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Masterpiece HeroClix
The Le & Friends (08/08/2011)
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HeroClix Stilt-Man gold MasterpieceKarl Markovich (continued...)
There were two more masterpiece figs made for Ultimates. They were the Hulk and Magneto uniques. They came packaged as LEs (with boxes) and the CoA's were in the boxes. Again, there were 50 of each made and they were given away as 1st place and fellowship prizes at some regional tournament or other.
There were two masterpiece figures made for Mutant Mayhem (besides the booster Spideys). They were the MODOK and Loki uniques. They were also packaged as LEs, 50 of each made, and given away as 1st and fellowship at some regional event or other.
Finally, there are a few "one of a kind" masterpieces floating around that were given to winners of Worlds-type events. The winner picked their fig and WK hand painted it as a masterpiece for them. I remember Stilt-Man (in gold armor) and Doc Mid-Nite (in the original Charles McNider costume) being done... and maybe a Black Bolt, but my memory is fuzzy on that one.
While technically masterpieces, the one-of-a-kind figs were never available in any way to the general public so they usually aren't considered when talking about masterpiece figs. Most people consider the six that were (somewhat) obtainable.  
At one point I had them all, but sold them a couple of years ago when I started to work to pare down my collection.
Hope that helps.

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Your Comments:
Ebay! I would start bidding at least around $200. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a lot more.

Posted by: clixcollextor on 7/15/2021 12:49:08 AM
A friend of mine just passed away and he had a lot of heroclix. So I had someone look at them who knew what they were worth. He told my friend had the masterpiece hulk. And he was right. I have it sitting in front of me with the collector certificate and everything. This has been the only place that I have been able to find anything about this figure though. I haven’t seen a picture of it on the internet. I don’t know what to do with this figure as I’ve never played heroclix and even if I did I doubt I would be using this guy. Any suggestions on what to do with this guy.

Posted by: Chris on 12/18/2020 7:50:51 PM
hey steebncurtis im interested in your offer

Posted by: Andy on 5/4/2012 9:54:23 PM
I have a MP Batman from the Legacy set. It's actually numbered as "217" as though it should be on the set list. The bag is unopened, but the COA has a gold sticker on the back with a code "L8437126033, Void if Removed." Where it's placed on the COA, it covers the production number, so I can't tell what number it is out of 50. I don't play the game anymore and have debated about letting it go.

Posted by: steebncurtis on 3/7/2012 7:31:33 PM
I know there was a Loki (MM) and Magneto (Ult) MP figure. I think they were given out as a prizes at release events.

Posted by: Puuka on 8/15/2011 9:18:38 AM
I pulled a Masterpiece Spidey from a booster at the venue Norm (Nbperp) used to judge at in Maryland. It looked almost exactly like the Vet Spidey except the figure number, but when I pulled the COA out of the box I couldn't believe it! I remember getting AWESOME trade offers for it (including from Karl!) and ultimately decided to sell it on ebay. It went for over $500!
When I told my wife she shook her head and just said "Please promise me you will never BUY a figure for that much!" :)

Posted by: tom730 on 8/9/2011 7:24:31 PM
Ultra-chase figures? Neat concept, but I can see uber-psycho-set competionists having many sleepless nights over knowing that such pieces exist.

Posted by: MEsch on 8/9/2011 8:23:53 AM
I enjoyed this article . As a O.C.D. collector I love hearing all the details on pieces like this . Most new players/collectors don't even know about them or get them confused with purple rings . Wish I had the money to track them down and get them , they're the one thing I have'n't dipped my toe into yet . Keep the informative articles coming .

Posted by: Avarice Heroclix on 8/8/2011 6:50:55 PM
Who really cares. They are such a rareity no one ever sees them much less plays them. I have seen the pieces that have errors on the bases played which was funny until the erratta came out. The Gotham Dective(i think) with the flight symbol or Pyro the has the Masters of Evil team symbol on them.

Posted by: SirChristopher on 8/8/2011 6:13:57 PM
I did play my Masterpiece Hulk when I had it!

Posted by: hair10 on 8/8/2011 3:30:54 PM
Have seen a few on ebay in the past. With all the custom painting going on today, IMO, you can find very good work outside of wizkids. BUt they do fetch a pretty penny. MODOK I have seen. But i rate these with purple ring dials as why bother if you are not going to play em. :) Just collecting i guess, need to go check my spidey now :)

Posted by: scourge101 on 8/8/2011 3:15:01 PM