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Brave and the Bold INFO & SPOILERS
The Le (03/05/2010)
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HeroClix Power Girl Errata Card03/15/2010. An immediate Errata has been applied to Power Girl, giving her Super Strength for the entire dial!

HeroClix fans are among the most comics-savvy people on the planet, and they know that among the key abilities all Kryptonians share are the ability to Lift And Toss Very Heavy Things and the ability to Hit Other Things With Lots Of Oomph. So when our fans saw the preview of Power Girl I posted on Friday, they realized something was missing – Super Strength. Good catch HeroClix fans!

Power Girl originally was playtested with a trait which reads “Power Girl can use Super Strength” – but that line was unintentionally edited out when we created the print master for the art team to lay out the cards. Thanks to the miracle of Print and Play, you can play her the way the design team intended. Power’s corrected cards are below, and are officially considered legal for all HeroClix play.

Keep on clickin’

HeroClix Power Girl03/12/2010. Wizkids just released new images and the dial for POWER GIRL!!!

After many false revelations and years of confusion, Power Girl has finally learned her true origins: she is the Supergirl of Earth Two, a survivor of the first Crisis. Blessed with all the strengths and some of the limitations of Kryptonians from that universe, Power Girl’s independence and impulsiveness led to problems in earlier years. Recently, she has comfortably settled into the Justice Society, becoming its first chairwoman. After disappearing for a time to help Supergirl in the city of Kandor, she has now re-adopted her civilian identity of Karen Starr and is trying to restart her software company.

HeroClix Power Girl

Damage: Eyes Up Here, Soldier:
Power Girl can use Exploit Weakness, but cannot use it on a character that can use Willpower or Indomitable or a character that possesses the Robot keyword.

HeroClix World's opinion: Power Girl is actually very good at 199 points. She's got 10 clicks of life, damage of 3+, no less than SEVEN clicks with 17/18 defense with Imperv/Invul -- which is great for sharing that defense thanks to the JSA TA (even HoT Thor's defense isn't that well designed)... and don't forget the Charge and Hypersonic Speed. She's cheaper than the 211 point Armor Wars Senty, which was an excellent figure on its own. Who cares about the loss of Super Strength? Charge + pseudo Exploit Weakness can deal 4 damage directly through any impervious -- far more important than Super Strength.

03/05/2010. Wizkids has released the dial and images for the new GREEN LANTERN & GREEN ARROW figure, and it's a whopper! Clocking in at 187 points, this DUO has the ability to hit 4 targets with ranged attacks!


HeroClix Brave and the Bold

HeroClix Brave and the Bold

Trait: Must Help... My Sidekick... The Junkie!
- Green Lantern and Green Arrow ignore damage dealt by characters using Poison. Friendly characters do not take pushing damage if they can use Poison and are adjacent to Green Lantern and Green Arrow when the pushing damage is applied.

Attack: Save More Than the Blue, Orange, and Purple Skins - Whenever Green Lantern and Green Arrow use the Duo Attack ability for ranged attacks, they can target more than one target with each attack and ignore any damage modifiers from the Duo attack ability.

Damage: Helping the Underprivileged - Adjacent friendly characters of 30 points or less modify their attack values by +1.

HeroClix Brave and the Bold

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Alles für Umreifung. Umreifungsband, Verpackungsband, Klemmen, Hülsen, Spanner…….

Gewebesäcke. Kartoffelsäcke. Laubsäcke.
Raschelsäcke. Zwiebelsäcke.
Baufolie. Estrichfolie. Gartenfolie. Teichfolie. Abdeckfolie. Schutzfolie.
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Müllsäcke und Vieles mehr.

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Posted by: Schulz on 5/1/2019 3:03:13 PM
bought a case but i was not a fan of the set. playing them was horrible but sculpts are amazing

Posted by: bp29 on 11/3/2011 7:41:44 AM
I got a case and pulled 6 superares and 1 chase. When i pulled Nekron, i was so happy to get my first chase ever in heroclix.And i also got 9 pharodemons!

Posted by: tan29:) on 12/28/2010 8:25:21 PM
@steve C;
Pulled a power girl with clark kents base (but actually had the power girl sticker in it) and Jason Bloods card??? some one must have been having a laugh on the production line, not that bothered tho as the same booster had a correct power girl in it.
all in all i loved this set and im defo a marvel fan first and foremost.
Yay for league of assassin, not lost a game with them yet!

Posted by: Ste on 6/30/2010 8:05:19 PM

Posted by: ecchs on 6/7/2010 4:56:03 AM
so i split a brick with a friend after buying some boosters the previous week before and as we were opening up our first packs i said i wanted the flash duo if he pulled it and he wanted the gl ga duo and in our first packs he got what i wanted and i had what he wanted we also discussed chase figures and i called dibs so he could have the brick buster next pack i busted was a black lantern martian manhunter.....awesome

Posted by: mikesdaredevil on 5/30/2010 9:19:11 PM
wow just bought 3 boosters of the brave and the bold set got brainiac and lex twice and a metallo. i was very dissapointed :(

Posted by: bonez555666 on 5/28/2010 6:32:02 PM
Recieved my brick today of BB not impressed the 5 Amazon figures are dreadful sculps.
Power girl disappointing could have been bigger. The supers in suits was a nice touch and I liked Atom & Hawkman but overall standards have slipped.

