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Justice League #2
Geoffrey Borgonia (01/07/2012)
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Justice League #2 CoverThe story opens with a look at Central City’s crime lab. Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) wants to focus on a case involving a murdered man, but the rest of the lab is dedicated to “The Flash Case”, as his superior points out to him “that includes you, Golden Boy!” Apparently, they are under orders to drop everything until they find out who the Scarlet Speedster is. An ironic situation, as his work is hampered by something he could answer in a split-second. Barry knows the answer, yet cannot reveal it. By doing good as a superhero, his own day-job of seeking justice is negatively affected.

Cut to the scene we left last issue in Metropolis, where a throwdown between Batman and Superman is about to start… and is over before it begins. Batman unloads everything in his arsenal at the Man of Steel to no effect. “Tear gas, sonic grenades, Tasers… your belt’s empty, Batman.” This turns a “traditional” belief in all of comics-fandom on its head: Batman can beat anybody. Here, Superman does not even blink at everything Batman had. Granted, this is the first time the two have met in this continuity, which is set 5 years in the past and Superman’s weaknesses have yet to be discovered. Still, it’s a great way to present how Superman doesn’t have easily discovered Achilles’ Heels.

Meanwhile, Hal Jordan recovers from the initial walloping he got from a ticked of Superman. “Round two, pal” is all that Jordan needs to say to let the audience know that the fight’s only started. Now what follows is something uncharacteristic of Superman. In his words “Talk, Batman. Before I won’t let you”, while casually choking Bats. While it’s understandable that Superman is younger and brasher than we have seen him in recent times, this is just a bit too far off. Superman is many things, but making threats like that just doesn’t jive well. It’s something you expect from Schwarzenneger or Stallone; not from Superman.

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Your Comments:
In our case, yes, comics can be a strain balancing it with Clix and likely other hobbies. Which is odd, considering it should be the poster child of geek hobbies. However, unlike say in the 90's, we really have to be picky these days.

Posted by: Borgy on 1/16/2012 12:29:37 AM
While I enjoy your reviews, I have to say that I am so thoroughly uniterested in the New52 Justice League that I couldn't even finish reading this without losing interest.

At least I can thank DC for reducing my monthly comic expenditures. I can now funnel more money into the glut of Clix releases we've been getting recently.

Posted by: dairoka on 1/11/2012 7:40:46 AM