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Toxic Venom
The Le (09/13/2010)
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HeroClix Toxic VenomSpider-Man may be a hero to some, but to others he's a menace that's responsible for bringing Venom to the world. The anti-Spider-men have joined forces to terrorize the city and it's up to you to stop them!

Players / Points / Actions

•2 players, 600 point teams, 4 actions per turn
•Alternate rules: 1000 points, 5 actions per turn

•No BFCs allowed
•All other Feat cards follow the 10% rule.

Player 1 (Symbiotes)
The Symbiote team can only consist of characters named Venom, Anti-Venom, Toxin, Carnage, or Eddie Brock (or LE versions of those characters). All characters on this team receive the Maximum Carnage ability (this is not a feat).

•Player 1 Special: The opposing Team Leader is worth double the normal victory points.

Player 2 (Defenders)

The Defenders team must consist of any Marvel figures. One (and only one) of those figures must be Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Bombastic Bag-Man, or Scarlet Spider (or LE versions of those characters) -- this one character is considerd the Team Leader. The Team Leader receives the Great Responsibility card (this is not a feat).

HeroClix Toxic Venom card

Maximum Carnage: Members of this team can use Poison, which deals penetrating damage.

Great Responsibility: This character can use Perplex, Outwit, and Leadership. If this character's Leadership roll results in a 6, remove an action token off of any character on your team.

Notes: Rolling a "6" for Great Responsibility has two effects -- you get an extra action token as normal, and you get the extra effect stated on the card. Good time to use Probability Control!

Edit: Several people have asked if the Symbiote can be played. My initial reaction is "no" since it might break the spirit of the scenario -- which is a variation of monsters vs heroes. Which side would the Symbiote take?

That being said, I will leave this completely up to you and your opponent. Whether you decide "yes" or "no", it's still the right choice and I support your decision!

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Your Comments:
I would cut down the points from 600 to 300 (or higher but not 600) and use venom, carnage and a symbiote. From what I know anti-venom is an anti-hero not a villian. I would only use eddie brock if I was to alter-ego venom. I think the symbiote would side with venom and carnage by the way.

Posted by: majornick on 12/4/2010 4:20:15 PM
well like always wizkids only put the top dogs of fame heros. like super man batman and the like in every box set but not the villains. they have start puting a villain team in the one box set like the black lanterns in the batb or sinestro corps in aa. but most of these are rare and limited editon. and the thing is most just use the heros

Posted by: ikari on 9/15/2010 10:41:31 AM
Uhh... Venom (and Anti-Venom) ia a good guy long with Toxin. If your doing Maximum Carnage, make it Carnage, Doppleganger, Shriek (in the future of clix along with the rest of family) and symbiotes.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 9/13/2010 9:41:00 PM
I'd say the notion's sound... but putting toxin and anti-venom on the same team as carnage... that's no good. Because Anti-Venom would be at the point where Carnage must not be allowed to exist... and Toxin is not a rampaging lunatic of a symbiote...

The Defenders team actually could be argued to have Venom on it, and certainly, Toxin.

As for the Carnage team, I would say the minion Symbiotes should fit in... as should the LE Sinster Symbiote

but... sure, I suppose that otherwise it seems a reasonable setup

Posted by: The Cosmic Spider on 9/13/2010 7:02:33 PM
I really like this. Initially iffy on WoS, its grown on me since the set release and this senerio really puts some fun to it all due to a influx of our sympiote friends

Posted by: seven-feathers on 9/13/2010 12:39:45 PM
Can the Symbiote generic be played for team bad-guy?

Great idea! What fun!

Posted by: Hooray! on 9/13/2010 12:38:11 PM
What about the Symbiote generic figure itself?

Overall, it looks like fun, though I'm not sure how balanced it would be... the Maximum Carnage team ability looks very very powerful. (Way better than the Great Responsibility card.)

Posted by: WolvieFan9 on 9/13/2010 12:35:47 PM