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Gods & Generals
The Le (05/26/2010)
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HeroClix Gods and GeneralsOverview: Magic is a strange thing. It can turn mortals into gods or bumbling idiots. Those who practice the craft have great power, but often their corruption is greater. The most powerful magic wielders in the universe are preparing for war, and their prize is godhood.

They say with great power comes great responsibility. Right now your only responsibility is to beat the crap out of your opponents and take over the world.

2 - 4
Points: 2000
Actions: 4 Actions Tokens per turn
Cards: No BFCs. No Feats. No Bystanders.

Objects: none.

Figure Placement:
ALL your figures are placed on your sideboard (off the map).

Each General is given 5 artifacts. At the beginning of the game, Place your 5 Artifacts on the map (we suggest a coin or a small child's toy). They must be placed a minimum of 5 spaces in front of your starting area. Artifacts are treated as blocking terrain. When all your Artifacts are destroyed, you are eliminated from the game.

Destroying Artifacts: An Artifact can be destroyed like blocking terrain, but it only takes 2 damage to destroy it: A square of blocking terrain can be destroyed by an attack that deals at least 3 damage in a single attack (artifacts only require 2 damage to be destroyed). When a character attacks blocking terrain, the attack automatically succeeds. A close combat attack can be used to destroy a square of blocking terrain adjacent to the attacker. A ranged combat attack can be used to destroy a square of blocking terrain by drawing a line of fire to the center of the square of blocking terrain; the line of fire is not blocked by the target square in this instance.

Persona: Each General chooses a Persona, which is applied directly to your Artifacts. Each player must choose a unique Persona from the list below (two players cannot choose the same Persona).

HeroClix Gods and Generals

Mana Tokens: Each turn you are given 3 Mana Tokens. Unlike Action Tokens, unused Mana Tokens are carried over to the next round. You spend the Mana Tokens to cast spells or summon heroes onto the battlefield. Spells are only cast on your turn.

Summoning Heroes:
On your turns, spend Mana Tokens to summon your Heroes (characters) from your sideboard and place them anywhere in your Starting Area. They can be given Action Tokens immediately.

For the purpose of Summoning, each Mana Token is worth 50 points, and no 'change' is given back. So if you want to Summon your 186 point Ultimates Thor, you have to spend 4 Mana Tokens (worth a total of 200 points).

Doctor Strange

SPELLS: In additional to Summoning Heroes, you can spend your Mana Tokens to cast spells to influence the battle. Spells are cast on your turn. And each spell can only be cast once per turn.

Example: You have 5 Mana Tokens in your hand. This turn you spend 2 of them to cast "Instant Action" and "Mind Jab". You can spend the other 3 Mana Tokens on other spells, but you can't cast "Instant Action" or "Mind Jab" again until the next turn.

Spells, Mana Cost: 1
• Instant Action: Immediately add 1 extra Action Token to your pool.
• Mind Jab: Choose an opposing character that is within 10 squares of one of your Artifacts. That character takes 1 unavoidable damage.
Create Objects Place a standard light object (from outside the game) anywhere on the map in clear terrain.

Spells, Mana Cost: 2
Dragon Breath: Choose an opposing character that is within 8 squares of one of your Artifacts; That character, and all characters adjacent to it, rolls 1d6. Any character that rolls a 1-3 takes 1 unavoidable damage.
Blessing: Choose a friendly character that is within 10 squares of one of your Artifacts; Modify one of it's Combat values by +2 until the beginning of your next turn.
Curse: Choose an opposing character that is within 10 squares of one of your Artifacts; Modify one of it's Combat values by -1 until the beginning of your next turn.
Heal: Choose a friendly character that is adjacent to one of your Artifacts; it is healed 1 click.

Spells, Mana Cost: 3
Mind Fist: Choose an opposing character that is adjacent to one of your Artifacts. This character takes 2 points of unavoidable damage.

Spells, Mana Cost: 4
Psychic Wave: Chose up to three of your Artifacts -- characters within 6 squares of the chosen Artifacts are dealt 2 damage (this is not an attack).

Spells, Mana Cost: 5
• Aura of Death: Until the beginning of your next turn, damage dealt by your characters cannot be reduced below 1.

Spells, Mana Cost: 6
• Armageddon: Choose one of your Artifacts. That artifact is destroyed, and all characters within 6 squares of it take 1d6 points of unavoidable damage. Each character rolls 1d6 seperately.

Victory Conditions:
When a General loses all his Artifacts, he is eliminated from the game and all his characters vanish from the map.

Fast Game (Optional Starting Rule): Each player receives 7 Mana Tokens per turn but discard unused Mana Tokens at the end of your turns, and Generals only start with 3 Artifacts.

Move Artifact (Optional Rule): Once on your turns, choose one of your Artifacts and place it up to 3 squares away from its current square. The target square must be clear terrain and must be farther away from your starting area (ie you can only move it foward towards your enemy).

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Your Comments:
So I played this over at The Realm in Brea. It I think is my Fav format because it has a good build up and does not just make hero's smash each other. The only things that can really break the game are people who can shoot threw people and walls. Cyclops took out 3 Relics before I could put him own and once one side is crippled it is hard to come back. Also I suggest that the first player not be able to destroy a relic in turn 1 when player 2 has not got the chance to play anything. Tactics for this game that seem a bit OP are shooting threw walls and anyone who can Phase and Carry several people. Still all and all a very fun Format.

Posted by: Jeffrey Small on 12/1/2014 11:33:57 PM
I agree with Wombatboy. I'd like to see Beyonder, Collector, and Grandmaster.

Posted by: You'll never know... on 10/2/2014 11:16:17 AM
Can't wait to try it

Posted by: Ima evil genius on 9/1/2013 1:56:34 PM
The persona idea is a good one. I've always thought the players were adopting the personas of godline beings like the Beyonder or the Grandmaster when they assembled their teams to fight each other. I would like to see more cosmic personas like Death, Monarch, Darkseid, or anyone who would want to make people fight each other for their own amusement or cause. Arcade vs Despero! Impossible Man vs Mr. Mxyzptlk! The mind reels at the possibilities...

Posted by: Wombatboy on 5/26/2010 10:29:18 PM
This looks really fun. I'm going to suggest it for an event at our venue.

Posted by: Paul Wagner on 5/26/2010 7:26:00 PM
looks cool, but you need more generals...Immortus and Kang come to mind

Posted by: Tom Ryan on 5/26/2010 4:48:41 PM