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Action Comics #4
Eric Schaen (01/23/2012)
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Action Comics #4 CoverIt’s the Man of Steel versus the Men of Many Metals.

Morrison’s tale of Superman’s preliminary days in Metropolis moves on with Action comic’s issue #4. Hopefully, this is a prelude to something more spectacular yet to come.

Until now, the story that Morrison and Morales have been weaving has not disappointed me. The re-introduction of Superman as part of DC’s New 52 has been appealing, exciting and a little different than what has been done with big blue previously in comics.  Now, enter Issue #4, the first issue that I closed the book and felt a bit underwhelmed.  

This issue has all the right elements in place to entertain one for a short stint. However, it is just sort of a flat read overall. The alien threat known as the Collector of Worlds (who I like to call Brainiac) has made its move. Releasing his Terminauts on Metropolis to collect everything from artifacts to people, in an effort preserve the planets culture form the imminent destruction to come. Superman is needed more than ever when the Mayor of Metropolis issues a statement pleading for his assistance.

The Terminauts are kind of fun. They seem to be mechanized automations that are self-constructing using any mechanical material available. They kind of remind me of some of the robots Superman would face in those old Fleischer cartoons. Seeing Lex Luthor try and weasel his way out of the very situation he created as the Collector has reneged on whatever arrangement they had previously made together, is also a fun bit.  

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