Posted by: WillPower on 4/28/2010 8:00:16 AM
Has anyone else recieved figures without the dials, 2 goodness and mercy both without dials, I guess neca kept the same QC procedure as wizkids

Posted by: Steve C on 4/23/2010 3:59:36 PM
Well Le, one of his keywords is forgotten heroes. Doesn't seem like many people got the Flashes or Black Adam/Captain Marvel. This is the first set i probably wont get a brick from. There is some pieces that interest me, but overall eh. Hate the fact that the Black Lanterns are the chase figures, means it is going to be impossible to get them, especially with me being a huge GL fan. That is one of the good things about this set (Green Lantern) and the starter set.

Posted by: geminimerc on 4/21/2010 4:28:32 AM
Just opened my case last night. Pretty lackluster really. Didn't even get a complete CUR set (missing Black Flash.) No chase figures, of course. For SR I got Blue and Gold, Fire and Ice, Lantern and Arrow, Superman and Flash, Flash and Lantern, and Batman and Arrow. R duplicates of The Wizard Shazam, Kid Zoom, Inertia, Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, and Luthor and Brainiac. Very disappointing overall.

Posted by: FHiL on 4/20/2010 4:15:28 PM
Well, I finally got to open my case tonight. Pulled 2 of the SR's I wanted and easily completed the CUR set, so that's kinda cool. And since buying AT LEAST an entire case from every single heroclix release ever produced, I finally pulled my first chase figure! Kal-L made me lose every stitch of buyer's remorse I was feeling up until the point he was pulled. Sounds good? But I gotta think, if I had not pulled him or Martian Manhunter chase, I would still be feeling very disappointed in this set. If I had pulled no chase at all, after seeing these figures, I would probably want to vomit for spending the dough on a case of this product. Keep in mind, I'm only speaking of the asethetic quality and lack of unique sculpts, and character selection overall, not playability (I don't ever get to play so....)Especially the sculpts. Lex and Brainiac, for being a rare, really blows, IMO. And I haven't seen the original, and I know how good they can look from the original sculpt only to be ruined by the cheap plastic used in molding plus the cheap labor used to paint these figures doesn't help either, but WTH is up with that Brainiac?? And really, no single sculpt stands out to me as Wo0t!!-worthy, but I haven't had the chance to see them all in-hand, or study the ones I now own, as I had to rush off to work immediately after cracking that case. Maybe Inertia/Kid Zoom, or the other Brainiac in the set, but as for now, "yuk-o" on how production turned out on these sculpts. A huge "thumbs down" from me (and a happy 1 thumb up for Kal-L!!)

Posted by: machineman on 4/18/2010 12:57:03 AM
I played for the first time at a supposed prerelease. I have purchaesd figures before so was not completely ignorant of what to do. Not 1 of the figures I got in my two boosters had a stat line worth the plastic paper it was printed on, all were KOd with 1 hit. Some players were cooing over Black Flash and Ras Al Ghoul but they were complete let downs on the table. In three games I took out only 1 model worth 19pts. The abilities do not play the way they are written and I was being told of abilitites I supposedly had with no way for me confirm either way. Needless to say I traded ALL the figures from the new set to others as quickly as possible and I will not purchase any more. How the hell is this game meant to interest new players?

Posted by: noob on 4/16/2010 12:37:20 AM
Zack: I'm working on a new article detailing all the prize information. This will allow you and other readers to see all the info in one single location.

Whitebatlantern: I'm sorry this is the case. Please know that chase figures have always been a part of the system since the Marvel zombies were first introduced. As a matter of fact, there's been 4 chases in past sets, so this is not a new precedence.

Posted by: The Le on 4/15/2010 9:10:41 AM
BATB came out yesterday and,for the first time since I started heroclix,I did not pre-pay for at least a brick.Let me explain:I am,by nature,a completist (that's pc for OCD to the nth degree).While I love my figures,and DC being my sentimental favorite,I just don't see how I have any realistic chance of completing this set:4 chase figures?

Posted by: whitebatlantern on 4/15/2010 4:44:02 AM
Well got my case and I'm happy I was proven wrong. Most doubles I got were minions so suddenly the doubles are a boon. I'm actually kinda liking the psudo-REV revival, I do wish we had more figures in the set to kinda off set the sameness of the pieces but I got no real complaints. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Posted by: Crazy Bee on 4/15/2010 1:36:25 AM
Does anybody know what the other power batterys do?

Posted by: Zack on 4/14/2010 11:47:34 PM
I pre-ordered 1 brick and was happy to say I had very few doubles in my fifty got 3 super-rares including Fire/Ice Lantern/Arrow Flash/Lantern & on top of all that a chase Black Hand and my friend ended up with the chase Kal-el, so I call that an over all good day

Thanks NECA and good job so far! (new website looks great)

Posted by: Emeraldknight on 4/14/2010 11:43:40 PM
OK, All the figs were AMAZING!. We cracked 16 bricks at our midnight party out of the 36 I pre-ordered. Everyone ended up with the same figs for trade unfortunately. And getting ONLY 1 chase, (nekron), in all of those bricks SUCKS. Especially since I now see 4 chases on e-bay(SUCKS). So I how many chases are left in the remaining 20 bricks????? ANYHOOOO, everyone STILL had a BLAST, and NOBODY was unhappy with the set AT ALL! Well except for yours truly when I got my a** handed to me for rolling a superman/flash and green lantern/flash 400 pt CHEESE team, (and I HATE cheese so it serves me right). But I still LOVED the sculps and dials. You must now excuse me, for I need to study the FCBD WAR MACHINE and IRON MAN ARMOR WARS heroclix that just arrived in my shop ;))).............tony

Posted by: tonyskingdom on 4/14/2010 4:29:07 PM
@tonyskingdom and others:
Hey guys lets hear from you who opened boosters at midnight! What are your impressions now that you've opened up more product?

