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12 Days of Clixmas
The Le (12/20/2009)
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HeroClix 12 Days of Clixmas ScenarioUpdate for 2015 (updates are in red)!

The holidays are a great time to be with friends, family, and other loved ones. It's also a great time for holiday parties and beating the crap out of the people around you. The omnipotent entity known as Kris Kringle has teleported several of these holiday parties to the North Pole to find out who is worthy of being called the jolliest team of all.

Number of players:

Cards / Resources:
No Feats and resources (you've been teleported, so you didn't have time to equip yourself). Everything else is allowed.

Objects: none. Print out 12 Gift Boxes objects (provided below) or use 12 of your own custom tokens (like coins).

For 2 players, use 800 point teams. For 3 players, use 600 point teams. For 4 players, use 400 point teams.

Christmas Bonus:
Figures with red or green (on the sculpt) receive a +1 bonus to defense when attacked by characters that don't have red or green (on the sculpt). Figures that have both red and green receive a +2 bonus to it's Speed value.

HeroClix 12 Days of ClixmasGift Boxes: There are 12 total Gift Boxes; players place them as they would normal objects. They can't be destroyed and are considered ultra light objects. A character standing on or adjacent to a Gift Box can "take" it with a Power Action. After taking the Gift Box, remove it from the board and place it on that character's card, then roll 2 dice and use the chart below. The character gains the Gift below for the entire game until he is KO'ed or drops the Gift Box; the character cannot drop this Gift Box voluntarily (that would be rude). If that character is KO'ed, drop the Gift Box. If it is picked up again, reroll.

All gifts are cumulative, so if you roll a low number multiple times, it just means you're on the naughty list.

2015 Update (Bonus):
After a character takes a gift box, roll 2 die; on a result of 7 or 12, this character can take another action as a free action.

Gift Die Roll: Gift
2: Coal: -2 to Speed value.
3: Rock: -1 to Defense value.
4: Zombie Infection: -1 to all combat values (cannot be less than 1). Character possesses Willpower, Charge, and Steal Energy.
• 5: Nova Blast: Character can use Pulse Wave as if it has a range of 10. When the character uses Pulse Wave this way, its damage does not become 1 for the attack. Use the character's unmodified damage value for the attack, regardless of how many clear lines of fire can be drawn. After this action is resolved, this character takes 1 unavoidable damage and immediately drops this Gift Box.
6: Protected: Character can use Protected, as per the feat of the same name. After it is used this way, immediately drop this Gift Box into clear adjacent square.
7: Unibeam: Range becomes 8 if it is less than 8. Character possesses Ranged Combat Expert.
8: Jordan's Will: Character possesses Willpower.
9: X-Ray Vision: Character possesses .
• 10: Adamantium Claws: Character possesses Blades/Claws/Fangs
• 11: Spider Senses:
Character possesses Super Senses
• 12: Speed Force:
Character possesses Charge and Flurry.

Note: possessed powers can be outwitted and cancelled.

Note: I recommend you carry extra dice and place the dice results with the gift box, for easier tracking.

Dropped Boxes:
A "dropped" box is always placed in the same square as the character dropping it.

HeroClix 12 Days of Clixmas

Each character can only hold a maximum of 3 Gift Boxes.

Optional: You can force an opponent (or friendly character) to "drop" the Gift Box. To do this, give your character a Power action and make a ranged or close attack against the target character. Modify your attack value by -2 for this attack. The attack does no damage, but if the attack is successful the target must drop his Gift Box. If the target is holding multiple Gift Boxes, the target of the attack chooses which Gift Box to drop.

2015 Update: Optional: You may use this chart instead

• 2: Coal: Take 2 unavoidable damage, then drop the box.
• 3: Nickelback Tickets: Take 1 unavoidable damage, drop the box, and this character now has 2 action tokens on it.
• 4: Fanboy Fever: When this character makes an attack roll, roll 3 dice and drop one of the highest die.
• 5: Unstable Mutation: This character cannot use any of its damage reduction; modify its damage by +2.
• 6: Magic Missile Toes: As a free action, make one ranged attack as if you have a range of 20. Once this action is complete, drop the box.
• 7: Poison Tinstel: You possess Poison. At the beginning of your turns, roll 2 die; on a result of 7, that Poison is penetrating until the end of the turn.
• 8: Gamma Irradiation: This character can now use Invincible or Impervious (your choice). This replaces any existing damage reduction ability the character already has.
• 9: Sight Beyond Sight: This character an use Probability Control and Perplex, but only on itself.
• 10: Lightsaber: Give this character a power action and make a close combat attack; for this attack the damage is locked at 3 and is penetrating.
• 11: Eye of Agamotto: This character possesses
• 12: Super Serum: Modify this character's combat abilities by +1.

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Your Comments:
Loved the original scenario, can't wait to try this edition! Merry Clixmas!

Posted by: Jic on 12/19/2015 4:56:02 PM
Ah, just like the Le to sneak in a jab at Nickelback...I'm surprised you didn't have a Man of Steel DVD gift, where it would instantly KO the character holding it. -_-

Posted by: You'll never know.... on 12/16/2015 12:59:56 PM
I like it! I am a big fan of scenarios that don't require a certain team, since I very rarely have the required figures. The idea of a Christmas scenario is really cool too! Maybe if I get some clix for Christmas I'll use them to play this scenario. Nicely done.

Posted by: Peter Parker on 8/10/2010 7:30:00 PM
In general, I like it! As someone who has a travel case that tends to have a couple dozen dice in it it even had that little extra appeal.

Presumably anyone can pick up a present -- we don't have to only choose those with Super Strength -- and you mention that they count as light objects and can't be destroyed, so does one get a +1 to close combat attack Damage for each gift he's holding? That, and/or that a gift could be used as a ranged weapon, would seem to be the only reasons for noting they're light objects.

It's probably for the best that you've left it open as it is, and maybe it's this gift assembly/ "someone please tell me when I'm done!" season working its worrisome magic on me, but I kept finding myself looking for at least an optional suggestion for and End of Scenario/win aside from the default last man standing (which could be a long time) or having time called. Nothing comes immediately to mind, though -- aside from a very Eighties "He who gets all the toys wins" approach. So, yeah, you've probably handled it best by leaving it completely to the players.

Posted by: Miraclo on 12/24/2009 10:43:08 AM