29 - DEAD ADVENTURER - You may search the body for treasure. IF you choose to do so, draw 1 Corpse card.

27 - SECRET DOOR - You may immediately move to any adjacent space. If the space is unexplored, place a Dungeon chamer as normal. If you encounter a monster, you cannot escape.

41 - CROSSFIRE TRAP - Arrows fire from the walls at you! Test Armor. If you fail, suffer a number of wounds equal to the amount you failed by.

42 - TRAPDOOR - Keep this card. At the start of teach of your turns, test Agility to climb out of the trap. If you succeed, discard this card and continue your turn as normal. If you fail, suffer 1 wound and your turn immediately ends.

48 - CURSE OF THE WIZARD - Roll 1 die and rotate all Corridors in the following direction:
(1-2) 90 degrees clockwise
(3-4) 180 degrees
(5-6) 90 degrees counter-clockwise