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Future Batmen
The Le Games (12/11/2014)
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Future BatmenEver wonder what it would be like if Batman was played by Kevin Spacey? How about Matthew McConaughey? Hey, it could happen. If the hockey puck execs at DC are willing to put Ben Affleck into the role, then maybe they'll stick Adam Sandler in as Batman in the future. You never know.

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The fine folks at Animation Domination High-Def have put together a little film showing us exactly what these different Batmen would be like. I think the Owen Wilson Batman is probably my favorite.

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Your Comments:
"I'm Batman! I'm Batman! I'm Batman."

No your not you're Christian Bale. Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 12/15/2014 9:12:44 PM
I don't have to step in crap to know that it stinks. There is a old saying to never follow in a great (bat)man's shoes. The bat bar is high and probably should have been left alone for awhile after Bale's performance. Instead of raising the bar they get Daredevil.

No thanks-pass

Posted by: ramstrom on 12/15/2014 12:45:20 PM
Stupid but funny

Posted by: sinner on 12/12/2014 3:49:31 PM
Until you people have experienced Ben Affleck playing Batman non of us has room to complain or judge him or Hollywood as a bad choice of an actor for Batman. We have nothing to back up our opinions with because we have not seen him in the role yet, and no his previous roles or movies will not cut it because this is focusing on a future role that has nothing to do with past ones.

Posted by: bizmanlance on 12/12/2014 3:28:46 PM
This is stupid

Posted by: eGG on 12/12/2014 1:35:14 PM