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Superman and the Legion of Superheroes HeroClix
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Superman and the Legion of Superheroes HeroClix

Available January 29th, 2014.

•Booster Packs ($12.99) has 69 figures, including Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning lad. Breakdown is 16 common (plus 1 prime), 16 Uncommons (plus 1 prime), 13 Rares (plus 1 prime), 11 Super Rares (plus 1 prime), 5 Chase figures, 4 Toyman  "toy drone" figures (similar to flock of bats). Sub-themes include the Legion of Espionage Squad, Legion Lost, Legion of Doom, and New Gods.

Continued Below...

HeroClix Legion of Superheroes   HeroClix Legion of Superheroes   HeroClix Legion of Superheroes

legion of superheroes HeroClixLast but certainly not least, the DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Organized Play (OP) Kit includes everything stores need to host multiple HeroClix events. 

Each Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Organized Play kit includes the following:

•Nine (9) Limited Edition figures (three copies each of three different figures)
•30 Limited Edition 3D special objects (10 copies each of three different 3D special objects)
•10 double-sided maps
•One Organized Play Addendum/Instruction sheet with suggestions on how to run Organized Play
•As with prior Organized Play kits, this OP kit is marked “Not For Resale” and is available while supplies last.

Solomon Grundy HeroClix Dial

From wikipedia:
"The Legion of Super-Heroes is a fictional superhero team in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics Universe. Initially, the team was closely associated with the original Superboy (Superman when he was a teenager), and was first portrayed as a group of time travelers who frequently visited him. In later years, the Legion's origin and back story were fleshed out, and the group was given prominence on par with Superboy's in a monthly comic. Eventually, Superboy was removed altogether, except as an occasional guest star."

•24 Count Gravity Feed available at $2.99 per single booster. Will featuer 10 figures with 'flat rarity', including Ultra Boy, Daxamites, the Science Police, and Phantom Girl.

•Legion of Doom Fast Forces pack ($16.99) features Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Bizarro, Giganta, Cheetah, and Solomon Grundy (probably born on a Monday). This FF pack also includes 2 maps and online stuff.

•Organized Play kit includes 9 figures (3 unique figures, 3 copies of each), 30 3d objects (3 unique, 10 copies of each), 10 two-sided maps (one map, 10 copies of each), with no more than 3 OP Kits per sent to each store.

From wikipedia:
"The Legion of Super-Heroes is a fictional superhero team in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics Universe. Initially, the team was closely associated with the original Superboy (Superman when he was a teenager), and was first portrayed as a group of time travelers who frequently visited him. In later years, the Legion's origin and back story were fleshed out, and the group was given prominence on par with Superboy's in a monthly comic. Eventually, Superboy was removed altogether, except as an occasional guest star."

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Your Comments:
This week: 500 pt SLOSH Floor. So 50% or more has to be from SLOSH. I looked at what I had not played from SLOSH that I had and came up with:

Mordru, Universo and Computo as a LSV team. Nothing else really clicked. I looked at a variety of themes across the various Modern sets and came up with nothing I wanted to play more. I looked back through SLOSH and added Tellus. That was my team.

Round 1 - vs. SLOSH Mon-El, SLOSH Emerald Empress, SLOSH Bizarro @ 25pts, DC10 Batman, TT nu52 Kid Flash and the Gama Bomb. This guy made excellent use of the wild cards and nerfed my ranged attacks by copying the Batman TA. Superman Enemy TA gave him 3 outwits which was too many as I moved in. I lost Mordru and the game.

Round 2 - I got the bye.

Round 3 - vs. SLOSH Cosmic Boy, SLOSH Saturn Girl, SLOSH Lightning Lad, SLOSH Timber Wolf, SM Earth Man. SM Earth Man is a good choice in this as SLOSH has several Cosmic keyword pieces for Earth Man's special to work on. I congratulated him on selecting Earth Man to add to his force for this reason. However, his all Legion team made him very vulnerable to Universo's triple Mind Control. I also got to use Tellus's Coordination ability which apparently does not require line of sight. Mordru targeting out of Computo in the next room and then using Tellus's PC out of Computo when I missed the roll was amazing. I think Universo went down first, but Lightning Lad followed quickly. Earth Man was next out. Then Cosmic Boy. At this point I realized we were the last two playing and had lost track of the time. We decided to finish my turn, which took out Saturn Girl and Timber Wolf. We agreed based upon time that the actual final score of KOs should only include Lightning Lad and Universo.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/18/2014 7:55:13 AM
Monday is our normal event night. There were just 2 of us, so we played two games.

Game 1: Highfather, Mr. Miracle, Lightray. New Gods, but not enough pieces for theme. Highfather's pact is something worth trying out. Shut down his biggest fighter while Miracle and Lightray picked off half of his team before breaking the pact.

Game 2: Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Black Manta, Bizarro @100 points. The Legion of Doom. Map choice here was key. I hunted through the stores box of maps for water to make use of Manta's trait. Finally settled on the Rainbow Bridge which has a nice section of water down the middle. Manta ran out there and never left. I lost Bizarro and Cheetah, but Luthor and Manta cleaned up. Luthor was good, but Manta was the MVP.

So far I've now played the Legion of Doom (2pcs), the Legion of Super Villains (3pcs), legion of Super Heroes (3pcs), Apokolips (2pcs), New Gods (3pcs) and the Legion of Doom (4pcs). Liking this set a lot and still have a ton of pieces to try out.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/11/2014 6:41:36 AM
2nd - and I think final - sealed for SLOSH yesterday. We did a draft, which was kind of interesting. For the 1st batch of boosters people pretty much took pieces they needed for their sets, while for the 2nd batch people tended to grab stuff that would work well with what they had already pulled.

I played Darkseid @ 200 pts and Daxamite @ 100 pts. Lost round 1 to Takion, Starman and the monkey. TK + HSS + PW is devastating. Round 2 I got the bye. Round 3 I won vs Highfather, Polar Boy, Riddler Prime and the airplane.

Then we did some trading. The net result is I now have the C complete, U complete, need 5 Rs and have a handful of SRs. Eventually, I'd like to finish the Rs, finish the GF set, and pick up a few more SRs and a chase, but for right now, I'm content to play with what I've got for a bit.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/10/2014 7:00:20 AM
A friend had an open night last night so I played again. Realizing I've only played villains from this set, I decided to play heroes. Wildfire had impressed me on an opponents team, so I started with him. 400 pts.

Colossal Boy

Declare that Colossal Boy is normal sized and Gates can carry the other two 14 squares. Crazy mobility. I was not able to utilize Wildfire as well as my opponent in the prior event had done, but he did get in some damage. Colossal Boy was fun with the size changing - and going to Colossal Size means you can go 3 turns in a row with Colossal Stamina. The thing to remember about pushing him is that he only has Charge on every other click.

I lost both games - 1 to another Legion team and 1 to the Wrecking Crew, but I did get points in both rounds and figuring out how to use Colossal Boy was fun.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/6/2014 5:32:46 AM
Pulled Persuader on Monday. Played him with Tharok and Emerald Empress at 390 pts for a 400 pt game. The three worked very well together.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/5/2014 5:39:02 AM
Helspont is a beast! I disagree about the 125 pt version being better. It is priceless to have your opponent FINALLY wear you down to Click #5 only to find out that this is one of your best clicks! Oh, and then you heal back to full off of Shape Change rolls anyhow...

