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The Quintessential Joker
The Le (09/11/2015)
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The Quintessential Joker HeroClix Dial
The Joker has seen many incarnations in HeroClix form (we count over 20), but today we present the ideal Joker. The Quintessential Joker comes to us in three price points, starting at the rookie (50) level.

Rookie Joker (50 Points)
At this level, the Joker is a straight up beater with some low attack but Stealth and Super Senses. His attack damage is low, but Exploit Weakness more than makes up for it.

At this level he only has three cliks of life, but the The Laughing Joke ability essentially gives him a few extra clicks of life.

Continued Below (Dial by The Le)...

The Quintessential Joker Dial

Experienced Joker (120 points)
This is where the fun comes in. A much higher attack (10) with some Energy Explosion, Poison, and Incapacitate. He starts with Stealth, which leads into Mind Control (a common device he's used in the comic books). He truly has a wild dial at this point, letting him do damage at range or up close. By this point the Joker's also fought Batman enough to make him his mortal enemy, hence  he gets a trait that lets him deal Penetrating Damage to Batman Family members.

New to this dial are two very important abilities. Once you reach his Stop-Click, his Poison can now deal Penetrating damage, and you can place him in your starting position (representing his ability to survive anything, as comic villains always do).

The Top 12 Joker HeroClix DialsVeteran Joker (180 Points)
This is a pretty expensive Joker, but the Wild Card ability can make it worth while, especially if you can copy an opposing , , or even ability. At this level he also has two clicks of Perplex, which also makes him a good candidate for @@BrilliantTactician if you're playing Golden Age or Heroic Age games (see Ages of HeroClix).

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Once again, he actually has a deeper dial thanks to The Laughing Joke ability, which gives him lasting power. He doesn't have any move-and-attack abilities anywhere in the dial, but even at 180 points, The Quintessential Joker would be pretty dangerous in a 300 point game thanks to all the penetrating damage abilities.

What do you think? Would you play The Quintessential Joker? And if so, at what price point?

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Your Comments:
Never been a fan of the Joker having Penetrating Psychic blast.
Rather him have Blades/Claws/Fangs instead of dealing 4 printed damage
The Joker having Invincible is also weird to me.

All in all, not a big fan of this dial.


Posted by: eGGtheGreat on 9/21/2015 7:37:52 PM
The Laughing Joke needs a punchline. I feel like you're missing a "at the end of your turn, deal 1 unavoidable damage to Joker." The 2 damage value on his last click is probably an oversight as well.
Beyond that, I enjoy the dial. A chaotic nutjob who does not go down easy.

Posted by: ChippyYYZ on 9/13/2015 7:10:05 PM
"Laughing Joke", a Stop Click that makes Joker near-invincible, seems over-powered for the points. Needs some way to balance it.

Posted by: Alan Wilkinson on 9/13/2015 12:44:58 PM
Like any good Joker dial there is an unpredictable madcap mix of powers. Not sure about the laughing Joke trait. It seems to Jam the dial. To win games I'd play him at full value, hope to KO 125 points of opposition then just sit back and watch my opponent try to get Joker off those Three Stop Clix That Deny Attacks! No Outwit equals insta-win if I'm reading it right.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 9/11/2015 2:11:37 PM
The joker only gets 1 token base on the wording so he'd only heal once. You could also hit him with energy explosion or one of hose random attacks that deals area damage.

Posted by: Bliss on 9/11/2015 9:03:42 AM
How do you get him past the Laughing Joke click when he can't be targeted by opposing attacks?

Posted by: You'll never know... on 9/11/2015 8:02:47 AM
Not too shabby I like the Jokers wild trait.

Posted by: Slade on 9/11/2015 6:32:57 AM