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Top 8 Sets We Want
The Le (12/29/2009)
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Top 5 HeroClix Sets We WantThere's been lots of HeroClix Sets sold since the game started in 2002, and there's clearly many more to come. While we've been impressed with what we've seen so far, there's plenty more we'd like to see. Well, DC Hypertime was pretty awful, but Wizkids sure impressed us with everything else!

Of our personal favorites, DC Legacy is tops, followed closely by Marvel Mutations & Monsters and the original Indy set (yes, I said Indy!). Below is our list of 8 new complete HeroClix sets we'd like to see. This isn't a difinitive list by any means, but it sure would be great to see them!

#8 Marvel What If...?

HeroClix What IfThe What If... books have been around since 1977, but they're some of the best stories around, if only because nearly every book is a self contained single-issue story. To the right is one of our favorite stories, which ended with Wolverine becoming the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. (that's the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division for you true believers out there).

Here are some of our favorite What If... issues:
-What if... Spider-man joined the Fantastic Four?
-What if... X-men lost Inferno? (Evil Wolverine eating humans!)
-What if... Spider-man had not married Mary Jane? (no, this isn't the uber lame Brand New Day storyline)
-What if... Fantastic Four all had the Same Power?
-What if... Spider-man Kept his Six Arms?
-What if... Venom had Possessed the Punisher?
-What if... Doom became Sorcerer Surpreme?

There's so many to choose from, and they'd all have very interesting sculpts and powers. And for the mail-away figure, I recommend issue #49: What if... Silver Surfer Possessed the Infinity Gauntlet?

See all the covers here.

#7 IndyClix II

HeroClix IndyClixThe original Indy HeroClix set didn't do very well I'm afraid; even today you can find packs of IndyClix in your local discount bin. This set had numerous problems -- lack of known figures, too much Blades/Claws/Fangs, and the lack of flyers (there were only two in the set). That being said, I absolutely love the Indy set and I firmly believe it's one of the most balanced and underrated sets out there.

There's a few things that can be done to make a newer IndyClix set successful, and it all comes down to character choices. Topping the list should be Dark Horse and Image. Sure, Image is the company that people love to hate, but you can't deny that it's got some of the most recognizable characters to the average comic book reader (which is also the HeroClix player base).

Dark Horse has the luxury of movie/comic characters, which could help it's marketing immensely. We're talking about Sin City, The Mask, Barb Wire, and others. Heck, how about some more HorrorClix/HeroClix crossover dials? There's no reason we can't get some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more Hellboy figures. Personally I would love to see CONCRETE make it's way into HeroClix Form.

On the Image side, the sky's the limit. Spawn and Savage Dragon are a must in my opinion, while some team books such as Cyberforce and WildCats could be popular... not really sure if anyone cares about Young Blood and Wetworks though. As a personal favorite, I think STORM WATCH deserves to be in Clix form with a proper new TA (not a TA feat card... that's cheating).


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Your Comments:
I don't see where the "What if" Set would work. Some of the stories where the Universe gets distroyed kind of don't work. Stories where Someone else becomes a hero often are in the same boat. Alot of the stores have actually been addressed in their own "reality" series or universe. or the series be based off the story. Steve rogers not being the only Super Soldier. Now we have a Colored Captian America , US Agent, And other weeker versions of that Super Soldier concept

The Early store of the FF getting different powers would be a interesting collector set(reed richards in Doom's Body and a Member of the FF.) That would actually make a very interesting alternate reality universe. Has potential for being better than Untimates. Reed Richards could constantly internal struggle with Dr Doom wanting his body back. They could use vertually all ond stories just different results. Spiderman could end up joining the FF(another What if story) and the end results being different from all the other stories. They touched on this in the exiles where the team teleported to different realities. It had so much potentail. I have to red them again. I think in one reality Sabertooh either works for or runs SHIELD

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/18/2011 1:59:47 PM
I like the KC set idea. It would be nice as it is a Team ability that is middle of the road. (can be used but not always used and players don't graon when they see it on the board unless it is a 0 range tournament). A new Indy set would be nice as long as 90% of them don't have BCF and low def. A Looney Tunes/Hannah-Barbaria set would be funny. Guy gardenier getting beat up by Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzales out running the Flash, Quickdraw Mcgraw/El Kabong character would be great

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/18/2011 1:21:23 PM
I would love to see some of the cross overs as well from movies like V for Vendetta, League of Exraordinary Gentlemen etc. My most cherished dream is reissue of Danger Girls. Loved the series and still play the clix but they so need an update.

Posted by: inspired stranger on 12/18/2011 12:15:33 PM
no more kc figures please dont let it be the new avengers abuse aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! on 10/25/2010 4:13:51 PM
how about any of "the end" issues... hulk, punisher, x men, wolverine and im pretty sure there was the end of marvel too. I think that would be a cool add on to the "what if" set.

Posted by: mike on 7/16/2010 12:49:21 PM
House of M is a grand idea. I could go for an all Age of Apocalypse set too while we are going with marvel. Sugar Man still doesn't have a piece and it would be nice because we could include the AA background on the cards and give them their AA Teams.

Have to admit I gagged a little about Iron Man. Gotta love him but with all those little starter packs they've been selling with the movie just out, and the duo piece of him and War Machine included in WOS, I kinda think it's gone far enough.

Oh, how about a Silver Surfer set, with Cosmic Surfer, Comsic Carnage, some of those Draconians, Galacta, Mentor, the Watcher, Ego (As a flam or something reasonable sized)Morg, Nebula, Stranger, Tyrant, Ultimate Galactus Drone, Silver man(wings), Beyonder, Lady Chaos, Fallen one.