Posted by: Kragnorak on 3/4/2014 11:04:51 AM
Back to SLOSH.
Played in a 2 booster sealed over the weekend. Pulled:
Solomon Grundy, Cheetah Prime, Tyroc x2, Sensor Girl, Daxamite,
Mr. Miracle, Mr. Majestic, the airplane toy, Computo. After teams were chosen I traded the 2nd Tyroc for a Polar Boy.

Solomon Grundy and Prime Cheetah became my team. All 3 games came down to Grundy vs another character which could heal or who had something which made it hard to KO them.

Round 1 - vs Orion (200pts), Cosmic Boy. KO Cosmic Boy, KO Cheetah P, epic battle between Orion and Grundy to the end. Grundy died twice and came back. Orion was almost down the end of his dial and healed back. Finally, Grundy died for the last time. Loss.

Round 2 - vs Wildfire, Stargirl (75pts), Science Police. KO Science Police, KO Stargirl. Wildfire stayed on his 3rd and 4th clicks for the rest of the game. With the phasing I just could not catch him and hit him. Grundy never died in this game. Win. My round 2 opponent also gave me an extra Cosmic Boy he had.

Round 3 - vs Orion (150pts), Tharok. KO Tharok, KO Cheetah P. Orion vs Grundy again. This time Grundy never died, but it still took until almost time to defeat Orion because of all the healing. Win.

Top ten players got an LSH flight ring object and a map. My score was good enough to get one of each.

After. I bought one extra booster and pulled Tellus, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Timber Wolf, Tyroc. What followed was a crazy trade session. Remember, at this point, I have only bought these 3 boosters of SLOSH. Traded Cheetah Prime to a player who really wanted her for Toyman and the bear, the race car, Black Manta, Cheetah (normal), Giganta - a nice Legion of Doom set - and Gates. Less than 5 minutes later, another player asked if I wanted to trade Toyman. So I asked, "What do you have?" I traded Toyman and the bear for White Witch and Emerald Empress. Then he threw in Blok and Colossal Boy.

So now, out of 3 boosters I have 24 pieces, which includes only 1 duplicate of Tyroc. Overall a fantastic experience. A big shout out to the players and owners at Neoghborhood Friendly Comics in Bellingham, MA.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/3/2014 7:06:03 AM
I agree with you on Capt Cold and Ocean Master. When I look across the vastness that is the DC Universe, knowing that we have the 2 part Green Lantern / War of Light / Blackest Night event set coming, I see 2 logical directions for the next regular DC release:

1. Justice League: Forever Evil
Justice League - Shazam
Justice League America / JL United - Martian Manhunter, Vibe, Adam Strange, Animal Man
Justice League Dark - Black Orchid, Nightmare Nurse, Zauriel
Crime Syndicate - Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Atomica, the Outsider, Sea King, Deathstorm, the Grid.
Flash's Enemies (Rogues +) - Capt Cold, Capt Boomerang, Mirror Master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Abra Kadabra, Grodd, Pied Piper, Golden Glider, Rainbow Raider
ARGUS - Steve Trevor, Dr Light
Arkham Asylum - Bane, Talon, Scarecrow
Metal Men
Lex Luthor's Justice League - Black Adam
the Society - Signal Man, Shaggy Man, Blockbuster, Copperhead, Hyena, Killer Frost, Plastique.
Pre nu52 JL members who need an update - Plastic Man, Captain Atom.

2. Earth "2"
pre52 JSA - Sand, Dr Midnite, Spectre, Mr. Terrific
nu52 Earth 2 - Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Dr Fate, Captain Steel
Power Girl and Huntress
more New Gods - Steppenwolf, Desaad, Parademons
Doom Patrol
Brotherhood of Evil - the Brain, Mallah, Madame Rogue, General Immortus, Houngan, Warp

Just some ideas.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/28/2014 7:00:35 AM
My early reactions to SLOSH - In detail.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/27/2014 4:33:25 PM
@superfriend: sure. Link away -- I'll make sure to un-flag it as spam when it pops up on my dashboard.

Posted by: The Le on 2/27/2014 2:23:03 PM
Awesome i would like to read your reaction. Ya i agree with that some characters selections but overall not bad. I wish maybe 1 or 2 more villains were included (captain cold ocean master) instead of a few legionnaires. To me Grundy is the best looking figure and Persuader is amazing as well. The dials are pretty sweet, lots of indomitable which is always a good thing. However i am a bit incline to say that most dials dont have enough depth, they KO one click to short.

Posted by: Blitz23 on 2/27/2014 2:09:04 PM
My in depth initial reaction to the set is on another site I write for regularly which focuses more on action figures. @LE - I will only put up a link if its OK with you.

In short, I love the character selection except I would have not made the 4 or 5 characters which were made in the Superman set so soon and used the space for other characters.

Roughly 50 out of 56 is really good.

As for dials, I'll wait until I have them in hand to comment.

Oh, and if there are any you did not get which you are dying to see the sculpts of, every piece is up for sale on that auction site. I found one auction for a CUR set which had a great picture of all 45 of the CUR pieces.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/27/2014 1:48:18 PM
@superfriend oh man.. That wasnt my post. I actually like the set. I bought a brick and i liked every figure i pulled. The set is great! I am very pleased. I did manage to pull the chase fig of superman and to me thats worth it. As for the post about the set being disappointed.. I can only assume that it was some one else posting my name. And i have a sneaking suspicion as to who it was...

With that said, how does everyone else like the set?

Posted by: Blitz23 on 2/27/2014 12:57:43 PM
are you referring to character selection or dials?

I can only guess maybe you bought a brick or case and something was not to your liking. If you have a bunch of pieces you are unhappy to own, my best suggestion is putting them up on that auction site. There are some folks who are impatient to get these.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/27/2014 10:53:40 AM
What a terrible friggin set.. I am so disappointed. This set was not fun AT ALL and the models suck except for a few. LOSH suck but at least the villains were decent except that retarded bizarro. Anyway i could go on for days about this but i wont.

Posted by: Blitz23 on 2/27/2014 10:01:10 AM
Pulled a Superman (servant of darkness)! Hes a available for trade if anyone wants!

Posted by: Blitz23 on 2/27/2014 9:58:59 AM

46 Superboy (Clark Kent)
47a White Witch
47b Black Witch
48 Tellus
49 Solomon Grundy
50 Toyman (comes packaged with 1 toy)
51 Takion
52 Highfather
53 Big Barda and Mr. Miracle duo
54 Persuader
55 Validus
56 Mordru

Posted by: superfriend on 2/26/2014 2:55:49 PM

33 Stargirl
34 Starman (Jack Knight)
35 Shadow Lass
36 Glorith
37a Riddler
37b Edward Nigma
38 Black Manta
39 Bizaro
40 Emerald Empress
41 Universo
42 Helspont
43 Orion
44 Darkseid
45 Computo

Posted by: superfriend on 2/26/2014 12:44:05 PM

17a Cheetah
17b Cheetah
18 Ultra Boy
19 Amethyst
20 Blok
21 Wildfire
22 Gates
23 Mr. Majestic
24 Lex Luthor
25 Mano
26 Mr. Miracle
27 Kalibak
28 Lightray
29 Tharok
30 Dawnstar
31 Chameleon Girl
32 Colossal Boy

Posted by: superfriend on 2/26/2014 9:07:27 AM
The full set list is now known.

