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Stormwatch #1
Kevin Boink (09/20/2011)

Stormwatch #1 Review (DC New 52)Stormwatch not worth the watch.

Stormwatch number one is filled with big events and characters with potential.

The problem is that with all of the potential the characters have they remain flat and two dimensional. I have hopes that this situation will change in future issues, and that these characters will grow and develop and become at least as interesting as they once were.

But with 52 new titles hitting the market in one month I would think that the creators would figure they should make a great first impression.

Which brings me to the second problem...

Comics are a wonderful medium for big events of cosmic importance. The visuals that appear on the comic page have the potential to inspire awe and wonder. To duplicate these events on the movie screen requires millions of dollars and the hard work and ingenuity of Hollywood's finest. Think of the grand scenes of Asgard that Jack Kirby gave us for Thor in the 60's...or any of the sweeping scenes of the planet Oa that we have seen in Green Lantern. Has George Lucas or Stephen Spielberg given us anything that compares?

But these grand effects, the majestic landscapes, the incredible effects don't mean anything without content and context.

Reading Stormwatch is kinda like watching a big budget special effects extravaganza directed by a crackbaby.

Lotsa big things happening for no reason. It's a 20 page story with a total of 5 full splash pages....but yet nothing of any real emotional importance happens. We are left adrift in a sea of vacuous posturing characters and huge visuals which mean nothing.

I want to like this book.... and I want it to get my interest. Word is that this is a central book to the whole relaunch. But so far I just don't care about any of this cosmic popcorn trying to pass for a story.

Final grade: D-

Your Comments:
I'm very fond of the concept of Stormwatch.

For some inexplicable reason, I rather like the idea of superpowered UN task-force featuring a gay, murderous Batman homologue (Midnighter).

The fact that it was previously written by Warren Ellis definitely contributes to its appeal. (If you haven't yet, I recommend you check out Ellis' FreakAngels for some interesting, albeit slow, character development).

Sadly, time being in short supply, I have yet to pick up (& get caught up on) Stormwatch... Soon, I hope...

Posted by: Mekashef on 2/20/2012 8:38:05 PM