Posted by: Bobby on 6/16/2010 2:23:41 AM
They could get really far with a Spawn set, they could make a set based on "Wild Worlds" so that they could combine Spawn and WildC.A.T.s

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 5/2/2010 6:33:38 PM
All of these are good ideas, but I really like the idea of a Marvel 1602 or Marvel Noir set. Anyone else?

Posted by: japete61 on 4/15/2010 3:58:03 PM
Personally i would love to see an entire marvel set based on the zombie universe. That way you would be able to do battle-field demotions(omg i was bit by a zombie, ill die in x turns and turn on my forces) as well as bring the ONE figure and god of B-film acting to clix.... Bruce Campbell!

Posted by: Undeth on 4/12/2010 5:40:24 PM
Personally i would love to see an entire marvel set based on the zombie universe. That way you would be able to do battle-field demotions(omg i was bit by a zombie, ill die in x turns and turn on my forces) as well as bring the ONE figure and god of B-film acting to clix.... Bruce Campbell!

Posted by: Undeth on 4/12/2010 5:01:47 PM
marvels house of M anyone?

Posted by: magic master 21 on 4/7/2010 5:39:26 PM
How about Vertigo, really indy Indy set (Powers, Usagi Yojimbo, S.I.P or any smaller press), or Astro City? A real Jarvis to finish the Avengers would help, too.

Posted by: quas on 2/25/2010 3:47:50 PM
Joe, what you say is true, but keep in mind that Wildstorm is just an imprint of DC with it's own staff and direction. In fact, Wildstorm publishes many creator owned material. For example, Kurt Busiek's ASTRO CITY is under the Wildstorm Imprint, and is creator owned (not DC owned)... this would definitely fall under the "Indy" moniker.

Posted by: The Le on 1/3/2010 5:44:47 PM
I would love the secret wars set as well as the DC space theme (lanterns and Legion)
Nice list

Posted by: battlinbichon on 1/3/2010 5:34:15 PM
I agree with some of The Le's ideas, especially Indyclix II (Matt Wagner's Grendel is a must!) and a WHAT IF set. So many figures could be done on the alternate reality theme. Uatu the Watcher! Iron Man 2020! SHIELD agent Wolverine! Iron Punisher! Old Man Logan! And other characters who aren't variations of Wolverine and Iron Man! :)

But some of the storylines he wants to see are decades old! I loved DC's Invasion, but I would get so annoyed if I opened up an INVASION booster and drew a common Tasmanian Devil for the 5th time (it was recently revealed that Prometheus killed and skinned him!)... and Fall of the Mutants? That storyline was why I STOPPED reading X-Men! It changed the tone of the comic into a gritty non-stop kill-fest (I suppose some people like that sort of thing but I like to see the good guys win once in a while). Characterization went to hell and it became all about the fight scenes.

And I loved Kingdom Come and would love to have those pieces but every time someone plays one of them I have to groan because they are so abusive! And do we really need another Bat Sentry? There are so many other worthy figures that could be made instead (I'd rather have newer versions of Booster Gold, Deadshot and Guy Gardner).

Good article, even if I disagreed with some of the choices!


Posted by: Wombatboy on 1/3/2010 3:30:17 PM
It's disturbing how many people don't know how the comics industry is put together. I've lost track of how often I've seen people bring up Wildcats/Authority/Wetworks for a second Indy set.

DC has owned Wildstorm for about ten years now. Wildcats, the Authority, Planetary, Wetworks, and ABC would all be fine choices for an expansion, but it would be a DC set, not an Indy set.

Posted by: Joe Gualtieri on 1/3/2010 4:41:21 AM
The younger kid theme figs seem to be Power Pack and Runaways! Now can you say...."X-Babies!" Gotta slip them in somewhere! As well as a revamped Spiral, Mojo and Longshot!

Nuff Said!

Posted by: Illiniwek on 12/30/2009 1:39:32 PM
Lots of good ideas for new sets. I especially like Marvel Secret Wars and DC Kingdom Come, which are both sets that could have plenty of figs from those respective storylines and also have figs from other areas as well. Great work and Happy New Year!

Posted by: rwint1968 on 12/30/2009 12:11:53 PM
All good ideas, the What if series has the most promise as a resource. Storm as Phoenix comes to mind. But they could lump other items like limited runs to fill as well. The Last Avenger story arc....Blind Hawkeye or an all Ultron set to match the iron man series....all good.

Posted by: Scourge101 on 12/30/2009 11:03:19 AM
Not a bad list. Definitely think several of these topics may be to general, would love to see more KC figures (although Supes was remade in Crisis).

You should definitely stop using "______ WE want" in case someone from NECA reads this and thinks these were actually agreed upon by a large group of players.

Sets I would like - Blackest Night, Age of Apocalypse, Kingdom Come, X-Men (a lot of them need remakes especially the Brotherhood).

Posted by: Deadpool55 on 12/30/2009 10:12:50 AM
i would like Marvel 1602. New Ultimate universe and a all new set full of clasic mutants (not like M&M) in the House of M Reality...

Posted by: Grimm on 12/30/2009 9:45:16 AM
I would prefer to see Alex Ross's designs come to life in an X set(Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X). There's so much that could be done there, like Banner and Hulk Duo, Captain America in his toga or angel guise, Power Cosmic Reed Richards, the Mar-Vell child, and it goes on. It would make for a more interesting set, but I suppose that's my opinion.

Posted by: Siwelkire on 12/29/2009 11:58:51 PM