Posted by: machineman on 4/14/2010 3:30:58 AM
To all you snivelers out there who think you will getting tons of doubles in your bricks, I am a comic/game shop owner, and I just cracked a brick for display, and to see if all the whining was justified. I see only 5 duplicates out of 50 pieces, 4 SR and 9 R. I favor Marvel MUCH more, but this set is AWESOME, and the pieces look even better than I thought. All my guys and gals are gonna have a BLAST at our MIDNIGHT CRACK A BRICK party tonight. We will be trading and playing till well after 3 Im sure. And it gets me even MORE worked up for future sets!

Posted by: tonyskingdom on 4/13/2010 4:28:20 PM
I dread seeing Cave Carson on any Batman/ Gotham City teams or Skrull teams. He'll have the whole board covered in hindering terrain markers ... lol.

Posted by: Bretsports2 on 4/13/2010 2:34:32 PM
I have been playing since year 1 of Heroclix. I also prefer DC to Marvel. That being said, this is the most awful set I have ever seen ... by a long shot. 23 of 55 are generics. 8 are for a new game mechanic (AE) which will be a seldom used "gimmick". 2 Talias, 2 Robins, 2 Kid Zooms. A handful of characters I've never even heard of, like Cave Carson, etc. so another 4 slots down. That's 41 of 55 .. 74.5% of the set. OH yeah! The rest that are interesting are ALL super rare or chase figures (and most of those are the failed experiment "Duo" figures). I have supported this game financially, and as a judge for over 6 years, this is just horrible. Now, I am still buying a brick to support clix, but trust me, that is the ONLY reason I am buying that much of this set. This set is absurd. I'm not blaming anyone in particular. I have no idea how much of this set was up to TOPPS or NECA. I sure hope they read all of these posts and do something different. This is just unacceptable. Clix came back with a BOOM with HoT, and has now fizzled with BatB. Hopefully they can recover.

Posted by: Bretsports2 on 4/13/2010 2:28:10 PM
Webslilnger14, I have absolutely no idea who CAVE CARSON is, but I do believe that this is one of the BEST dials we have seen in a long time. The guy can carry with phasing, and drops hindering everywhere he goes (with Willpower to boot). As a utility piece he's one of the best for a paltry 24 points. Again, I have no idea who he is, but gosh I absolutely love that dial!

Posted by: The Le on 4/13/2010 12:57:08 PM
Wow, this is sort of,...disappointing. Not a huge DC fan myself, but usually I at least know most of the characters. Cave Carson? Who the heck is Cave Carson? I mean if the dial was good ok, but wow, this is what they give us after a set like Hammer of Thor. Big let down.

Posted by: Webslinger14 on 4/13/2010 12:08:50 PM
It looks like an interesting map. It looks like a good map for stealthy characters. Also, Cave Carson becomes Gravedigger Carson...

Hey, Wizkids! Put the maps back in the cases! Making them part of prize support means many (most?) of us will never own these.

Posted by: Miraclo on 4/13/2010 12:03:23 PM
wow very very poor characters. not one fig i want in there.the fake disnep clix look more fun then this.

Posted by: ikari on 4/13/2010 10:26:32 AM
No Superboy? No Duo w Krypto? I thought that would have been a given. I duo of Superman and Superboy would have been outstanding.

Posted by: Goodquestion on 4/13/2010 9:16:47 AM
@Crazy Bee

Ya it sucks def not a generic fan but dont regret ordering my case its just more trade fodder possibilities cuz someone will want those generic (SOMEONE BETTER WANT THEM) cuz if not someone F'd up and I say REVOLUCION

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/13/2010 12:56:13 AM
Only regret I have was Marvel Sinister. Man, that still leaves burned taste in my mouth. I'll take the Brave and the Bold dials any day!

Posted by: The Le on 4/13/2010 12:56:03 AM
55 figures in this set and at least 13 are alternate paint jobs. Starting to feel regret about ordering a case. Anyone else feeling the same way?

