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The Le (05/13/2011)
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HeroClix World Scenario VictimsAs the battle of Good vs Evil rages on, bystanders have been caught in the fight. Some become victims of a greater battle, while others are saved by the combatants themselves. Will you save them, or will you bend them to their will? How about both?

•2-4 Players
•800 points (2 players), 600 points (3 players), or 400 points (4 players)
•4 actions per turn

•All BFCs, Feats, Bystanders allowed.

VICTIM TOKENS (Placement / Movement)

Below are Victim Tokens to be used in your game. At the beginning of the game, each player places 7 Victim tokens, face down, at least 10 squares away from his or her starting location. 

At the beginning of each player's turn, that player must do the following, if possible:
•(1) Choose any Victim Token that is face down and turn it face up.
•(2) Choose any Victim Token that is already face up, and give it a move action as a free action. The Speed value is listed on the Victim Token.

HeroClix Victims Scenario

KO / COMBAT VALUES: Victim Tokens cannot be KO'ed; they only have one combat value (speed); but otherwise they are treated like any other Bystander Token.
CLAIMING A VICTIM: When a character moves onto a square containing a Victim Token, that character's movement stops; then remove that Victim Token from the board and place it on that character's card. A Victim Token can only be claimed if it is face up.
BONUS: Victim tokens have a Bonus (in red), that is immediately applied to the character (who's card it is on).

BONUS (Clarification)
•If a bonus grants a +1 combat value, then it is a modification and works similar to Perplex; it is subject to the rule of three.
•If a bonus grants a Standard power, the character that claimed the Victim now Possesses that power. If that character already currently possesses that power (or can already use it), then this Victim Bonus has no effect.

Wipe out your opponent. When a Victim is claimed, you are immediately awarded +20 Victory Points.

•(optional) When an opposing character is KO'ed, any Victim Tokens previously on the KO'ed character card are returned to the game, face down, in the squares adjacent to the KO'ed figure.
•(optional) For a character to use the Victim Bonus (that is on that character card), remove the Victim Token from the game completely and subtract 20 Victory Points - your character now gains the Victim Token bonus permanently.

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Your Comments:
I'm sorry, but samuel L jackson is NEVER the victim!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jimbean on 10/30/2011 10:24:03 PM
I so want to post this on FaceBook!

Posted by: Ceasam on 5/14/2011 1:42:58 AM
Love this. Love the Victims, especially Dexter with Close Combat Expert and Shawn with outwit.

Very funny. I will try this one.

Posted by: eagletsi on 5/13/2011 10:53:49 AM