1 Cosmic Boy
2 Saturn Girl
3 Lighning Lad
4 Science Police
5a Daxamaite
5b Mon-El
6 Triplicate Girl
7 Shrinking Violet
8 Phantom Girl
9 Blight
10 Polar Boy
11 Sensor Girl
12 Tyroc
13 Ladytron
14 Daemonite
15 Timber Wolf
16 Giganta

Posted by: superfriend on 2/26/2014 6:44:10 AM
@superfriend: I've got the three you want. You know you want to complete that set. :)

Posted by: Analysis on 2/25/2014 6:16:56 PM
The REAL news:
The chases are the Servants of Darkness from "The Great Darkness Saga". Someone got a brick early, pulled one and shared a picture on another site yesterday.

And they pulled the following which had previously not been confirmed (that I can remember - there might have been more):

Polar Boy (LSH)
Colossal Boy (LSH)
Shadow Lass (LSH)
Mano (Fatal Five)

Posted by: superfriend on 2/25/2014 6:32:42 AM
I pulled another Science Police (my 3rd) last night.
Phantom Girl
Cosmic Boy (2nd).

I think I'm done with GF for now as I have 7 of 10 and the main set comes out on Wednesday. Wow. Now that I type that out, I realize Wednesday is tomorrow.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/25/2014 6:27:52 AM
@superfriend: You know you want to toss the Daxamite in and trade 4 for 4. :D

Posted by: Analysis on 2/21/2014 11:04:48 AM
Couldn't wait. Bought 2 more GF last night.
Shrinking Violet (2nd)

Posted by: superfriend on 2/21/2014 8:29:40 AM
@superfriend: If you're looking to trade one of the Triplicate Girls or those Science Police...I have Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Ultra-Boy, and Phantom Girl. :)

Posted by: Analysis on 2/20/2014 11:40:22 AM
Just cannot figure out how they are going to put them in the boosters. The wait for this set is killing me. I've bought 8 GF pieces so far and I might need to buy even more to hold me over until the set releases. Pulls so far:

Cosmic Boy
Shrinking Violet
Science Police x2
Triplicate Girl x3!

This set has also made me go back and buy the Legion stories from right before Flashpoint, both the Legion and Adventure Comic runs. Only have one issue left of Adventure to get to complete them. Its been fun catching up with the Legion.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/20/2014 9:30:43 AM
Kalibak! Nice!!! I knew he was going to be in the set. I hope hes an absolute tank like his original model.

Posted by: Blitz23 on 2/20/2014 5:40:05 AM
#Toy Fair
this and other pics of SLOSH at Toy Fair have shown previously unknown pieces:
Glorith (LSH)
LadyTron (Wildcats)
Chameleon Girl (LSH)

Posted by: superfriend on 2/19/2014 9:30:29 AM
#Toy Fair
Giganta sculpt was also shown in another display at Toy Fair. Also a huge piece. So looking forward to this set.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/19/2014 9:14:31 AM
We also know about Mordru and possibly Giganta as well as Validus for giant sized characters. Hopefully there are a couple more, and hopefully they all fall in the same size range. If so, it may be easy find a giant, just now easy finding a specific giant.

Posted by: henryhyde on 2/19/2014 7:36:38 AM
#Toy Fair
I thought his sculpt was big before, but the Toy Fair picture makes the sculpt look huge. How will that fit in a box? If you can select your booster by weight before purchasing, he might be easy to find. The stores where I go, they are behind the counter, so no way to tell.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/19/2014 7:13:06 AM
Validus is amazing. Hope the rest of the fatal five are good.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 2/17/2014 7:31:35 PM
#Validus: There's nothing to be added to this. He's crazy powerful with that 50% PW every turn with a damage value of 2. With that starting attack of 12 he's unlikely to miss.

@The Le: It's only two clicks of Running Shot, but it's still pretty nice.

Posted by: Analysis on 2/17/2014 12:28:54 PM
Finally they did something good. This is a solid figure.

Posted by: HeroixHater on 2/17/2014 12:04:20 PM
Validus is crazy powerful. Imperv / Invul with immunity to Psy Blast? Free action Pulse Wave 50% of the time? Even when he has 2 action tokens? I can see myself playing him at 175 points in constructed. But in sealed, at 250 points it might be hard for your opponent to get any points if you can keep him alive for the whole round.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/17/2014 9:32:41 AM
As for Toy Fair, one display at Toy Fair showed us a new character for this set, Glorith. To me she is a long time Legion of Super Heroes foe. Some folks are saying that in the recent comics she is a new recruit via the Legion Academy. Time will tell which version we are getting.

Personally, I was hoping Toy Fair would reveal the rest of the SLOSH set.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/17/2014 6:57:30 AM
Well the set should have been out jan 29. Or feb 12. Now its feb 26. And then the next DC isnt probably until the fall. Thanks wizkids!! Enjoy your stupid toy fair this weekend.

Posted by: HeroclixHater on 2/14/2014 7:12:25 PM
Liking both versions of Manta.
And still wondering if Giganta will be in only the FF. It would help sell the set.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/14/2014 1:25:00 PM
@white phoenix of the crown: This is WizKids so everything is subject to change, but as of this moment it is expected on February 26.

Posted by: Analysis on 2/12/2014 2:27:41 PM
Release date?

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 2/12/2014 2:13:23 PM
I love the Fast Forces Manta the best. You stick him in water and he i going to be a tough bastard. Not to mention the constant knockback.

Posted by: Aaron on 2/12/2014 12:34:09 AM
Liking both of these Black Mantas.

It sure would be nice to get some Black Manta Mercenaries.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 2/10/2014 1:56:58 PM
Maybe its a way to give him both HSS and Running shot at the same time? 1 is full move and 1/2 range while the other is 1/2 move and full range. It gives you options I guess.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/4/2014 5:03:06 PM
Majestic is looking like the most mobile character ever! Perhaps a little too mobile! Do you really need 4 clix of move and attack powers when you have full dial move and attack with only a -1 nerf? Barring the odd action/attack discrepancy (most notable on the psy-blast click, a fig of his power level shouldn't be energy exploding minions top dial IMHO)I'd be choosing the option to hit and run nine times out of ten. Don't know the character at all though so maybe there is a good reason not to give him HSS and call it a day. Reasonable tent-pole overall but not excited about this one.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 2/4/2014 1:48:59 PM
@superfriend: Not yet. Every main DC set has had a Batman so far.

Posted by: Analysis on 2/4/2014 12:02:25 PM
Have we ever had a set without a Batman? I know he's met 3 different versions of the Legion, he says so in an issue of Action Comics. I also know we have a ton of current versions and do not need another right now. But would WK actually release a DC set without their biggest name character?

Maybe something like this:

Damage SP : Highly Suspicious of Characters from Multiple Futures. Batman can use Outwit and Perplex. Batman can use Perplex normally or can use perplex twice on the same opposing piece if the target has the keyword "Future".

