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Detective Comics #2
Broc Atkinson (11/15/2011)

Detective Comics #2 ReviewIf you thought that the end of Detective Comics #1 left you with a lot of unanswered questions, just wait until you read issue number two! The pacing of this story as it unfolds has been very solid. You are given just enough to keep you interested and excited for more.

One thing that Detective Comics has an edge over the other Batman titles is the development of the Bruce Wayne side of the character. In this issue readers are introduced to a new possible business associate, who seems just a bit shady, and the new love interest for Bruce is further explored. The classic struggle of Batman versus Bruce Wayne should be interesting as this series progresses. Bruce’s personal life may have to take a back seat to his life as Batman.

Those of you wondering what happened to the Joker after the cliffhanger of issue #1 are going to have to wait at least a month to see what became of him. Hopefully next issue, we will get to see why his face has been removed, and what happened to him.

Just like before, Tony S. Daniel’s artwork is great! The collection of new villains at the end of this book will probably give you a little bit of the creeps. Seriously, these characters are bizarre and kind of frightening.

Again, Detective Comics #2 ends with another cliffhanger ending. The fate of another major player in the Batman universe may be in a lot of trouble, and Batman himself is in a bad way too. Do yourself a favor and make sure that Detective Comics is added to your monthly pull list. It has improved over the first issue, which was pretty good in its own right!

Final Grade: A-

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