Top 12 Joker HeroClix Dials
Friday Aug 29, 2014

Top 12 Joker HeroClix Dials - HeroClix World

The Joker is the most iconic villain in the Batman universe, but for a while we've had some pretty lousy HeroClix versions. That's all changed in recent years as Wizkids has stepped up their game and has given us more comic accurate clowns. Today we look at the top 12 Joker HeroClix dials from all spectrums.


Site Update: Comments system working
Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

08-27-2014: Site update:  The comment system has been fixed. You can now post comments again. Thank you to everyone who brought it to our attention.

The Quintessential Doomsday (HeroClix)
Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

Quintessential Doomsday HeroClix DialHow do you design a dial for the villain that once killed Superman? Very carefully. Once again, master designer Eric Schaen returns with his take on the Quintessential Doomsday HeroClix Dial! Played at nearly any build total, Doomsday is indeed a Superman Killer!


Worst Clix Ever: Parasite
Monday Aug 25, 2014

HeroClix World - Wost Clix Ever: ParasiteWe continue our Worst Clix Ever series with a real oldie but definitely not goodie - DC Hypertime's Parasite! It's a funny thing, because at first glance Parasite doesn't seem too bad, especially with Golden Age goggles on. But take a closer look... he sucks.


Colleen Wing's Bystander Party!
Thursday Aug 21, 2014

HeroClix World Bystander Party: Colleen Wing (and Lian Harper)After last weeks's successful party, the Bystanders have returned asking for another! Today we feature 26 new printable Bystander Tokens based on Colleen Wing!

Oh, and this time, they brought a friend...


Quintessential Poll
Thursday Aug 21, 2014

HeroClix World Quintessential PollWant to make your voice heard? How about choosing our next Quintessential HeroClix article for us? Just vote for who you want and we'll make it happen! It's that easy!


HeroClix World... where polls matter!

The Quintessential Dr. Doom (HeroClix)
Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

Quintessential Dr. Doom HeroClix Dial (Reader's Choice!)Last week we did a poll asking who you would like featured in a Quintessential HeroClix article, and you chose DR. DOOM!

Remember, polls actually matter here at HeroClix World!


Worst Clix Ever: Hawkeye
Tuesday Aug 19, 2014

HeroClix World Hawkeye Clobberin Time Dial - Worst Clix EverToday we kick off a brand new series called The Worst Clix Ever. We've scoured the interwebs to look for the very worst of HeroClix, and we think we've found our first candidate -- Hawkeye from the Marvel HeroClix Set, Clobberin' time!


ClixCraves: Dungeons and Dragons HeroClix Dials!
Monday Aug 18, 2014

HeroClix World: ClixCraves: Dungeons and Dragons

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. As a long time player and recently-first-time Dungeon Master, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see D&D in HeroClix form. Fortunately I have these ClixCraves articles to make those dreams a reality...!

<< See the D&D HeroClix Dials Now >>

Official Wizkids Open
Sunday Aug 17, 2014

HeroClix Wizkids OpenThe Wikzids Open is now ready! The is an official world event offering some of the best HeroClix prizes ever made! Forget about those unofficial stone age tournaments -- this is the real deal.  GET DETAILS HERE >>

It's Time for a Bystander Party!
Friday Aug 15, 2014

HeroClix Bystander Token Party! (Val Cooper)Today we start a brand new feature called BYSTANDER PARTY! Inside you'll find 9 new custom Bystander Tokens that you can use in your home games. Best of all, they're all using the official Val Cooper Bystander stats! Check with your judge before using them in your games.


The Lego Scenario - Lego vs HeroClix!
Thursday Aug 14, 2014

The Lego Scenario -- HeroClix vs Lego
Lord Business has taken over Lego City! It's up to you and your HeroClix
team to save it... if you can...!


The Quintessential Spawn (HeroClix)
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

HeroClix World Quintessential Spawn DialSupposedly a Spawn HeroClix figure was in the works at one point, but the final sculpt was never approved. We've never seen Spawn in HeroClix form (yet), but that's where the Quintessential Spawn comes in!


Clix Beat: Thanos
Tuesday Aug 12, 2014

Clix Beat: Thanos (HeroClix Strategy)Thanos. The word trembles in fear, except maybe in HeroClix. The Infinity Challenge Thanos was expensive and hasn’t held up well over time – but with the right TLC, he could still be viable in your Golden Age games. (Special shout out goes to Trey Guerrero)


Official Wizkids Rules Forum
Monday Aug 11, 2014

HeroClix Official Rules Forum (Wizkids)

It's official -- Wizkids now has a rules forum! No more dealing with administrative egos, no more sending direct emails, and no more vague rulings, and more importantly -- no more trolls. You have a HeroClix rules question? Get the official answers directly from Wizkids!


ClixCraves: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Friday Aug 08, 2014

ClixCraves: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) HeroClix Dials

The beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around since 1984 in comic form, but it hit it really big in 1987 as a cartoon. In all those years we HeroClix fans have been asking for a TMNT HeroClix, but to no avail. Well, if Wizkids won't make TMNT HeroClix dials, I guess we'll just have to do it ourselves!


MARVEL Quintessential HeroClix Vote!
Thursday Aug 07, 2014

Marvel Quintessential HeroClix PollLove our Quintessential HeroClix series? Well, we've got plenty of love to give back. Come take our online poll and vote on our next Marvel Quintessential article! This is a chance for you to decide the future of the series! Your voice matters!


The Quintessential Aquaman (HeroClix)
Wednesday Aug 06, 2014

HeroClix World Quintessential Aquaman DialLast week we asked all our readers to choose the next Quintessential character, and you chose Aquaman!

He's truly of the most underrated and under-appreciated characters in the DC universe. He talks to fish, right? Wrong. Aquaman can be a one man army when he needs to be -- and today we're going to prove it with the Quintessential Aquman HeroClix dial!


HeroClix World, where polls actually matter!

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy
Tuesday Aug 05, 2014

HeroClix World Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review"Some movies are made with a singular objective in mind, to be wildly entertaining. More often these films end up only providing a mind numbing experience, relying too heavily on CGI effects and explosions galore to do the job."

Master writer Eric Schaen returns with a SPOILER-FREE movie review of Galaxy of the Guardians.


Hypersonic Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy
Sunday Aug 03, 2014

Hypersonic HeroClix Reviews: Guardians of the GalaxyThe Guardians of the Galaxy Movie HeroClix starter's been out for a few weeks now, and it's one of the best sets you can get. Dr Faustin joins us for a new Hypersonic Reviews -- he's got some great strategy ideas for you!



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