Posted by: superfriend on 2/4/2014 9:45:02 AM
Mr. Majestic is up. Some folks have been hoping for him. I hope they are happy with his dial. Looks to me a lot like a Superman type. Made me think of Gladiator from the WatX set, although the powers are presented in different combinations/clicks. Running Shot, Move And Attack, Impervious, 5 damage, Energy Explosion, 2 bolts, range 7? Yeah, I like this piece.

With Mr. Majestic, Mon-El (you know he's in here with the Mon-El as Green Lantern as an LE prize), and Superboy, do we really need a Superman in this set?

Posted by: superfriend on 2/3/2014 10:33:41 AM
Agreed. I just think for the points you can do something better.

Posted by: Analysis on 1/30/2014 12:31:39 PM
I agree wildcard teams which make use of multiple TAs are fun. But if you are only running one character with a real TA and I take out your Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, you no longer have any TA to copy.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2014 12:22:58 PM
@superfriend: I just think you're paying too much for that flexibility.

Posted by: Analysis on 1/28/2014 8:04:59 PM
ATAs and Wildcards

@Le - Thanks for finding the ruling on ATAs.

@Analysis - I see your point, but I don't feel like I'm "getting stuck" with only one TA, I see it as flexibility to choose the one TA that will give me the most benefit. Batman for stealth, Superman for anti stealth, Mystics for damage retaliation, Batman Enemy to share attack values, JSA to share defense values, Police to reduce enemy defense values. I see it as versatility in a different way.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/28/2014 6:53:05 AM
I'm with Mantis Warrior on this. While you could pick a different team ability to copy each game, it's still just one team ability per game. You're paying some amount of points for the ability to switch team abilities during the game. With Legion Lost, you're paying 4 additional points to get stuck with just one team ability. I'd rather put something like Superboy (or Supergirl) on the team and get the Superman Ally team ability for the points I'm already paying.

Posted by: Analysis on 1/27/2014 5:24:30 PM
Section 2.2, Official Comprehensive Tournament rules (as of 5/2013):

"...Alternate Team Ability cards are permitted in Modern Age events regardless of the set they were originally printed..."

Posted by: The Le on 1/27/2014 3:51:11 PM
I'm just excited to see what folks have to say about a new preview.

I think it is OK to use most ATAs in Modern Age. I'd have to double check on that. I know some folks used one or more during the No Man's Land events at one of the stores I play at.

As for Legion Lost itself, I have not run it, but if I understand it right, you could choose Batman Ally in one round, Superman Ally in a 2nd and Mystics in a third. The cost of 4 points per character is the only negative. The other week I pulled out the Legion members from Superman and played:
Princess Projectra/Sensor Girl
Invisible Kid
Brainiac 5
which came out to an even x00. I had to leave Earth Man and Matter Eater Lad out. To use the ATA I would have needed to swap out one piece for Matter Eater Lad and spend 24 points on the ATA.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/27/2014 1:37:07 PM
@ Superfriend
A good point as always (you always post promptly and with something useful or helpful, thanks!) but it spoils some of the wildcard-glee. Being a wildcard in Clix is all about chopping and changing, having your cake and eating it, swings and roundabouts, endless clichés and rambling...
Legion Lost is well worth the 4 points per model and a great option but in Golden age (assuming I've not missed something) an Alfred bystander for Stealth, a Jarvis (I think it is) for Avengers movement and a Security guard for PD costs roughly the same and gives options (given the urge to use legion lost for bat-ally anyway. What do you reckon?

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/27/2014 1:00:30 PM
"? Everyone (near enough) is a wildcard so who do you copy from?"

You can use the Legion Lost ATA:
Keyword(s): Legion of Super Heroes, Legion of Super
Once at the beginning of the game, if no
character on your force possesses a team ability
that isn’t a wild card team ability, choose any
one DC team ability other than an additional
team ability, a wild card team ability, or a
team ability that can’t be used by wild cards.
Characters using this team ability are not wild
cards and can use the chosen team ability if they
can’t already.

"You’re like the Teen Titans of the future? - No, we’re the
Justice League of the future."

Posted by: superfriend on 1/27/2014 12:37:26 PM
Neither of Gates' special powers are anything new but that 'ignore speed symbols' wording will be so useful for legion teams. The frustrating thing about the LOSH as a clix team is it's lack of synergy with itself:
? No carrying with your flight characters because everyone has the wing symbol.
? Everyone (near enough) is a wildcard so who do you copy from?
Gates solves the first of these two problems as well as Superboy and the 3 TA'd bystander tokens solve the second. The legion can use the carry ability huzzah!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/27/2014 12:05:09 PM
Gates is originally from one of the "Reboots" of the Legion. In the offshoot of Final Crisis, "Legion of 3 Worlds", Brainiac 5 brought 2 previous incarnations of the Legion into the main DC world. Gates was in one of these. After the adventure, Gates chose to stay in the main reality while the rest of his Legion went back to where they came from.

If you like the Legion, you might like the 5 part Legion of 3 Worlds. Its kind of a wrap up of the more recent intro of the Legion which began in the JLA/JSA crossover "The Lightning Saga" and continued in the Action Comics "Superman and the Legion" from which the set derives its name. The costumes used in this set and on the Legion members in the Superman set from Fall 2011 all come from these story lines except for Wildfire whose look was updated in the Legion Lost story which started in Sept 2011 in their own book, "Legion Lost" as part of the new 52 post Flashpoint DCU.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/27/2014 9:55:55 AM
@superfriend: I have never heard of this "GATES" character in today's preview -- but I have to say that he LOOKS pretty cool. Almost makes me want to pick up some comic books.

Posted by: The Le on 1/27/2014 9:48:09 AM
Yeah for today's preview (01/27/2014). To me, this is what a new set is all about. That new character who has never been in the game before with a cool mechanic that makes enough sense you could see yourself using it.

Yes, we've seen this "Carry 4 allies with the same keyword" before. Void and Lady Blackhawk from SOG each had this. But for Gates it makes just as much if not more sense.

My faith in this set is back on top. We WILL get a smattering of new characters to go with the remakes. Gates combined with Wildfire makes me think our chances of more members of Legion Lost are high. Tellus? Yes Please. Tyroc? Yes Please. Timber Wolf? Yes Please. Chamelion Girl? Yes Please.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/27/2014 9:46:17 AM
One other comment on Primes. The rule for playing them is that only one can be played on a force. This may cause WK to consider other characters who are primes already or within the set when designating a version as prime or not.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/23/2014 7:24:24 AM
I'm afraid only WizKids knows that. Your bets bet is to compare the primes across multiple sets, make comparisons and try to draw conclusions. The primes began in Batman, and we have Amazing Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Wolverine and the X-Men and Invincible Iron Man to look at plus 1/2 of SLOSH. Bets are that White Witch / Black Witch will be another prime in SLOSH.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/23/2014 7:19:52 AM
I have a question and I hope someone can answer it. Its about Prime figures. I'm curious as to how a character is chosen as a Prime. In the Amazing Spider-Man set, the new Hobgoblin was made the Prime and not the original, Roderick Kingsley. Is it perhaps Kingsley is retired in the comics and Phil Urich was the one and only Hobgoblin at the time? Thanks for your thoughts.