Posted by: Crazy Bee on 4/12/2010 11:56:44 PM
001 – Bruce Wayne
002 – Clark Kent
003 – Diana Prince
004 – League Assassin (League Assassin Sculpt w/ Grey Robes)
005 – Amazon (Amazon Sculpt w/ Silver Armor)
006 – Checkmate Pawn White (Checkmate Pawn Sculpt w/ White Vest)
007 – Checkmate Knight White (Checkmate Knight Sculpt w/ White Vest)
008 – Parademon Grunt (Parademon Grunt w/ Blue/Green trim)
009 – The Atom and Hawkman
010 – Jason Blood
011-League Elite (League Assassin Sculpt w/ Red Robes)
012 – Amazon of Bana-Mighdall (Amazon Sculpt w/ Gold Armor)
013 – Checkmate Pawn Black (Checkmate Pawn Sculpt w/ Grey Vest)
014 – Chackmate Knight Black (Checkmate Knight Sculpt w/ Grey Vest)
015 – Parademon Drill Sergeant (Parademon Grunt w/ Red/Brown trim)
016 – Batman
017 – Superman
018 – Wonder Woman
019 – Talia (with Supes AND Bats TA
020 - Damain Wayne
021 - The Holiday Killer
022 – Cave Carson
023 – Max Mercury
024 – Mikron O’Jeneus
025 – Goodness and Mercy
026 – The Sensei (League Assassin Sculpt w/ Purple Robes)
027 – Phillipus (Amazon Sculpt w/ Dark Skin and Gold Armor)
028 – Pawn 502 (Checkmate Pawn Sculpt w/ Silver Vest)
029 – Mademoiselle Marie (Checkmate Knight Sculpt w/ Silver Vest)
030 – The Parademon (Parademon Grunt w/ White trim)
031 – Brainiac
032 – Kryptonite Man
033 – Metallo
034 – Ra’s Al Ghul
035 – Power Girl
036 - martian manhunter
037 - Extant
038 – Inertia
039 – Etrigan
040 – Lex Luthor and Brainiac
041-Talia Al Ghul (en violet même desing que la 19)
042 - Robin
043 - kid zoom
044 – Black Flash
045 – The Wizard Shazam!
046 - Batman et green arrow
047 – The Flashes
048 - Green lantern et flash
049 – Superman and the Flash
050 – Fire and Ice
051 – Green Lantern and Green Arrow
052 Blue Beetle & Booster Gold
053 Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy
054 Mister Miracle & Oberon
055 Shazam & Black Adam

#056 Black Hand (LE)
#059 Nekron (LE)
#100 Batman and Catwoman (BiBtB, avec règle duo
101 – Bru

Posted by: Algan on 4/12/2010 4:39:46 PM
#48 is green lantern and the flash

Posted by: Goober on 4/12/2010 3:54:32 PM
What happened to the Harley and Poison Ivy duo in the set list?

Posted by: Illiniwek on 4/12/2010 3:36:04 PM
I enjoy the battlefield promotions and I still am looking forward to BATB set but I think if we are going back to the R/E/V style of play we should also be bringing the amount of characters we have the ability to receive back up. If you have been playing as long as me, you remember when they dropped the character amount and the R/E/V concept, I was upset but it ended up being a good thing, but now that we are reversing the situation I think we deserve more character options back.

Posted by: Emeraldknight on 4/12/2010 12:28:12 AM
I like the battlefield promotion. I'm thinking of a custom-mini take on that with a outwit battle white vs black, Terrific vs.Lord etc with some form of bonus. Now I so need a white lantern.

Posted by: okuritoe on 4/10/2010 6:49:06 PM
Zack, the Lanterns are part of the prize kits that venues can order. The only exception is the BLACK LANTERN, which was given out for free to all venues that pre-ordered.

Posted by: The Le on 4/10/2010 12:01:22 PM
Time. Its amazing, I started to think i didnt want this set but given time to think about it i think this will be one of the more intersting sets to play. I do hope in the future they include more complete teams within a set like Crisis did ala the metal men and most of the titansl

Posted by: battlinbichon on 4/10/2010 11:36:30 AM
How can you get those lanters?

Posted by: Zack Ziarko on 4/10/2010 10:54:33 AM
@BOB i asked that along time ago know one knows why....

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/9/2010 1:35:52 PM
The mystery figure is the Holiday Killer from the Paul Dini & Tim Sale & Jeph Loeb comic Batman: The Long Halloween. If you read the trade you are given the later impression that the Holiday Killer is several people including Harvey Dent but we are never entirely sure. The idea is to eliminate the Falcone mob family on the Halloween holidays.

Posted by: David TG Riches on 4/9/2010 11:36:36 AM
why is black hand on a nekron base......................with that said how do u know its an accurate dial......................still waitin for batmobile!!!

Posted by: bob on 4/9/2010 10:27:41 AM
power girl sucks so bad.............horrible attack values like that for 199 is a NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: hal jordan on 4/9/2010 10:21:11 AM
Ugh. More REV styled pieces with the different Amazons...

Posted by: FHiL on 4/8/2010 5:05:26 PM
hmm...looked at the "mega" map did anyone else see extant and kryptonite man?

Posted by: chesire2050 on 4/8/2010 4:43:59 PM

The Holiday Killer.... 43pts 8range 1bolt

uncommon color tab

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/8/2010 4:24:03 PM
Can someoene understand the name of the new figure posted on page 9?

Posted by: fliman on 4/8/2010 3:30:43 PM
@scourge101 The BaB boosters and Blackest night starters are also on e-bay, for PRE-ORDER! As I stated before, only RETAILERS who attended GAMMA got the Nekron and Black Hand figs, and I have found that retailers who pre-ordered enough cases of BaB have, (or will, I was informed mine will ship with all my BaB cases and prize support on Tues 13th), get the Black Lantern objects. So your buddy must have purchased his from one of these retailers. It is VERBOTEN for a licensed retailer to sell any gaming merchandise before the manufacturers "street date".

