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Detective Comics #1
Broc Atkinson (09/28/2011)
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Detective Comics #1 (New 52 Batman)

One of the most controversial comic book issues to come out of the New DC 52 is Detective Comics #1. Before even reading it, fan boys were up in arms over one thing, the number. It was so close to 900, why would they change it? That's easy, to show the company’s commitment to the new DC Universe. People are concerned that the Batman that they have grown to love over the years will be changing.

Fear not! Detective Comics #1 feels just like the Batman everyone knows. The DC Comics powers that be know they have a winner with Batman, and it is clear with this issue, that he will not be changing very much or at all.
Detective Comics #1 is the start of what looks to be a Batman versus Joker story arc. Tony S. Daniel is the writer and provides the pencils for this new series. His work so far has been brilliant! The story flows from panel to panel with great, eye-popping art. It’s dark. It’s moody. The fight scenes are downright brutal! It’s almost to the point of being called “graphic” at times.

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Detective Comics #1 (New 52 Batman)

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Your Comments:
You know I am a big fan of DC but if they really think that titles like OMAC,Shade,Swamp thing,Static, and Grifter are going to pull them along in this economy it's not only going to fail but take many long time fans w/them.

The "pop" they get from the reboot will last awhile but with many unsustainable titles it's going to hurt the good major ones they DO have.

I also find it odd JSA didn't get in as part of the 52. The sales alone are equal to MANY of the fringe titles combined.

Posted by: thebtothec on 9/30/2011 9:38:45 AM
So far, I haven't been a fan of what DC has placed on the table. The whole 5 years ago start point leaves a lot of questions and I still haven't figured out how the old Crisis (both Original Crisis & Final Crisis tie in. since according to DC happened 5 years ago)

I give this DC reboot about 3 years before DC does another "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (which will mark the 30th anniversary of the event). That gives them time to watch comic sales drop, introduce the Wildstorm Universe, and produce enough "Other Earth" comics (aka: JSA which is being written by James Robinson and will take place on Earth-2) for fans to care.

Posted by: Starman76 on 9/30/2011 4:26:56 AM
I can only imagine that somebody who has collected all 800+ issues of detective comics has seen reboots so many times before they would be jaded: "At least Bat-Mite is not back!"

Still, I think DC stands for "Discarding Continuity"

Posted by: Kragnorak on 9/28/2011 2:38:12 PM