Posted by: Ho1ocau5t on 1/22/2014 1:01:46 PM
@Superfriend Praise for the prime and how it differs is well said. It's a shame the main set one is so underwhelming. Seriously compare her with the old Icons version or even Cosmic Justice(I think it was CJ). She always had stellar dials for the points back then and now... She just hasn't gained much in 20-odd sets. With the trait she musters the stats of her 5 year-old counterpart, once her prey is KO'd... ho... hum...snore....

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/21/2014 9:02:52 AM
I'm definitely liking the prime version here. Regular Cheetah is saved by her trait. Without it, her combat values are a little low to compete in the current environment. Prime, though, has some stuff going on although I would have liked for her effects to have worked better together.

Posted by: Analysis on 1/20/2014 12:52:16 PM
THIS is THE way to do a prime. Alternate version of the same character with enough differences in play to be worth chasing after. And 2 variant costumes/sculpts as well, very nice. Will be looking for 17a to play on my LOD teams and would be very happy to pull 17b. Well done WizKids, well done.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/20/2014 10:19:43 AM
OK, I have to admit, that preview was worth waiting for. They toy mechanics look like a lot of fun. I like that one of the toys is packed with Toyman. Never got a Flock of Bats or the Batman they go with. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull / trade for / buy Toyman and get to use this.

My only issue is I wish that we could get Toyman in the costume he wore on the Super Friends TV show.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/15/2014 10:04:05 AM
Bummed that there was no SLOSH preview yesterday. The end of the Universo preview implied we might see Toyman. Was looking forward to finding out how the toys would work. We can guess they might be similar to the Flocks of Bats in the Batman set, but will not really know until they are revealed.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/14/2014 9:53:02 AM
I like Universo and especially for sealed where you'll see a lot of Legion. That said, the obvious solution for dealing with him is to base him. Then he can only MC with a 10 attack. And has a 17 defense. Super Senses and Shape Change, though, will help keep him alive.

Posted by: Analysis on 1/7/2014 12:28:46 PM
Universo. Liking his special powers. Extra lightning bolts when using Mind Control, healing when attacking Legion members. Very difficult to hit unless you Outwit some of his defense abilities.

The thing I find odd, like with Lightray, if this is the first - and possibly only - version we are getting, why make a Rookie version? Why not an Experienced version and showcase him at a medium power level for the character? 71 points just feels too cheap for a guy who can take on several Legion members at once. It just feels odd.

Also, the preview mentions come back next week, which means the Friday preview slot is no longer SLOSH. Friday will probably DOFP from now on.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/6/2014 10:00:00 AM
Mister miracle... Wheres the willpower/indomitable? Why isnt his defense higher than 17!? Why does wizkids hate dc heroclix? Most of them are front loaded (emerald empress) and have no depth. Marvel heroclix are better. There.. I said it.

Posted by: SoA on 1/5/2014 11:16:37 PM
Starman's dial and traits look pretty cool. But to me, the big question it adds to the set is, will this set include any other related characters. Starman and Stargirl could mean more JSA such as STRIPE, the never made original Star Spangled Kid, the modern Sand? a remake of the original Sandman? a new Shade? The possibilities make me hopeful for a pre Flashpoint JSA / nu52 Earth 2 set for late 2014 (say when Invincible Iron Man was released in 2013).

Posted by: superfriend on 1/2/2014 7:32:50 AM
For consideration: Legion of Super Heroes members who have never been made as HeroClix who also are / were being featured in comics from the recent push they got in the JLA/JSA Lighting Saga, Superman and the Legion in Action Comics, Legion of 3 Worlds, Adventure Comics, and LoSH up to nu52.

Blok (in this set)
Lighting Lass
Polar Boy
White Witch (in this set)

Members unmade but not currently featured:

Invisible Kid I (deceased)
Ferro Lad (deceased)
Chemical King (deceased)

Members made before the carded era but not in the carded era:

Chameleon Boy
Colossal Boy
Mon-El (in this set)
Shadow Lass

Posted by: superfriend on 12/30/2013 7:20:48 AM
I've had the weekend to think about it. I guess my real objection to Wildfire being in the set is that I feel WizKids probably allocated a certain number of slots to the Legion. If one of them is used for Wildfire it means another Legion related character did not get made.

To be honest, Luthor and Bizarro were also in the Superman set, Sinestro was in the War of Light fast forces, Brainiac was in DC 10th and Scarecrow was in Streets of Gotham. I expect all of these in this set and am also disappointed that some are being remade so soon. But the Legion of Doom has a very set group of 13 characters while the Legion of Super-Heroes probably has 30 or so and a membership which changes. If we got 8 of the LSH last time and are getting (this is a guess) 15 LSH this time, wouldn't it make sense to get 15 different characters this time?

Posted by: superfriend on 12/30/2013 6:53:24 AM
The sculpt of Dawnstar might be useful for a conversion (a weeping-angel super-hero).
While I have no interest in the Legion as characters, this set is still looking like a good set.

@superfriend: I agree, rotations alone are not a good enough reason to repeat the same characters. The game would quickly get stagnant if that practice was followed. Slowing down the rotations would make more sense if it's that important to people.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 12/29/2013 11:29:44 AM
I don't mind a new Wildfire. I mean, if a marquee level character can get 5+ versions made a year, why not a more obscure one getting a little more love. That being said, I still haven't even played the Supes one.
It's about time we got a new Dawnstar, but given the chance I'll probably reach for the Crisis version more often then not. That "choose a character" special thing she has going just can't be beat, and for more than 20 points less than the new version

Posted by: Malakai on 12/29/2013 6:17:30 AM
"the superman set will be rotated out here pretty soon." <-- This is NO reason to remake a character. It should NEVER be the reason to remake a character. If it was, we would never get any new characters, just the same 50 or so every time a set retired.

As I said, the sub theme in Superman should be the start and this should build upon it. If you just "think" we will see Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy and Shrinking Violet, you missed the initial announcement of the set. Go look at the first few pages in this article to see their sculpts.

Posted by: superfriend. on 12/28/2013 3:11:32 PM
I'll disagree with you superfriendon your one vice against Wildfire. While I think including another wildfire in a set after Superman is a little bleh, the superman set will be rotated out here pretty soon. That would be a major reason why that he's included, as well as probably another Brainiac 5 and some other members from that set. Bouncing Boy does not need a remake, he's one of the obscure LOSH members that do not need to be remade. Obviously we are getting Mon-El, as well a Ultra Boy and probably timberwolf. The whole Legion set that came out before the original Justice League set seems like they are being made (Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl already being spoiled. That's 3/7 right there.) Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl, Timber Wolf and Ultra Boy round that out and we'll probably see them. Dream Girl does need a remake, as she was a staple of my old Legion teams (until the more recent members came out). Dawnstar is nice to see come back, Karate Kid could be included but the rest of the members really aren't needed. If you look back at what legion members have been made, there really wasn't a whole lot done until recent. Element Lad would be sweet to have again but, other than that, you would have to look at the more recent comic series for legion members to be made.

