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Justice League #3
Geoffrey Borgonia (01/08/2012)
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Justice League #3 CoverWe begin the issue with a scene set in Washington D.C. where several television sets are active and all are showing different news broadcasts, mostly rallies and picketing about a certain pagan who believes in Greek gods, trained in the warrior arts, and has caused considerable destruction since arriving to “man’s world”. Enter Colonel Steve Trevor, inquiring where the person who had been viewing the said broadcasts has gone. All the uniformed guards can say is she was watching and talking back to the television sets as if they could hear her until she heard something about a winged monster terrorizing the people of Washington. Trevor, visibly angry and anxious, questions the soldiers for not stopping Diana from “looking for a fight”. A very visible hole in the wall of the Pentagon with more soldiers sprawled on the floor answers his query.

With that, we shift to the scene where a statuesque, raven-haired Amazon casually walks along the streets of Washington, wearing what is simply a swimsuit with an American motif and armed with a sword while bystanders gawk at the Princess of Themyscira (and daughter to Zeus, himself… read the recent issues of her own title to find out for yourself!) who earnestly asks: “Has anyone seen a Harpy?”

As introductions go, Johns pretty much does for Wonder Woman what he did with Flash last issue, which is set up a basic premise to place Diana where she is at this point in time in the DCNu. She recently arrived in our modern world and Steve Trevor is her “keeper”. She is still innocent to the ways of the world. In a later scene, she continues to ask about the Harpy but all she gets are open-mouthed stares or avoidance due to fear. Her line “I am speaking your language correctly, am I not?” is a clear indication that Diana is still trying to learn her way around in the 21st century. Meeting a young girl named Raquel who does not show not fear, but a sense of wonder (bada-bump!) further develops her character, as the girl introduces her to the greatest food in the world: Ice Cream. She even compliments the Ice Cream man as the “cook” who is truly blessed as Steve Trevor arrives to get her back into the confines of the Pentagon. Wonder Woman snaps back that there are so many things to discover about our world, like Ice Cream and Rock and Roll, and she’s done taking orders from anyone. She’s here to fight a coming darkness, but she’s not going to do it while being closed to the world.

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