Posted by: tonyskingdom on 4/7/2010 6:27:01 PM
When the first images were released for The Brave and the Bold I was excited. The Batman/Catwoman BibtB figure looked great, as did the Flashes, Captain Marvel/Black Adam, Harley and Ivy. Sadly, NECA/Wizkids showed us the coolest looking pieces first in an attempt to boost pre-order sales, which seems pretty obvious with how terrible some of the newer images look (the Parademons, Ra's, Fire and Ice, Green Arrow and Green Lantern, Mercy, Talia, Damian.) The Black Hand and Nekron chases are cool, I guess, but I don't like them being chases in the Brave and the Bold set, they should have been included in the Blackest Night starter or Brightest Day. And please don't get me started on this new REV movement they're trying, a 55 figure set just turned into maybe 40 different characters between the REV's and the AE's.

Posted by: FHiL on 4/7/2010 6:12:50 PM
Well they are on Ebay and i have seen the necron figure in hand after was purchased by a guy I play weekly with.

Posted by: scourge101 on 4/7/2010 5:21:24 PM
owning a "BRICK AND MORTAR" comic/gaming shop I have not received ANY chase, BBTB, etc figures or "PRIZE SUPPORT" pieces. I know whoever attended GAMMA were presented with the NEKRON and BLACK HAND pieces. Since I deal with several distributors, not NECA/WIZKIDS directly, I can only assume that is where some shops are getting them.

Posted by: tonyskingdom on 4/6/2010 6:20:22 PM
Talia w/ the Bats and Supes TA! Looks like a 10 AV w/ Psychic Blast and outwit, not too shabby for 86 pts.

Posted by: haljordan281401 on 4/6/2010 12:04:52 PM
I'll be glad when this set is over with . The sculpts and paint jobs look like a nubie did them . Thank God this is the last set that was in pre-production before Necca took over . Once we get this set out of the way Necca's sculpts will bring people back .

Posted by: Andrew on 4/6/2010 10:25:54 AM
Talia is so cool. Two team symbols! I am biased though - I married a Talia. OK in my world she's the Talia - they modeled this Clix after my wife, I admit it.

Posted by: tylerdrake on 4/6/2010 1:34:55 AM
I have no idea why this particular venue has the stuff. There are three other venues that run games in Vegas and none of them received the stuff early. Would be interesting to hear from someone - anyone - else that knows about a venue obtaining these figures early. BTW, rereading the earlier posts suggests you guys think I am the B&M store owner - I am not. I was simply shown the figures during a weekly tourney nearly two weeks ago and went back to photograph them to confirm their existence. Peace.

Posted by: BatSentry57 on 4/6/2010 12:39:19 AM
@the Le
thank you, any info you receive about anything sent to retailers is helpful at this point as the store i play at seems to have problems receiving stuff thank you

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/5/2010 10:29:56 PM
@bats lol thats awesome it still proves nothing but i'll try to take you word for it lol i just like challenging ppl but still cool any specific reason to why retailers are receiving those?

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/5/2010 10:27:41 PM
@refrusdrab. I concede nothing. Here is the photo:

Posted by: BatSentry57 on 4/5/2010 9:12:08 PM
The more I see this set the more concerned I am. What's with the weak colors. Avengers and Arkham Asylum had solid sculpts and strong, vivid colors. Some of these are just dull and look like painted chewing gum. Maybe I'm still hopeful?

Posted by: Indigo-1229 on 4/5/2010 8:53:41 PM
Okey, I was mistaken. My comic shop did NOT get a neckon/black hand. It seems they get the BLACK LANTERN objects instead! More news as I get it..!

Posted by: The Le on 4/5/2010 8:18:14 PM
I am hoping that the REV method is not coming back. I like it how it has evolved from before. I hope this set has more life to it. I am hoping that I don't regret buying the case.

Posted by: David E on 4/5/2010 2:59:49 PM
The more I see of B&tB The less I want it. I wonder if i can change my case order to a brick.

Posted by: battlinbichon on 4/4/2010 9:42:31 PM
REV's and paint variants are stupid . I'd rather have a different sculpt . If I'm going to buy a case and try to put together a set I don't want to feel like I've got two or three of the same character . If they really feel the need to do this do it as a LE but I'd still rather have different sculpt or better yet different character all together .

Posted by: Andrew on 4/4/2010 4:18:36 PM
BatSentry57 is correct. My local comic store just confirmed that he received one of BlackHand/Nekron figures from WK today. He did not attend GAMMA, so I am assuming all stores will receive one soon.

Posted by: The Le on 4/2/2010 7:36:04 PM
and yet he refuses to answer my question lol... just confirmed REFRUSDRAOB is right thanks for conceding Bats Entry 5.7

Posted by: refrusdraob on 4/1/2010 4:38:28 PM
oh yeah, saying all that, the Nekron looks Sweet. I especially like the Blackest Night power. I feel its a good dial for only 146 pts. Sweetness for all the powers of the Black Hand being black. Drain the Spectrum, Awesome. About the penetrating/psychic blast thing, i think its just saying whether range attack(psychic blast) or close combat attack(penetrating i.e. exploit weakness). Either way there is no damage reduction for this attack.

Posted by: geminimerc on 4/1/2010 12:41:30 AM
I really don't like the idea of chase figures. As a fan of clix and comics I have to hope that i can pull one by some miracle(instead i'll get 10 crappy dr.lights i.e justice league set). if i dont get them that way ican try ebay where everyone overprices them just because they're chase figures. Crap

Posted by: geminimerc on 4/1/2010 12:31:44 AM
@refrusdraob - I only became aware of this site and board on 3/30.

Posted by: Batsentry57 on 3/31/2010 11:37:31 PM
"Black Hand can use Penetrating/Psychic Blast." Penetrating, huh?