Posted by: Victory2Gundam on 12/28/2013 6:42:59 AM
Dawnstar and Wildfire. Well, today's (December 27) preview is up and I am opposed to 1 of the 2 pieces previewed today being in this set. With so many members of the Legion available, and many members of the team never made at all in this game, there is barely reason to include any character / member who was made in so recent a set as the Superman set, which came out in the fall of 2011. I am sorry, but I am very disappointed that his membership in Legion Lost seems to justify including one of today's previewed pieces, Wildfire. To me, the point of this set is to expand the Legion characters available to be wielded on the battle field, and a new Wildfire so soon does NOT do that. I am sorry WK, but including 2 Wildfires so close in a row is a fail in character selection.

Dawnstar was made a bit farther back, in Crisis. She too could have been left out as this version works perfectly well as a current comics representation of the character. Her inclusion in Crisis could be due to her high prominence in the JLA/JSA/LSH crossover story, "The Lightning Saga". As that set has been out of rotation for a while, I could see including another version here, but she is also on the lower end of needed members of the Legion. Note: this lower end of the list also includes Bouncing Boy, and Dream Girl, made in the Justice League set, Karate Kid also made in the Crisis set, and Element Lad, included in Arkham Assylum.

I've gotten used to the idea of this Legion set being stuffed with remakes of Legion members we already have, but to include character made in the last set which featured a Legion subset and will still be Modern Age legal for several months after this set comes out feels like a fail in character selection.

I can sort of see including them if you want to make the modern Legion Lost, but I'd rather see the slots go to Tellus, Tyroc, Gates and Chameleon Girl who have never been in the game. Isn't the Wildfire we just got good enough? We also need Chameleon Boy, not made since DCs 3rd set to lead the Espiange Squad.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/27/2013 9:53:11 AM
The thing I like most about Mordru is that he is portrayed in a classic costume that reminds me of when I first met him in back in Justice League of America #148.

There and in other appearances, he is often portrayed as a giant, so I am glad he got the giant size. +2 to relic rolls is very good. And he get to summon a relic? A hammer anyone?

Team him up with Shaman from Invincible Iron Man and they can keep adding light objects to the game continuously.

Also, if this is the dial of Mordru, and Black Witch is White Witch after she absorbs Mordru, Black Witch is probably going to have an insane dial.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/24/2013 6:53:50 AM
That trait for Lightray is one I would expect to see if they ever made heroclix based on Strike Force Morituri

Posted by: Grim on 12/20/2013 5:48:34 PM
Lightray is one of those characters I have wanted in the game for a long time. Why? Because not only is he one of the few good New Gods, but he also served briefly on the Justice League. "What?", you say.

Yes, back in the glory of the JL International days, shortly after Blue Beetle and Booster Gold bankrupted the team by starting a casino on a floating island, the team was attacked by Despero. During this fight, the New God known as Mr. Miracle "died" at the hands of Despero. Orion and Lightray traveled to Earth and joined the JLI to find out what was so great about Earth and the JLI that Miracle had been willing to give his life for. (The readers knew that the Miracle who died was a robot, but the other characters did not. Made for some interesting and fun stuff.) No JLI keyword, but I'm just thrilled he's finally in the game.

At for the dial, I kind of like the idea of the trait. You could push him on his last click to move into a group of opposing pieces and cause it to go off, or use him on that last click forever, haunting your opponent with them knowing how bad it will be if they take him out.

The New Gods in this set are beginning to look very fun to play together (and with Barda from the Batman set).

Posted by: superfriend on 12/20/2013 11:43:30 AM
@eyehatethenew52: One more note on Alex Avilla. The reason who designed the dial here is important is because Alex got to design the dial as part of his reward for winning the title of 2012 World Champion of HeroClix.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/17/2013 6:49:23 AM
@eyehatethenew52: The figure with Stargirl is Alex Avila who designed the figure. They've been including an imagine of the designer since Black Adam from the Superman set.

Posted by: Analysis on 12/16/2013 4:26:47 PM
I dont get it, why add the slacker dude to the Stargirl figure? Unless he's part of her story it just makes a great figure look stupid! (I dont play the game, just collect the figures,)

Posted by: eyehatethenew52 on 12/16/2013 2:32:37 PM
I like Stargirl. I'm glad she is getting a new dial. I like
1. including the Stunning Blow feat as a special power. Kind of wish she had it for the entire dial.
2. Naming the standard powers after the first names of her teammates in the JSA.
3. Giving her JL, JS, and YJ as keywords. I don't remember her working with YJ, but I could see putting her with them on teams.

The 2nd trait feels a bit overwhelming the way it is worded. I might have tried to do it using a more dial centric representation like this.
1. Put the Sharpshooter on the dial.
2. Add a defense SP: "Can use Barrier, CR, ESD, and Toughness."
3. Put RCE on the dial on clicks 1 and 2.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/16/2013 1:53:06 PM
Is the character with stargirl the gentleman that created the model? Cus thats pretty cool.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 12/16/2013 1:35:52 PM
This Bizarro is a beast, it’ll take everything you have to bring him down. The best chance is use outwit then hit him with everything your team can dish out. Hopefully when he rolls on his next turn he lands on another dial that will still have the same power outwitted and you continue to pound him. Also if he does have someone on his team that can heal him I would focus on taking them out as fast as possible also. Even with that he’ll still be a pain, with the chance to do 5 damage from range and penetrating damage up close. You’ll still need this guy to have some bad dice rolls just so he takes any damage. I can’t wait to play against him or have him on a team, either way it’ll be fun seeing who has a strategy to take him out.

Posted by: Ace on 12/16/2013 10:02:47 AM
I want them all, I love villains

Posted by: ace on 12/14/2013 8:18:38 PM
In another post, @LE asked if a piece was worth its points. I have to say, 150 points for 6 clicks feels very expensive.

I do like his "give others the SE team ability" trait. Which brings back a previous question. This is now the 4th LOD member previewed which does not have the IL team ability. Not only that, but Luthor was the leader of both versions of the Injustice League that the IL team ability was created for. IL1: JLA #10: Luthor, Joker, Circe, Ocean Master, Mirror Master and J'emm Son of Saturn. IL2: Luthor, Prometheus, Queen Bee, the General.

I wasn't sold on the pose when I first saw it, but now with the Smarter than you are and Mastermind power, it fits the "I've planned this, now you do the grunt work" attitude.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/13/2013 12:18:35 PM
I really like that Luthor! I'm not sure how good he is, but he looks FUN! He starts out by helping his allies via Defend, then his ego gets in the way and it turns to Mastermind. i might not win any matches with this guy, but at least I'll enjoy losing

Posted by: Malakai on 12/13/2013 10:00:46 AM
@Heroclix - the IL team ability not being used here for the Legion of Doom characters (not just Bizarro) is a very good question. Bizarro would need both SE and IL. Riddler would need both BE and IL. Maybe in terms of points it is expensive?

Posted by: superfriend on 12/10/2013 8:06:24 AM
@Heroclix Keep in mind that the Bizarro only takes one click of life each time he takes damage - so if someone fields a 300pt Bizarro with 12 tokens you need to hit him and cause damage 12 separate times… and considering that he has a 'move and attack' every click, and can evade or ignore damage on every click, I think he will more thank likely be the last man standing quite often… (or should I say First man sitting??)

