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Action Comics #2
Eric Schaen (10/24/2011)

Action Comics #2 Review (HeroClix World)Things are getting interesting. Issue #1 of Action Comics introduced a fresh new take on the Man of Steel. He’s a bit younger, a bit brash and not quite as powerful as we are used to. Last issue left off with Superman pushing himself to his limits and attempting to prevent a major disaster. This in actuality was a clever ruse by none other than Lex Luther to capture this strange visitor from another world. Action Comics #2 opens with Superman awaking bound to an electric chair that Lex is using for interrogation purposes.

I was rather impressed with this issue. Grant Morrison shows that he truly understands how to concoct a slow boil. The story not only shows more of Superman’s limitations at this point in his career it also moves the character a little further in his development. “The plot thickens” as they say. We are also re-introduced to some other familiar characters such as John Irons, who appears to be a Doctor of some sort. John Corben also makes an appearance as a military sergeant who had a past fling Lois Lane.

It seems that the military has been working on concepts to augment humans, and Lex feels that “Dissecting the Superman will teach them how to create warrior gods”. Unfortunately, Lex underestimates Superman’s abilities and he is able to escape. During his wicked cool escape, Superman makes a startling discovery - the military has possession of the very ship that brought him to earth as an infant.

ACtion Comics #1 I can’t say enough good things about Rags Morales art in this book. It is top-notch and you get the feeling that Rags himself is having a blast working on this title. Whether it’s intense action sequences, or his depiction of emotions captured in his characters expression, Rags delivers. Other comic artists who can’t seem to draw expression other that grinding teeth could learn a thing or two from Rags.

The story closes with some interesting plot devices including Sergeant Corben’s next move, and we learn that Luthor has a very enigmatic source providing him with Intel on Superman. I know there are some who don’t like the current T-shirt look for our boy in blue granted, it takes some getting used to. But hang in there, this story is supposed to take place 5 years before many of the other new 52 titles. I get the feeling it won’t be long until Mr. Kent ditches his work boots and jeans for his new Kryptonian based costume.    

I’ think I’ll give this issue a solid A. It left me wanting to read the next issue, yesterday.

Final Grade: A

Your Comments:
I love how they have turned him into an angsty marvel character.

Posted by: machinegunetiquette on 10/25/2011 9:43:02 AM
The art is great. My complaints are all about the story.

While the reviewer says "Grant Morrison shows that he truly understands how to concoct a slow boil" I say he's just dragging things out. At the end of the issue we see that John Corben plans to use Steel's experimental suit to fight Superman, and if you remember John Corben's name from comics or Superman cartoons then it's obvious what will happen. Is this what Action Comics will be for the next year or two, Grant Morrison retelling old stories and reintroducing old characters with a Morrison spin? You might as well call the book "Ultimate Superman." I bet it will be like his re-introduction of the Batman of Zur En Arhh in Batman RIP - lots of contrived changes to bring the story/character up to a modern feel while still passed off as a "homage" to the original stories.

I'll admit I'm biased. I don't like Grant Morrison superhero stories (his Vertigo stuff is better). I don't like Superman's new costume(s), and I don't like the idea of a reboot. So maybe it's a given that I wouldn't like this issue either. And I know I'm in the minority, because I'm sure people will eat this stuff up. But I'm not one of them and I'm not a fan of this Superman.

Posted by: Wombatboy on 10/25/2011 6:37:38 AM