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Avengers vs X-Men #6
Eric Schaen (07/03/2012)
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The Avengers Movie #6 ReviewIf you find yourself among the readers who have been following this story and waiting for more of a plot to unfold, the wait is over. Round 5 left off with an unexpected plot twist, and issue 6 wastes no time in taking this twist and shaping it into a more rousing tale.

Unlike most of the previous issues that suffered from an overly simplified plot and short fused temper, round 6 of Avengers vs. X-men shifts its focus to more storytelling and less fighting. Five of the X-Men have become more powerful than any group of heroes can hope to stand against. So what do they do with their new found power? They feed the hungry, bring peace countries gripped in war and provide unlimited clean energy for the world. In short, they fix the world, and all in just 10 short days.

Meanwhile Captain America stands ready with his team of Avengers attempting to gauge a stratagem to take down these all powerful “Phoenix five”. Based on the X-Men’s current actions, one might ponder why Cap would want to stop the X-Men from making the world into a utopia for all. It’s simple really, Cap knows that power corrupts and these solutions must be earned in order for them to last.

It’s Jonathan Hickman’s turn at bat for this issue, and he pulls out all the stops. Hickman’s focus on the characters points of view in this issue are represented extremely well. Particularly when it comes to Beast, Black Panther and Professor Xavier’s unique perspectives on the situation at hand. Olivier Coipel takes over the artwork honors for round 6, and his work looks as sharp as ever. Coipel is no novice when it comes to rendering characters in big crossover style stories. If anything, his art should be a welcome change for those who don’t feel that John Romita Junior was the best choice for this project.

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