Posted by: SuperPrime on 12/9/2013 7:22:20 PM
How is that bizarro even playable? His defense and damage output is awful. Why doesnt he have the IL team symbol? If wizkids was going for the complete opposite of superman.. Well they got it. I, for one, will not be using this figure. The model looks good i cant complain with that but to me he is just not playable. I hope the other versions of him are better.

Posted by: Heroclix on 12/9/2013 5:57:21 PM

Yes I do have the AvX Spidey and i Love IT! I just wish the super senses Trait wasn't just for ranged attacks. Indomitable or CR/WP on those first two clicks to help him along.

Posted by: David on 12/9/2013 3:24:48 PM
Blok: Out of the Way: I like the charge + destroy blocking that one of the Wrecking Crew got in the Invincible Iron Man set. Re-using that here is just fine.

And I think Blok's For My Love trait just told us who one of the primes in the set is, Black Witch. I agree with using her as a prime. Black Witch really only appeared in a few pages of the 5 part Legion of 3 Worlds story.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/9/2013 11:15:47 AM
Love Bizarro. Hard to know if people posting are using Bizarro speak when rating this, but I do think its great. Love the randomness and that you can play him at a ton of point values. Could easily see playing him at 100 points.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/9/2013 8:48:08 AM
I love this bizarro! I think it's the best bizarro there is. This set seems like it could be one of my favorite sets ever! @blitz23 I disagree about marvel sets Bering made better than DC ones. Superman is almost always done better than Thor.

Posted by: eGGtheGreat on 12/7/2013 7:05:46 PM
Wow that bizarro is so stupid. Hes not even worth 300pts because his dial is so sporadic. Are the Marvel and DC heroclix developers the same? Because they make marvel heroclix wayy better than the DC ones. Once again.. This Bizarro is a dumb dial.

Posted by: Blitz23 on 12/7/2013 5:47:17 PM
@David - Have you seen the Spider-Man in the Avengers AvX Starter? I think it is a very good representation of Spider-Man.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/4/2013 8:03:21 AM
I think Spider-Man should have the trait that Mister Miracle has! That has Spidey written all over it....

Posted by: David on 12/4/2013 7:39:18 AM
@superfriend, you can outwit flight- not a likely candidate to be outwitted given an opportunity to outwit, but can be done

Posted by: the question on 12/3/2013 12:23:19 PM
Liking Mr Miracle a lot. He should be able to "escape" all the time. The ignore elevation seems redundant with flight and the omission of ignore hindering seems odd when elevation is included. The trait to take a token instead of damage on top of shape change and super senses is amazing.

I was expecting all the New Gods would have indominable, so initially disappointed he doesn't have it. But I might get over it.

Overall, glad to have him back in the game. Adding him to my early JLI teams immediately.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/3/2013 6:59:06 AM
Wha PassingBy said... yes...

Posted by: The Le on 12/2/2013 12:59:40 PM
@The Le: Mister Miracle has Defend and Probability Control, not Support and Barrier.

Posted by: PassingBy on 12/2/2013 12:57:38 PM
The Emerald Empress piece gets points of coolness for all the powers named using "Eye" instead of "I".

The Eye as a relic makes me wonder if it is removable. Not sure I like the dropping of the Eye aspect. By placing it in an adjacent square, Emerald Empress has to waste a turn moving into that square before she can pick it up again.

Between IIM's Controller, Saturn Girl and Emerald Empress, we seem to have a lot of free action Mind Control going on here...

Posted by: superfriend on 12/2/2013 7:46:20 AM
I only collect Marvel items but I'm happy for my DC friends. Looks like a great start and from what I understand "Legion" fans are very devoted!

Posted by: Ed Kaye on 11/30/2013 10:28:59 AM
Kevin, remember that the Legion of Superheroes was created back when we had crazy heroes names Super Man, Super Boy, Super Girl, Super Woman, Bat Man, Bat Woman, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Hawk Man, Hawk Girl, Hawk Woman and so on. When the Legion was revamped, they got more modern: Shrinking Violet, Mon-El, Timber Wolf, Brainiac 5. And again, another revamp got us Wildfire, Dawnstar, Blok, White Witch. The Kids, Lads, Lasses, Boys and Girls often continued as tradition.

Posted by: Benjamin on 11/30/2013 2:24:57 AM
Seriously, it's names like these that just make me disinterested in the DC brand outside of the Batman/Superman storylines. They probably have dope storylines too, but c'mon, "Cosmic Boy"?, "Saturn Girl?" Really? I can't get passed it. It's just too damn cheesy. I don't even want to make the extra effort to explore these characters back stories even though I REALLY do want to be open to exploring more of the DC universe. It'd be one thing if I grew up on DC, but I'm a newby waiting to be "drawn" or "intrigued" the way Nightwing, Red Hood, or Deathstroke intrigued me.

Posted by: Kevin on 11/27/2013 8:27:19 PM
Liking the Legion Founders trio.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/26/2013 7:29:17 AM
Just wanted to say I'm way more excited about this set than Iron Man or AvX.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/15/2013 12:56:48 PM
Glad Edward Nigma is a prime as he's awesome.
think regular Riddler could have been better though, as sweet as that perplex is, he's really not bringing much else to the table other than very late dial outwit. yes he's cheap and comic accurate, though after the awesomeness of the old AA version i'm left expecting more from the character.
Still that Prime version is Epic!

Posted by: Ste on 11/14/2013 10:30:57 AM
I was agreeing that strategies needed to change. Until the Iron Man set, WK seemed to have been making ranged characters weaker. Shorter ranges in general. Outwit, Perplex range is now range of character. The reason I heard was to make Brick type characters more likely to get in a hit before they were destroyed. I'm not usually a brick player, so I decided to try it out. Without the blocking terrain, it would have been hard to move up without getting shot to KO before getting there. Now I think I will be even less likely to field a brick type figure.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/14/2013 9:19:06 AM
wow aggro much?

Posted by: bob the hydra agent on 11/13/2013 12:40:55 PM
So your strategies won't work anymore. Make a new one. I love all the new stuff. If they don't change things or make new mechanics, then we will just be playing the same games over and over. I don't won't to be stuck using the same strategy every time I play.

Posted by: you know who on 11/13/2013 10:05:33 AM
Agreed on the Strategy changing. Last night I relied heavily on blocking terrain to move my bricks (Red She Hulk and Strong Guy) across the board. Improved Targeting will make that useless.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/13/2013 7:39:11 AM
wow perplex regardless of rang or line of fire? seriously? that and the improved targeting from iron man set really feels like a lot of strat is going out the window with these new figs...

Posted by: vidious on 11/12/2013 8:43:43 PM
Two very nice versions of the Riddler. Hopefully these will make happy those who complained he was not in Batman or SOG. I like the costume better on the regular piece. They both have a great trait. The dials are good too.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/12/2013 12:58:41 PM
For a long time I've wanted Apache chief, Black Vulcan, El dorado and Samurai just to complete my favorite childhood team. Unfortunately it dosent look like this will be the set.

Posted by: Apov1 on 11/12/2013 8:08:23 AM
Highfather is one of those characters who never seems to get made in any line. I've been wishing for him in this game (or any line) for a long time. Glad to finally have him.