Posted by: Batarang96 on 3/31/2010 9:43:51 PM
Is the orange starting line considered that character's max? Or can you transform to Superman, fly back to your Support character, and get up to the green line? The Superman is quite underwhelming.

As for the Bat/Cat, is this the first Bat TA fig with a double base? Interesting for mobile Stealth LOF blocking purposes.

@Mech - I think Superman looks one way, zaps with Heat Vision, then quickly looks the other way, zap.

Posted by: dittobeetle on 3/31/2010 8:26:50 PM
Meeyowtch! That CR+Willpower reminds me of all the reasons I hate CR Nightwing. That is: Perma-Stealth plus CR! And they have the Double Pounce special on the same clicks!

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 3/31/2010 5:41:16 PM
@Batsentry57 about being sent the chase figs and brick fig if you were sent them why did you receive both chases and why not post all the info first just curious? Instead of you posting this on the day that we get the Brick Figure stats especially when no other retailer has received such, or at least any reputable retailers that give out this info? thanks for your time

Posted by: refrusdraob on 3/31/2010 2:33:23 PM
what is the range of Batman/Catwoman? 6 with two targets? really loving that one...can't wait to field that one as soon as I get them. :) the Stats are very very appropriate for catwoman/ I always believe that a combo of them together are the smartest Duos than all other Duos, (except Batman and Robin, heh) thanks for the info! cool!

Posted by: superboyfan1000x on 3/31/2010 2:05:57 PM
Like Miraclo I'm not a fan of duos. But this one I actually like, and it will see some play with me. Expecially in tourneys where once of our players loves to use special objects along with a cheese team weekly. It will be great removing Tombstone or the "E." Vine after he sets up. The look on his face the first week will be priceless.

But for being a rookie, I like this one and think its a good representation of both Batman & Catwoman. I just hope we also get a new solo Catwoman in this set.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 3/31/2010 1:27:07 PM
No fan of Duos, I, but Batman and Catwoman have an attractively-designed dial. An actual Dynamic Duo. I suspect most complaints will come from the Attack Values, as I'm sure some would prefer more 10s and perhaps an opening 11.

Thanks for the unveiling!

Posted by: Miraclo on 3/31/2010 12:58:40 PM
Regarding the 3/25 CORRECTION post, our B&M store received a Necron AND a Black Hand with the Batman/Catwoman BIBTB figure on the same day of the post.

Posted by: Batsentry57 on 3/30/2010 12:28:08 PM
I'm not thrilled with the AE ability and unless some of the other characters are better, I dont believe I will be using it. I definately dont care for this Superman. Theres no JLA or any version of the teams keywords on his card and a 9 AV is rediculious for any Superman to have. Off the top of my head I dont think any of the Hypertime Supermans had that low of a AV to start with. I'm glad I have both of the chase Superman at home. At least they will see play and I can at least put them in a JLA or JSA team. This one never will.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 3/29/2010 8:15:19 AM
Many hve been wonderin as well as I have, what is happening with the Batmobile?!

Posted by: Lord Logan on 3/28/2010 1:46:10 PM
is it me or do the blackhand and nekron figs look like crap?

Posted by: EricTheRed on 3/28/2010 11:42:01 AM
I'm underwhelmed by the Clark and Superman Alter Ego figs. First the suit colors on Clark and Superman don't match, so the effect of one changing into another is reduced (did he go home and change his suit first?). Second, the whole Alter Ego mechanic is like an elaborate activation click, except if you knock Clark past his two Alter Ego clicks you can knock him out before he gets to change to Superman! Does that make any sense? If it was Billy Batson and Captain Marvel ("SHAZAM!") then sure, but not for Superman. Actually I hope they make a pair of Billy and Captain Marvel alter ego figs because that would be really cool and would fit the mechanic far better.

Posted by: Wombatboy on 3/27/2010 4:13:28 PM
Wow. I'm happy that the switch over worked the way I had hoped. Not sure about the switching to the end of the dial but, eh, that can be worked out I'm sure.

Thanks HCW for mailing about this. THIS and other happenings lately totally work past the "we're sorry, we don't normally mail about news" bit. You rock!

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 3/27/2010 12:55:42 PM
Just catching this this morning. Interesting so far. Clark carefully transforming to Superman in a special situation is likely going to be up for quick, but still somewhat covert, action. Looking at the final three clicks of Superman's dial, while he's still a damage-dealer and can fly, there's no Super Strength and precious little life left. So, it makes for an odd, little approximation.

In terms of game mechanics (what one gets for the points paid) it seems okay, though we really need to put them in play to see how well that part pans out. It's an interesting alternative. I'm looking forward to playing it and seeing what the other three are -- hoping that the secret fourth one isn't a Duo. I doubt that it's anything I'll want to see used heavily in sets.

A part that bothered me? "The characters, if possible, should be available at lower rarities to ease collection of linked pieces." If possible? They have absolute control over the set design, don't they? Would DC really demand specific rarity placement? (I doubt it.) It's not that there's a strict set number/point value relationship, as can be seen by a 216 pt Uncommon. Are there voices in their heads - voices that must be obeyed - that will demand that one of the Alter Egos be a Super Rare... or worse? I suppose Avarice has a voice, but one doesn't have to obey it.

