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Hiro Clix: Golgo 13
Logan Stecher (06/21/2015)
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Goto Comments

Hiro Clix: Golgo 13 HeroClix Dial
Hiro Clix is back with another original dial! This time we take a look at the anime/manga world’s James Bond -- Golgo 13! He's a mercenary for hire that never misses his mark but he is pricy. His skills are so remarkable that it is often considered inhuman.

Hiro Clix: Golgo 13 HeroClix Dial

Golgo 13 is often seen finding himself very fond of the ladies despite getting betrayed by a handful of them. Some are one night stands while others he gets more intimate with but does not reveal his emotions. Golgo 13, also known as Duke Togo as another alias, is believed to be a very paranoid guy that fears death. He shows signs of his paranoia by constantly being alert and not allowing himself to be distracted by emotions. While he may believe in love, the job and his life come first.

Duke has amazing accuracy using his customized M16 from long distances including over a mile long. This is represented by his long range and unique power, A Pro Among Pros. His piercing power is also traited and improved by his Quick Shot and The Professional Mercenary. While range may be his strong suit, he is not defenseless in close combat as he can Sharpshoot within .17 seconds in close combat. He has Shape Change as no one in the world knows him for his real name, birthday and age are completely unknown. Additionally his paranoia kicks in with his special defense and catch phrase, Don’t Stand Behind Me!

Need Anime HeroClixPlaying with Golgo 13: To get the best effect, pay close attention to the opposing players' defenses in terms of their combat values. If possible, place Golgo 13 in position to snipe out the lowest value available. Take advantage of his first click with A Pro Among Pros power and increase Togo’s damage to a 5 or 6. With Penetrating/Psychic Blast and a good roll, you may be able to knock out the target with one shot. As the game progresses and enemies with higher values become more of a threat, focus the power on Duke’s attack value to injure the foe. The rest of Duke’s team will hopefully be able to pick up the rest. Note that tie up pieces may be critical for Golgo 13 to get good shots in.

Playing against Golgo 13: Shooting Golgo 13 in the beginning won’t be easy as he has Stealth. You may need to Carry a close combat brute or someone similar to a place of safety, such as walls and elevated terrain, where they can then creep up on Duke Togo. After knocking him down a few clicks to his Don’t Stand Behind Me! power, finish him off with a ranged character. Note, do not base him with more than one close combat character as you want to avoid his Quick Shot from taking full effect.

That’s it for this addition of Hiro Clix! How would you use Gaara? If you want to see more anime clixed characters check out Need Anime Heroclix!

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Your Comments:
@blade22031 + @Lord Logan: Thank you. I forgot about the Sharpshooter during dial construction. This has been fixed (you may need to refresh the page). Thanks!

Posted by: The Le on 6/21/2015 12:51:19 PM
He is supposed to have Sharpshooter.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 6/21/2015 9:46:48 AM
Unless I am missing something isn't his quick draw trait a kind of useless. If an opposing figure is adjacent, unless other wise stated, that figure can only make close combat attacks. So wouldn't have additional bolts only when adjacent but a waste?

Posted by: blade22031 on 6/21/2015 9:43:40 AM