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The Le (11/15/2009)
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HeroClix Ragnarok scenarioOverview: While Surtur was invading Asgard, his fire demons (the Sons of Muspell) were invading New York. They turned the Empire State Building into a giant Boom Tube to continuously teleport more fire demons into the city. Led by Beta Ray Bill, the warriors of Asgard (along with the Avengers and Fantastic Four) fought bravely against the horde.

800 (4 actions per turn)
Feats / BFCs: not allowed

Player 1 Rules (Heroes): Your team must include Mr. Fantastic and Beta Ray Bill. The rest of your team must consist of other Fantastic Four, Avengers, or Asgardian characters (TA or Keyword). Highlander rules apply.

Player 1 (DEACTIVATING THE BOOM TUBE): If Mr. Fantastic is in the opposing starting area, has zero action tokens, and there are no Fire Demons adjacent to him, you may give him a power action to deactivate the boom tube, permanently preventing your opponent from bringing in reinforcements.

Player 2 Rules (Fire Demons): Bring 12 characters. Put any 5 characters on the board -- these are now known as your Fire Demons. Apply the Sons of Muspell feat immediately (right). All your other characters that are not in the game are considered "reinforcements". Your KOed figures automatically become "reinforcements".

HeroClix Feat Sons of MuspellPlayer 2 (REINFORCEMENTS): At the beginning of your turn, roll one die for each of your "reinforcements". For each dice that results in 4-6, place one of your "reinforcements" anywhere in your starting area and apply the Sons of Muspell feat immediately to the new characters.

(I recommend using HorroClix figures, Broods, or any other demon figures. Look menacing!)

Victory Conditions: Destroy the opposing force. Player 1 must also deactivate the Boom Tube to win.

Heroes Strategy: You've got alot of demons to kill, but they only have 2 life so it isn't that bad. Of course, they have toughness so you're going to need at least [2] damage or some Psychic Blast, Exploit Weakness, or Outwit. Incapacitate won't be much of a help, nor will Energy Explosion, but you have the entire Avengers line-up at your disposal, so you have plenty of options. 800-points is alot to work with.

You'll need to get Mr. Fantastic over there as fast as possible, so plan your strategy carefully. You can only use Mr. Fantastic when there are no adjacent Fire Demons, so get him into a starting corner and surround him with allies. Or make sure you can kill all the adjacent foes quickly so he can do his thing. Protect him well... it's going to be a heck of a fight!

Fire Demons Strategy: Swarm and attack. Make sure you keep a couple Fire Demons behind to defend your starting area (aka the boom tube), but don't play completely defensive. Remember, each reinforcement has a 50% chance of popping back into the game on your turn, so don't be afraid to go on the offensive. (and honestly, turtling is no fun). Take out medics first -- don't be afraid to attack, don't be afraid to die.

If Mr. Fantastic gets to your boom tube (starting area), he probably can't do anything until the next turn, so place your reinforcements adjacent to him.

Historical Outcome: Thanks you some brilliant tactics by Beta Ray Bill, the Einherjar (norse warriors)and heroes faught their way to the boom tube and Mr. Fantastic deactivated it with a flip of a button. They would eventually reverse the portal and take the fight to the demons, but that's a story for another day.

Special thanks to HCR member TALONMC for his editing talents, and thanks to Walter Simonson for this terrific Thor story.

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Your Comments:
That's an interesting question. I assumed that new reinforcement demons can be given an action immediately. It may be too unbalancing though, so I offer you these options:
(1) New reinforcements CAN be given an action on the turn they come into play.
(2) Same as (1), but these new reinforcements have "teleport sickness" until the end of the turn -- they get a -2 penalty to their attack values and speed values until the end of your turn.
(3) New reinforcements can NOT be given an ACTION the turn they come into play.
(4) New reinforcements can NOT be given an ATTACK the turn they come into play (but they can still move).

Give one of these options a try, and stick with the one you like most. There's no right or wrong answer to your question!

Posted by: The Le on 11/16/2009 6:41:34 PM
Thanks for this great scenario. We'll have to play it here since our venue isn't doing games.

One question though. Are the reinforcements able to take actions immediately after being put into play or must they wait until the next turn?

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 11/16/2009 3:56:13 PM