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Top 5 GsX Traits
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (05/10/2011)
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Top 5 Giant Size X-Men HeroClix TraitsGreetings players and welcome to my first top 5 article. I thought it would be fun to take a look at Traits that are not only useful on the battle map, but fun to play in general. Now be advised, this is not a character review. It is simply a review of traits that a character has. This review is focused on traits that are available to standard size characters from the new Giant sized X-Men set, that means colossal sized characters are not included in this article


For those of you who may be new to the Heroclix, a trait is defined as: Abilities, powers, effects, or other aspects of a character that it possesses at all times, regardless of how its combat dial is turned during a game. Traits are indicated by the symbol in the circle next to the name and/or description of the trait on a character card. All traits are non-optional and can’t be countered.


All right, so let’s get to it!


If a friendly character of a higher point value with the Hellfire Club Keyword is within 8 squares, that character can use Mastermind, if they can't already, but only to deal damage to characters with the Hellfire Club keyword.


This Trait can make taking on a Hellfire theme team a real pain in the dupa! The ability to have the option to Mastermind damage can keep your more important characters in the game when they would normally be taking the damage themselves. Since the Hellfire guards also start with toughness this makes them good sacrificial pawns for your team. The only drawback is this trait will only function with other characters who have the Hellfire Club Keyword.


Harry Leland HeroClix#4MASS INCREASE
Opposing characters within 4 squares of Harry Leland can't be given actions to use Charge, Running Shot, or Hypersonic Speed and halve their speed values when given a move action.


Harry Leland’s Trait makes it to number #4 on the list. Being able to shut down multiple opposing characters mobility (while still keeping your own), can give a team an enormous advantage in a game of heroclix. The downside of this trait is that it’s only effective within 4 spaces of Harry. Still with the right team you can position Harry in such a way that your opponent may never get to use Charge, Running Shot, or Hypersonic Speed, and that may be enough to win the game.

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Your Comments:
wait, what about phoenix's trait?

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 2/9/2012 6:03:32 PM
@geminimerc: only Prof X gets the action token. It means the "conduit" can make an action before of after Pro X made one.
For a tournament, a friend of mine played with the Scientist keyword in mind: Prof X, Spiderman SI x2, Metron, researcher X2.
Researcher boost both Prof X and Metron, and Spiderman, metron and Spiderman can be the source for Prof X powers.
That was powerful !

Posted by: Gyom on 5/13/2011 1:17:52 AM
That is friking awesome. Possibillities are endless. That makes Pro X a beast. Does that mean the chosen character gets to make an action after u do that also cuz Xavier ggets the action token.

Posted by: geminimerc on 5/12/2011 8:07:00 AM
@GYOM that is correct,Thanks for answering that. Rouge is the character the attack is coming from but it is Xavier doing the attack with his own range and powers.

Posted by: Slade wilson on 5/12/2011 7:05:26 AM
That is friking awesome. Possibillities are endless. That makes Pro X a beast. Does that mean the chosen character gets to make an action after u do that also cuz Xavier ggets the action token.

Posted by: geminimerc on 5/12/2011 7:00:43 AM
@geminimerc, the friendly character doesn't use anything. It's still Prof X that makes the action: attack value, damage, powers and range are Prof X's values.
His Trait allows to make the action as if Prof X was in the square occupied by the friendly character, except for Probability Control and Perplex (you need a LoF to Prof X, not the friendly character).
So, Rogue isn't using Psychic Blast: Prof X is using it by her eyes.

Posted by: Gyom on 5/12/2011 3:39:51 AM
@Le, Xaviers special trait, do the friendly characters use his range when using his powers
Or their own range? U mention Rogue using phsychic blast but she has no range.

Posted by: geminimerc on 5/11/2011 7:12:38 PM
HAHAHAHAHA harry leland gets number four, but TAROT doesnt even show up?!?! i cant tell you how many times i have ran brotherhood TA (not for reroll but for rapage) or my hellions team, and rolled a 12 for her, and just set her up to super poison EVERYTHING. its the most broken ability in the game. ignores stealth and all damage reducers, ignores deadpool uninebriable, and its 3 squares away, if you measure everything out right, you can keep her in safe positions while ticking away at all of your enemies health!

Posted by: Sparkdemon on 5/10/2011 5:40:57 PM
Very interesting and worthy listing... Though I don't plan to get any GSX HC, I'll have to keep these in mind(less than) should I face ANY of these bad boys...

Posted by: MEsch on 5/10/2011 8:03:59 AM