Posted by: Miraclo on 3/27/2010 10:17:37 AM
the alter egos must be bystanders why would a rich playboy start kicking a** if he dont want people to learn he batman.and wonder woman a secretary and superman cost 216 so there would be realey big hiters out there on play. so why would he stay in his alter ego. i think the alter ego must be people they kown in there alter self like lois lane and steve trevor

Posted by: ikari on 3/27/2010 7:39:31 AM
I just noticed the 2 targets for Superman...I thought they learned there lesson when Batman Ally superman was made. How does superman have 2 targets without going crosseyed? Does he have a lazy eye he tries to hide?!

Posted by: Mech on 3/27/2010 1:01:45 AM
@The Le

8 range is awesome, the nekron base with BH just confused me lol, and ya i just had to let you knw on the chase thing since it wasnt noticed by to many ppl but still opens alot of possibilities

Posted by: refrusdraob on 3/25/2010 3:36:05 PM
refrusdraob, Yes, WK confirmed that Black Hand has a range of 8. I have no idea why he is shown on Nekron's base.

Posted by: The Le on 3/25/2010 1:15:13 PM
[Nekron and Black Hand] not super rares... and they were given out to retailers at Gamma -- they aren't being sent to stores they are just Chases

Posted by: refrusdraob on 3/25/2010 1:06:12 PM
And Where is it clarified that Black Hand Has 8 range? since he's on the nekron base?

Posted by: refrusdraob on 3/25/2010 12:44:48 PM
Both sculpts and dials look pretty good to me. but I'm curious, Since these two are #56 & #59. Who is #57 & #58? Is one of them the Batman/Catwoman mail away and the other ??? Or do I dare say, are we going to get 4 chase figures this set?

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 3/25/2010 8:10:44 AM
I think the penetrating/psychic blast is just a rewording of the power, like they did with phasing when they changed it to phasing/teleport. It's for people who don't understand why Banshee has psychic blast for example.

Posted by: Henk on 3/24/2010 6:10:32 PM
Did you notice that BH is on a Nekron Base?

Posted by: refrusdraob on 3/24/2010 5:34:30 PM
As far as the Metallo sculpt and dial, I like it. His first 4 clicks are very solid AND he's Indominitble too boot.

Posted by: rwint1968 on 3/20/2010 11:10:23 AM
So they are already released in the set with the mis-edited cards without the trait? Is the release date for this set this month? Krapola, I will never remeber to p&p this if I ever use her. Not because I wouldn't use her, I just don't get to play much. I'm still debating on wether to buy a case of this set or not. There just aren't alot of figures I want. But for the BibtB, I guess I should get a brick in any event. I'm in it for the sculpts mostly, so I'm not too blown away so far....

Posted by: machineman on 3/16/2010 6:23:06 AM
Why in the hell does Power Girl not have any range at all?

Posted by: Zack on 3/16/2010 12:42:19 AM
Holy cow that's a loaded piece.

Posted by: Bigfoot on 3/13/2010 5:02:33 PM
First of all, I love the character Power Girl. That being said, 199 points for that? And the sculpt does not do her justice. Lack of super strength is and range is foolish here. Consider all of what you get from the GL/GA fig and it's for 12 points less?

Posted by: Danzig01 on 3/13/2010 1:52:22 AM
I like the sculpt, but I'm not too happy with the lack of Super Strength and range - this is supposed to be Karen after she's fully realized her Kryptonian side. She should have at least some super strength, and she should have between a 6-10 range to represent her heat vision.

Posted by: Beardedtoyman on 3/12/2010 9:27:27 PM
well the duos are that all these figures are not new characters like a white cat and blue bowman. sorry about the csa team figure.but you get that it all the same characters being used .and that the none duo figure of the characters are fair to say beter (more mobile and not rare)

Posted by: ikari on 3/10/2010 9:56:28 AM
I thought this was a custom when I first saw it...did they use an old Speed sculpt for Ollie?

Posted by: Ceasam on 3/8/2010 6:58:23 AM
I am... saddened that this is exactly two figures slapped on a duo base. Most of our duos thus far have been a single sculpt or two very close sculpts working closely in concert. This is two sculpts. They happen to be facing the same way. But they are miles apart, as if the thought of standing too close together is somehow repulsive. These are great sculpts that I think would have been better suited to separate dials.

That is of course, to say nothing of the dial. That's not what the post is about.

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 3/7/2010 5:14:12 PM
But for the Green Duo, Why don't they fly?

Posted by: Lord Logan on 3/6/2010 1:38:32 PM
Well, I really like the Hal/Ollie duo - I think the long dial of Running Shot with the alternative of flinging damage across multiple targets is great. I'd be running them at 207 points, with Armor Piercing and Force Field (which they qualify for through their entire dial). Seriously, they can can move and tag two targets for at least 1 each, or and stand and fight and split 7 damage between two targets on the first click or 4-6 damage between up to 4 targets the rest of the deal. Yes, please!

Posted by: Beardedtoyman on 3/5/2010 11:12:40 PM
More Duo mashed potatoes. I like Hal and I like Ollie and I'd love to see them designed to work with particular effectiveness as a team -- and this isn't it. No change to the Duo mechanic will alter that.

It's purely a marketing gimmick, and really is unlikely to do more than half the job of doing the characters justice. Ivy & Harley and Hal and Ollie are just the two latest examples. Some - more and more - will certainly be playable, but they'll be lousy interpretations, especially on the defense/damage-avoidance and -reduction front.

B&tB will be the easiest set for me to collect in the history of Marvel and DC Heroclix expansions.

