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The Le (01/19/2012)
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HeroClix Horde Mode ScenarioYou and the rest of Delta Squad are stranded in an abandoned outpost with nothing but the weapons on your back. With wave after wave of Horde Locusts coming your way, surely there is no hope... or is there?  The King Raven (helicopter) is coming to extract your team, so you're just going to have to survive the onslaught until you can be rescued.

This scenario is played with Gears of War HeroClix figures. It is a HeroClix version of "Horde Mode" as presented in the Gears of War video game. This is an advanced scenario, and may be too complicated for some.


•2 Players
•5 actions per turn
•No "points" in this scenario. Teams are fixed (see below)

•Feats allowed.

HeroClix Anya FigureTEAMS
DELTA SQUAD (player 1): Your team must consist of the following 5 characters: Damon Baird, Anya Stroud, Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Augustus Cole.

Note: if you only have 3 of the above characters, that's okey too. For a 3-man-DELTA-SQUAD, we recommend just playing 4 waves of horde (as defined below)

HORDE (player 2): You can only use Locust characters from the Gears of War HeroClix set, which includes:
•Skorge (93 points, 6 Range )
•General Raam (151 Points, 8 Range)
•Kantus (70 Points, 6 Range)
•Locust Horde (34 points, 6 Range)
•Mauler (52 points, 0 Range)

If you do not have these Locust characters, you may substitute them with other HeroClix figures that have either the Warrior, Soldier or Monster keyword, and the substitute's point and range value may not exceed the that of the Horde figure that it is replacing. (For example, if you don't have a Kantus figure, you can substitute it with another Warrior as long as it is no more than 70 points and has a range no greater than 6)

There are 7 waves that DELTA SQUAD must survive. Each "Wave" consists of 2 or more Locusts. Each WAVE follows this format:
1) HORDE receives his/her force and places them in the starting area.
2) HORDE goes first
3) When all HORDE are KO'ed, follow these steps:
 •All Action Tokens are removed off of DELTA SQUAD
 •Each member of DELTA SQUAD is healed 1 click of life (unless it's KO'ed)
 •Each member of DELTA SQUAD can be given 2 Move Actions as FREE Actions.
 •Restart with the next wave

HeroClix Gears of War Golden Retro LancerWAVES - HORDE FORCE
At the beginning of the first wave, the HORDE player receives 2 Locust Drones to place on the battlefield. At the beginning of each additional wave, extra HORDE forces are added to the force (this is cumulative*)
Wave 1: Start with 2 Locust Drones
Wave 2: +1 Locust Drone
Wave 3: +1 Kantus
Wave 4: +1 Mauler, +1 Grenade Pool
Wave 5: +1 Grenade Pool
Wave 6: +1 General RAAM
Wave 7: +1 Skorge

Special Placement: At the beginning of the wave, all Locust Drones may be placed within 5 squares of the HORDE starting area. All other HORDE figures must be placed inside the starting area.

*Example, at the beginning of wave 5, the HORDE player's force consists of: 3 total Locust Drones, 1 Kantus, 1 Mauler, and +2 to the Grenade Pool.

Note: When a HORDE force is completely KO'ed, it's Grenade Pool is emptied.

Whenever a HORDE figure is KO'ed, the DELTA SQUAD player rolls one six-sided die: on a result of 3-6, the DELTA SQUAD player receives a Cog Gear token.

At the beginning of any wave, the DELTA SQUAD player may convert Cog Gear tokens into a "Shotgun token" or "Hammerburst token", and place it on any friendly character card. That character gains a bonus power as follows.

Penny Shotgun TokenShotgun (1 Cog Gear Token): Give this character a Power action and make ranged combat attack or close combat attack; for the duration of this attack, its range is locked at [2] and damage is locked at [3]. After the action is resolved, take a Shotgun-token off of this character and remove it from the game. We recommend using a copper coin to represent this weapon, such as a penny.

Nickel Shotgun TokenHammerburst Rifle (1 Cog Gear Tokens): Give this character a Power action and make ranged combat attack; for the duration of this attack, its range is locked at [10] and the damage value is locked at [1]; for this attack, if the unmodified attack roll results in 10 or greater, it's considered a critical hit and deals penetrating damage. After the action is resolved, take a Hammerburst-token off of this character and remove it from the game. We recommend using a silver coin to represent this weapon, such as a nickel.

Grenades (2 Cog Gear Tokens): You may remove 2 Cog Gear tokens from the game to immediately add +1 to your Grenade Pool.

Emergency Kit (3 Cog Gear Tokens): You may remove 3 Cog Gear tokens from the game to immediately heal 1 click to any 1 character.

Note: Unused Cog Gear tokens are not lost, and can be used during the next wave.

Note: DELTA SQUAD characters can have multiple Cog Gear tokens on it's card. For example, Damon Baird may have 7 Shotguns tokens and 3 Hammerburst tokens on his character card.

Usage Example: At the beginning of wave 3, the DELTA SQUAD player has 4 Cog Gear Tokens. He converts 3 of them to Shotguns (i.e. a penny), and places 2 of them on Marcus and 1 of them on Anya. He also saves 1 Cog Gear Token to be used at the beginning of the next wave.

HeroClix mauler figureWINNING
If all DELTA SQUAD members are KO'ed, then the HORDE wins. If at least 1 member of DELTA SQUAD survives at the end of wave 7, then DELTA SQUAD is successfully evacuated and wins (hopefully with more than just 1 character).

•Starting Shotgun: At the beginning of the game place 1 Shotgun Token on each DELTA SQUAD member
•Better Healing: At the end of any wave, each DELTA SQUAD member is healed 2 clicks rather than 1.
•Double Kantus: On wave 5, add an extra Kantus instead.
•Cog Token Find: Instead of handing out Cog Tokens, have them always drop in the same square as a KO'ed Horde character. DELTA SQUAD characters can be given a free action to pick it up, but only if they are adjacent (or standing on) the token.

Wave 1: Start with 2 Locust Drones and 1 Kantus
Wave 2: +1 Mauler, +1 Grenade Pool
Wave 3: +1 RAAM or SKORGE (or both if you're feeling lucky)

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Your Comments:
Brilliant, nothing but Brilliant,
and for halo jus swap the stuff out like they said to do if you havnt got the locust nessesary, an whack 2 of the pistol spartans an two battle rifle spartans, the hammer burst can jus be called DMR.

Posted by: The Viking on 1/23/2012 7:47:23 PM
I have no idea what that is, but I'll look into it (I cannot play Halo because it gives me bad headaches). I'm sure there are some websites out there that can enlighten me.

Posted by: The Le on 1/20/2012 4:01:17 PM
This is all well and good, but I wish you could make a Firefight scenario for Halo Heroclix!(since I don't like GoW :P)

Posted by: Alex M. on 1/20/2012 3:51:37 PM