Age of Ultron Movie Starter Dials
Friday Mar 27, 2015

HEroClix AGe of Ultron Movie Starter
3 new previews from the Age of Ultron movie starter - it's THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and IRON MAN! Check them out on pages 1, 2, and 3!


Age of Ultron Movie (HeroClix)
Thursday Mar 26, 2015

Age of Ultron Movie HeroClixNew images from the Age of Ultron Movie HeroClix set! There's 10 pages of images, so pace yourself.

WARNING: These HeroClix figures contain spoilers for the Avengers 2 movie! Proceed with caution!


Hiro Clix: Sokka
Thursday Mar 26, 2015

Hiro Clix Sokka HeroClix Dial
Welcome Hiro Clixers! In this addition of Hiro Clix we take a look at a fan favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Make room in your favorite heroclix team for this tactical yet humorous warrior of the Water Tribe.


Donatello is dead
Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Donatello is DeadIt's a sad time for comic fans, as the Ninja Turtle Donatello has died (in the comic books). As a special tribute, checkout our Clix Craves: TMNT special.

Clix Craves: TMNT >>

Side note: The rumor is that this is a big publicity stunt, so we'll keep a close eye to see what else comes of it!

Age of Ultron HeroClix (previews)
Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Age of Ultron HeroClixFound some great AGE OF ULTRON images in the latest Game Trade Magazine! Age of Ultron GF available April, the same time as the Age of Ultron Movie Starter!


Don't forget to see the additional images on pages one and two!

Superman / Wonder Woman HeroClix (images)
Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Superman / Wonder Woman HeroClixThe folks at ICV2 got some great high-res pics of Superman/Wonder Woman. You've already seen these pics last week right here at HeroClix World, but now we've got high-res versions!


Age of Ultron HeroClix (previews)
Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

Age of Ultron HeroClix ImagesFound some great AGE OF ULTRON images in the latest Game Trade Magazine!


The Quintessential Arrow
Thursday Mar 19, 2015

The Quintessential Arrow HeroClix Dial

Welcome to a new edition of the Quintessential HeroClix series! Today we're take veering off center a bit in order to bring you the Quintessential Arrow, based on the hit tv show!


Avengers Academy HeroClix
Thursday Mar 19, 2015

Avengers Academy HeroClix SpoilersOver in Vegas, super fan Kristopher F. took this picture of a new HeroClix set: Avengers Academy! I wonder who the pale white villain is?


X-Men Mutant Revolution
Thursday Mar 19, 2015

X-Men Mutant RevolutionWizkids just announced a new board game: X-Men Mutant Revolution! A Picture is worth a thousand words...


HeroClix - eff Yeah!
Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Eff YeahFound a great little HeroClix site on Tumblr recently called "HeroCilxRules Everything AroundMe". It's a fun site to check out, and it's perfect if you need an opinion or need a 'Clix question answered... and its troll free.


(disclaimer: We haven't been paid or compensated for this. We're just think it's a nice 'Clix site that would benefit our readers. If you have a 'clix-centric site you want to recommend for front page coverage, hit us up with the CONTACT US link at the top!)

Superman / Wonder Woman HeroClix
Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

OvSuperman / Wonder Woman HeroClix Newser on Facebook, Kristopher F posted this slide confirming a SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN HeroClix set, available in October. We're not exactly sure where it came from, but it looks legit to us!


Hypersonic HeroClix Reviews: The Irish
Tuesday Mar 17, 2015

Hypersonic HeroClix Reviews: The Irish

Welcome to another edition of Hypersonic HeroClix Reviews! As a St Patrick's Day special, we're going to look at 3 awesome Irish HeroClix figures, starting with Daredevil!


Animal Man
Friday Mar 13, 2015

Animal Man HeroClixNew animal Man dial over at, who has some of the best HeroClix coverage in the internet... without the trolls!


Happy Friday the 13th!
Friday Mar 13, 2015

Friday the 13th HeroClixHappy Friday the 13th! We've got some great ways for you to celebrate this unofficial holiday!

• HC Scenario: Victims!
• HC Scenario: Trick or Treat
• HC scenario: B-Movie
Quintessential Jason Voorhees
Quintessential Freddy Krueger
Top 5 Zombie Movies
DreamClix: Zombie Apocalypse
Clix Beat: Zuvembie

Tune back to HeroClix World tonight for a new original HeroClix article!

Spider-Ham convention Exclusive Dial
Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

Spider-Ham has the latest dial preview for SPIDER-HAM!


(and you can check out all the upcoming 2015 convention exclusives right here)

Awesome Clix: Tigra
Monday Mar 09, 2015

HeroClix Strategy: AWesome Clix: Tigra

Awesome Clix returns with a fairly recent addition to the Golden Age - Tigra from Chaos War! She doesn't look too tough at first glance, but at 57 points you'll find that she's excellent on nearly any team, especially in lower point games!


HeroClix Preview: The Weird
Friday Mar 06, 2015

Heroclix The is one of the best places for HeroClix previews. Today they've got a look at the convention exclusive WEIRD dial.


(and you can check out all the upcoming 2015 convention exclusives right here)

Teen Titans Go!
Friday Mar 06, 2015

Teen Titans Go HeroClix WorldOne of the best superhero shows on tv right now is Teen Titans Go. Kids love it, and the humor is great for adults too. Best off all, they used the original voices from the old Teen Titans cartoon. Each episode is only around 10 minutes and they're very self contained -- we've got some of our favorite clips ready to go!


HeroClix Scenario: Capture and Hold
Thursday Mar 05, 2015

HeroClix World Scenario: Capture and HoldArtifacts of great power have appeared. It's up to you to take them and keep them out of the hands of your enemies! Can you capture Thor's Hammer, the Green Power Ring, and the Comic Book?

This HeroClix scenario is for 2-4 players and is a nice twist on Capture and Hold games you'll find in video games. We hope you like it!



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" Hey Kung Fu Master, I will give you that the 300 point Hulk looks pretty darn good. I do hope he is better then the AVM #202 who is 255 points. I consider #202 the best version of him so far. But the newest JLTW Superman isn't overrated. That is probably the best he will ever become in the Nu52 universe. But to get the best Superman in clix, he still has not been correctly made. If you took the All Star Superman #001 from the Superman set and raised all of his stats by +3 or +4 and points to 450-500. Then you would have an accurate Superman representing him at his strongest. In comics Superman has taken out Thor one on one and stood there while Hulk beat on him and did not move at all. If he had hit Hulk with all of his strength he probably would have killed him, if not then sent him flying into space unconscious and to disappear forever. As far as overrated goes. I will admit I think the 200 point Batman from his own set is overrated, but so is the 200 point Captain America from AVX. Neither one needs to be that much. The newest Batman from JLTW at 150 points I feel is an accurate version of him. Iron Man at 250 points overrated? I want to see him in action first before I pass judgement. I consider the Marvel 10th and IM3 Mk42 versions at 220 points each very accurate and good versions of him. But I also like to use the 300 point version from IIM."

By: Nightwing-fan (Age of Ultron Movie HeroClix)

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