As for the dial, kind of disappointed. Highfather is one of the 5 who actually make up the Quintessence, of whom the team ability is named after. Glad to see WK got the TA and the keyword on the dial. And the dial itself, on its own, it great. I like his Pact trait. It fits him. Its just that after Darkseid @ 350 points and Orion @ 200 points, he feels a bit weak @ 130 points. But, as I said, glad to finally have him. Also, at 130 points, will be much easier to include in a team than 350 points.

Eagerly awaiting Mr. Miracle's dial and hoping for Forager, Parademons and the Female Furies.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/11/2013 7:41:41 AM
Cool I know some of my old players who have made teams of just people sitting in chairs will like to see a new figure to add to their team.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 11/9/2013 9:23:43 AM
Awesome!!! Been waiting for this guy.

Posted by: bgreyloc on 11/8/2013 10:41:42 AM
Now as for Orion, he's in the category of my "Top Most Wanted Remakes", along with the also confirmed Mr. Miracle. If I have to suffer a new Darkseid to get a new Orion and Mr. Miracle and first time Highfather and Lightray, I can do that.

As for Orion's dial. I love that it is keyed toward Darkseid's defeat.

One question bugging me is, we got 4 generics in TT, and only 1 in WatX. SLOSH already has confirmed Blight, Daemonites, Science Police and Daxamites. Is there room for Parademons? And yes, I would take both Red and Green versions as long as they had different dials. And while we are talking about generics, at some point I would like to see Khunds which gave the LSH problems for a while.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/8/2013 8:17:54 AM
Yeah, there are a couple of obvious theme characters in this set which have been done a lot, like Darkseid, yet they really fit here. In fact, Darkseid is the one character who ties the New Gods, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Doom all together. Main enemy of New Gods. Fought the LSH in one of their best stories, "The Great Darkness Saga", and (stretching it a bit here) was the main threat for an entire season of the Super Friends, just like the Legion of Doom.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/8/2013 8:10:47 AM
Oh look... Darkseid again *rolls eyes*

Posted by: Ho1ocau5t on 11/6/2013 7:42:49 PM
Awesome! Just noticed the Riddler on the booster cover. Can't wait to see his dial.

Posted by: henryhyde on 11/5/2013 9:47:04 AM
so much want in this set. I wonder if there were issues in using the cartoon version of Toyman. Would love to have that version too. Surprised by more Wildcats. They are welcome, but I was actually expecting Stormwatch to be the Wildstorm team in this set. All of the LOD in one set? Will they do it? OK, we could skip Scarecrow because he was in SOG. The Fatal Five are also cool. Note Validus on the side of the box. "Giants" as an identified group on the box in the same font as New Gods? Will Giganta and Validus be joined by Colossal Boy? Then there are the New Gods. If any subset of DC characters is more needing of representation in HeroClix, I cannot think of one. Highfather, Lightray, Orion, Mr. Miracle, Kalibak.

Polar Boy, Tellus, Quislet
Forager, the Female Furies
Mr. Majestic

Posted by: superfriend on 11/5/2013 7:37:26 AM
Organized play kit. - if past is an indicator of this set, the Mon EL as Green Lantern is on the box where it says "Play Local - Win Big". So is Mordru and a Legion Flight Ring. I'd bet these are also part of the OP kit for this set. Really stoked about the Mon-El as GL.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/5/2013 7:22:46 AM
@The Le: That's Stealth, not Outwit, on Blight.

Posted by: PassingBy on 11/1/2013 8:42:39 AM
Yesterday's announcement gave us almost 1/2 the set in terms of sculpts and names. Stoked to see a lot of it. Yes, I agree with posters below and am concerned about the number of remakes in this set, but at the same time many of them are new or have not been made in a long time. Also, the Legion of Super Heroes members costumes seem to continue to reflect the most recent era and go perfectly with those in the Superman set from 2011. Stoked for this.

Posted by: superfriend on 11/1/2013 6:42:38 AM
@grm I agree with you I'm just saying I have not seen a DC set that I can remember that did not have those three in it

Posted by: jpoof on 10/29/2013 12:55:45 PM
sorry first comment ever. Started collecting over two years ago. I have to agree with most of you, you can only have sooo many pieces of LIGHTNING LAD,SATURN GIRL, and COSMIC BOY!! BUT it could be worse you could pull out of a pack-AQUAMAN W/ TUSKY OR IMP THESEAHORSE!! So count your blessing! WHITE PHOENIX OF THE CROWN are you still looking for a QUEEN OF FABLES? If so maybe we can work out a trade? 17

Posted by: phantom stranger on 10/27/2013 8:16:19 PM
@jpoof, i'm not so sure, while it makes sense for superman to be in set (albeit a younger version of him) I see no sense or even a sign of bats or wonder woman being in this set. either one would as out of place as a fish in the Sahara. But we do see the founding trio of the Legion who, as I pointed out before, do need updates.

Posted by: Grm on 10/10/2013 5:37:49 PM
@grim I'm pretty sure they are talking about the 3 as them being Superman,Batman,and wonder woman

Posted by: jpoof on 10/3/2013 10:33:52 AM
Not a bad sculpt for Lex, wonder what the dial will be like. I haven't played an Superman Killing team in a longtime, might be time to start the theme up again.

Posted by: bobby on 10/2/2013 10:38:11 PM
Let's hope we'll get some more Legionnaires that haven't been done or get some needed remakes. Chameleon Boy, Triplicate Girl, Ferro Lad, Lightning Lass, Shadow Lass and other lesser knowns. Oh, Superman again? *yawn*

Posted by: Ho1ocau5t on 10/2/2013 9:39:44 PM
I like what I see. I just hope the rest of the set is as "fresh" as these pieces. Superman is expected, but leave the rest of the Justice League for another set. The Conner Superboy is good. Not as good as pre-crisis, but better than Nu52.

Posted by: Will on 10/2/2013 4:10:40 PM
Finally a modern Solomon Grundy!

Posted by: MrZombie84 on 10/2/2013 9:21:16 AM
With a potential of three Solomon Grundy’s (FF, Main set, and Gravity Feed), it would be really nice if one of them was the Earth 2 version that was the villain in the first arc.

Posted by: Andrew on 10/1/2013 6:17:44 PM

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 10/1/2013 5:04:25 PM
Hoping for Apokalypse characters and the New Gods.
Heck an alien sub theme in general would be great.

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 10/1/2013 5:03:27 PM
@ Puuka what do you mean by that? the three I assume your talking about (Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl) haven't been seen since the Legion set which is well into Golden age. only modern age LSH are in the Superman set. as a long tie Legion fan I welcome this set that the badly needed updates for its three founding members

Posted by: Grim on 10/1/2013 4:33:51 PM
I've never been a fan of the legion of superheros, and do wish we'd get a bit more variety in DC sets, but I am glad to see a villain-themed fast force.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 10/1/2013 4:04:20 PM
Really, A LoSH set and of course, three slots filled with the same three we always get.

Posted by: Puuka on 10/1/2013 2:24:07 PM
HOLY SHIZ!!! A NEW SUPERMAN YES!!! im excited for that and that is really it the first superman set i diddnt really like it all that much soooo with that said im hoping this set is better especially with hopefully a new sinestro bizarro lex luthor superman and the legionarres coming it is something im looking forward to

Posted by: TheChickenMan on 10/1/2013 1:36:07 PM