Ultimate Defense is penetrated however, he still has his Sand Armor at the cost of losing mobility (Earthbound/Neutralized) and attack power.

Need Anime HeroClixPlaying with The Fifth Kazekage: Considering his movement is an eyesore, he will require his teammates to follow him into battle or Carry him late game when he gains Earthbound/Neutralize. While he does lack in speed, he is able to maneuver his teammates in fight or bring his enemies to him with Telekinesis. Of course he has great ranged potential as well whether he’s by himself or amongst his allies. Let’s not forget his Leadership and Outwit!

Playing against The Fifth Kazekage: Gaara’s most dangerous feat is his great range mixed with his mighty defense. A good close combat expert mixed with Perplex should do the trick to knocking him down. Due to his un-outwittable Ultimate Defense, you’re going to need someone with Indomitable and a sturdy jaw to knock on Gaara’s gourd. Be sure to watch out for his free actions that will assist his team.

That’s it for this addition of Hiro Clix! How would you use Gaara? If you want to see more anime clixed characters check out Need Anime Heroclix!

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Your Comments:
Possess him with Ophidian for that top click 12-4 pulse wave

Posted by: Stephen on 9/28/2015 7:03:03 AM
Like what is already said, his point cost is a little low, should be at least 200. But I don't think his defense is OP. That's how he was on the show from what I remember.

I think he should have a modified battle fury, though, towards the end of his dial. Basically, it would allow him to make CCAs up to four squares away. I remember him getting real angry at Naruto and just going crazy (it's been years since I've seen the show, though).

Also, he should have IT: everything since his sand went everywhere.

Posted by: Ben B. on 9/25/2015 2:25:06 PM
A little unorthodox just like garra himself lol. With his 5 range and 3 target's Id make him be a secondary attacker/supoort. With his defense id keep him at ranged and push others away if they base him. To maintain his trait. He's very versatile and unorthodox lol but guaranteed to confuse your opponents fits His ninja style.

Posted by: Wade wilson on 9/24/2015 10:34:29 AM
Definitely a little low on the point cost for a character who ignores all damage from CC attacks from a lot of characters.

Posted by: sjce on 9/22/2015 11:31:50 AM