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The Quintessential Alien
Eric Schaen & The Le (10/26/2015)
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HeroClix Alien Dial
From the Alien Wiki:

"Acid Aliens are a type of Xenomorph subspecies. Judging by their name, they are known for spitting acid although they are certainly not the only caste known for performing this action. Their bodies are spindly and slim, while their head is significantly more elongated than many other castes. Their exoskeletal frame has a shiny look to it.

Xenomorphs that may have been Acid Aliens were seen spitting acid out of their 'maw' (AKA throat, tongue, or inner jaw). These potential Acid Aliens then latched onto a host, sucked blood and then injected their own acidic 'blood' into the host, killing it, mutating it into an Infectoid. It was also possibly spotted on BG-386."

Dial by Eric Schaen (continued below)

HeroClix Alien Dial

Pretty gruesome stuff, right? I think Eric Schaen nailed it with just the right amount of Blades/Claws/Fangs and acid spite. Sure it's 100 points, but this monster's got Indomitable and can tear spider-man to shreds with just a couple bites.

Add a touch of Shape Change and Toughness, and you've got one tough cookie!

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Your Comments:
Should have Stealth. these things were able to blend in with the 'walls' after all

Posted by: Grim on 11/3/2015 6:13:37 AM
I agree. Next they should do Predator so we can do a Predator vs. Alien smackdown.

Posted by: Jic on 10/29/2015 10:24:08 AM
@ robin, Not necessarily. Powers are often used in a variety of ways to provide different effects. Sure stealth could be a way to represent their ability to blend in, but I also wanted the opportunity for an opponent to freeze up in fear when faced with one of these critters. ;)

Posted by: Slade on 10/27/2015 6:49:23 AM
She should be named 'Xenomorph Warrior'and Acid Blood should say "adja ent characters with the Xenomorph keyword..."

Posted by: Lord Logan on 10/27/2015 5:27:55 AM
Very nice. Am I right that they actually made Alien as part of the horrorclix range? If so the old dial for comparison might be cool.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 10/26/2015 3:32:53 PM
Wouldn't that be more stealth?

Posted by: robin on 10/26/2015 2:57:09 PM
the shape change is representing the alien's ability to blend into surroundings and can also represent and opponents fear when they first encounter the beast.

Posted by: Slade on 10/26/2015 2:07:49 PM
Y does it have sc?

Posted by: robin on 10/26/2015 1:19:07 PM
Maybe some Stealth but they have granted SC instead. Chuck it on an indoor map and turn off the lights and then listen out for screams...

Posted by: WarBorg on 10/26/2015 9:43:11 AM
That Alien is just brilliant, and on the money. It is just missing a trait like: Camouflage- When the character is adjacent to a wall or blocking terrain, any line of fire for a ranged combat attack drawn to the character is blocked. That or some form of Stealth.

Posted by: Riddle on 10/26/2015 7:46:29 AM