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Avengers vs X-Men #3
Eric Schaen (05/27/2012)

Avengers vs X-Men #3 reviewThe Hunt for hope offers a glint of hope for this story.

Ok I admit it, I kind of like this issue. Last issues beach brawl felt a little uninspired and a little lacking, this issue may be the first step towards getting me to care about this story again. Maybe it’s the fact that one of my favorite comic writers has stepped in to script this one, or it could be the fact that this issue isn’t just superheroes slugging it out with each other.

Last issue left us with Hope no longer idly standing by, leaving one flame-broiled Wolverine. With Hope now on the run, the two teams are positioning themselves and planning their next steps. This issue has some fun moments of retrospect on the parts of Captain America and Iron Man and a clever little ploy performed by the X-Men. That’s right; it’s actually starting to feel like there is a plot developing  and not just a mindless brawl.

Oh don’t worry as the cover hints; there is still at least one good face-off featuring Cap and Wolverine. The interesting thing about their match is the way it goes down. I don’t want to spoil the how and the why, so I’ll just say that Cap knows he’s not going to be able to reason with Wolverine on how to handle this situation. So he does what any good strategist would do and finds a way to remove Logan from the battlefield, at least for now.  Hope is determined to figure things out for herself and both teams are scouring the globe for her.

As I mentioned, one of my favorite writers in the business today took over the script on this one. It’s none other than Ed Brubacker himself. Mr. Brubacker seems to comprehend Captain America a little better than other writers today. His treatment of Cap has always been fresh and compelling.  He’s also not afraid to show us how Captain America can act a little frenzied when so much is on the line. Jazzy John Romita Junior returns to handle the pencils once again and this issue looks a little more polished than last issue. I think JR is more at home with the characters when there isn’t so much going on all at once.

Overall, issue 3 helps make up for the lack of story that the series has displayed thus far. Maybe there is more to this crossover event than just heroes fighting heroes, only time will tell. I know the title is Avengers vs. X-Men I get that.  I enjoy seeing them battle it out, just give me an engrossing story in-between the bouts and I’m a happy camper.  Issue 3 seems to be a step in the right direction.

Final Rating: B

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The series does seem to be getting a little better since its shaky start.

Posted by: Spider-Fan on 5/29/2012 1:31:12 PM