Posted by: Miraclo on 3/5/2010 7:32:45 PM
well the harley/ivy are great. but no catwoman/harley or ivy/catwoman. i would like a trio one with all of them on it the gotham sirens

Posted by: ikari on 3/5/2010 1:04:54 PM
The Flashes look very cool, glad they are not a chase figure. Like the looks of Inertia and Kid Zoom, even though same clix different look. Not to thrilled with the Buy it by the Brick figure being mailaway. I feel like i got robbed on the World's Finest and Illuminati Skrull. A week after the set comes out and all the figures are gone. Impossible.

Posted by: Geminimerc on 3/1/2010 3:10:36 AM
I love the look of the Harley / Ivy Duo. I may buy alot of this set just to look at them. . .

Posted by: Tyler on 2/26/2010 5:36:16 PM
@Crash: That is what everyone is saying heh.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/23/2010 9:12:37 AM
Now I can finish my fearsome five team

Posted by: Cash Jones on 2/21/2010 12:06:25 AM
They don't seem to have Anti-Batman TA

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/19/2010 10:37:49 AM
Why are the flashes not JLA?

Posted by: Zack on 2/4/2010 11:33:31 AM
@Ken no, but not just because of the boot symbol. The Figure doesn't have the Green Lantern TA.

Posted by: Borgy on 1/26/2010 10:16:32 AM
Since the ( Green Lantern / Flash ) duo have the " Boot " symbol , can they stil carry up to ( 8 ) friendly figures while using Hypersonic speed ?

Posted by: Big Ken on 1/23/2010 3:56:17 PM
Thanks for the update, TheLe. Seeing the latter half of the powers improves my opinion but only a little. The point costs are still high for what the powers do (especially with most of the useful powers activating mid-dial or later, which is more bane than boon). Again, unless these figs have high to very high combat values, color me unimpressed :p

Posted by: Borgy on 1/15/2010 6:54:48 PM
Thanks for the new info on BatB. I noticed that they have the Flash/Green Lantern duo indicated as a SR but the number of the fig is 48. Does this help give any indication to what the new Rarity breakdown will be? Hope we find out soon.

Posted by: rwint1968 on 1/15/2010 3:37:46 PM
Wouldn't the Blue Colossal be the Bat Mobile? We have all seen it already and we know it will be a BIBB. I see the Duo is a Super rare and hopefully not too hard to get. I like the old Brainiac look!

I wouldn't mind the Blue Beetle's ship though!

Posted by: Tony Antoniuk on 1/15/2010 1:53:57 PM
I'd say those powers are pretty impressive. Two-Man Justice League reminds me of the brokeness of the Thunderbolts feat. You can look at your opponent's team and then decide what will best help you. Except with this power it can happen in game and change in game. I guess ultimately it depends where on the dial this power is, and of course of the stats, but I wouldn't dismiss this piece outright.

Brainiac's Shrink Ray is great as well. All Chargers and anyone with 4 damage or less is going to get punked by that power.

Posted by: nmh on 1/15/2010 1:00:57 PM
The sculpts for GL/Flash and Brainiac look ok (nothing ground breaking though) but the powers seem... unimpressive to say the least. And with those point costs that's saying something. With the larger points on those figs by comparison to the HoTs, I will be expecting stellar NUMERICAL combat values (as is the case with the average HoT figure)

Posted by: Borgy on 1/13/2010 12:26:26 PM
BLUE COLOSSAL??????????? WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Could this be the Blue Beetle's ship? Awesome!!!!!

Posted by: BigoleGreezy on 1/12/2010 11:52:39 PM
All I can say is WOW! Can't wait for March 31st and to see more of whose in this set.

Posted by: rwint1968 on 12/30/2009 11:53:00 AM
Another nice collection point begins! Thanks again for that.

I'm sure there will be many very nice pieces in the set, but I remain decidedly underwhelmed by Duos. Even if, as has been strongly hinted at by several who seem to have connections, the Duo mechanics are upgraded for better playability most of them will always strike me as three-legged race versions. We'll get some fun, thematic sculpts from them and we may even get more playability that we've seen so far, but they remain a gimmick in my eyes.

The Alias mechanic remains one of those "show me what you got" elements I'm not expecting much from. Whether we'll end up with two different sculpts (it seems 5 are lined up for the set, and with the overall set size listed as 55, this has some potential) for each is probably more of a long shot, but double-sized, folded cards (similar to the ones we had with the Skrull versions in SI) and maybe dials with Special Powers that are different depending upon whether they're in costumed or non-costumed mode may be what we'll see.

So, I'm interested in the set, but mildly so. Based on the info so far I may just wade in at the brick level and end up fairly happy with the set -- especially if they stick to the plan to make all of the SRs Duos.

Until such time as they set up a program to let us directly buy the LEs, I'll continue to mostly ignore them. Generally I'd like them, but playing for them wrecks my enjoyment of an event as the emphasis shifts from playing for enjoyment and playing with a win being a priority. It's doubly unfortunate that the maps appear to be solidly linked by the new Wizkids with venue play/prize packs. I'd at least like to see them return to being in cases. That prize LEs for this set are being noted as having different paint jobs than the ones in the set is almost enough to raise some hopes that non-prize versions --- the same name and stats as the LEs, but with the standard paint jobs -- might be available for more direct sal

Posted by: Miraclo on 12/23/2009 12:40:39 PM